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  1. Gaining Weight
    I am a 16 year old male, I exercise mainly my upper body (arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs etc. and legs) I am roughly 5"10 and weigh 131 pounds and I go to the gym for roughly 2 hours about 3-5 times a week. I have just bought Whey protein powder and I'm not sure how much protein i should...
  2. Protein
    Hello guys has anyond got any recomendations for protein powder? I'm Elergict to whey protein. I want a quality mass protein with casein or egg ? I can't find anything. Even a good quality protein that tastes decent. Im sick of rice protein and hemp. So raw and vile. Sick of blending it with...
  3. Supplementation
    Hi Again, is protein powder any good why trying to get more defined ?
  4. Protein
    I've tried a few over the years and have my favourites. But what are yours and why?
  5. Supplementation
    Hello friends, What are different types of protein powder and which way to help our body? If we need a protein powder for our health then which are the right one? And what are important to help our body? Please suggest me on my above question…. Thanks in advance…..
  6. Supplementation
    Hi friends Let's discuss on If peoples eat a lot of fish, chicken, eggs, soy and beef everyday. Why do those still need protein powder? Thanks for support me
1-6 of 19 Results