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Found 7 results

  1. High prolactin after PCT, please HELP!

    Hi everybody, I stopped using steroids in July, then did a full blown PCT to recover from it. I did a regulation PCT and used all the necessary drugs like HCG, exemestane, Tamoxifen and Clomid. My PCT was 6 weeks in total and I easily recovered from with no problems whatsoever. I stopped injecting testosterone in mid July and all of it is out of my system, I did bloods before PCT and after PCT. In both tests, my prolactin was high. In the previous test my prolactin was 584 mU/L and now it has decreased to 532 mU/L which is still bad. I don't know what prolactin does in men and according to the internet high prolactin levels in men is often caused by a brain tumour. What should I do now?
  2. Last summer I took a hormone test as a general health check and also on advice of people in a hairloss group who recommend to get hormones tested to help diagnose where hairloss might be coming from.I found oestrogen and prolactin were too high (both about double the top end of the normal range).For some reason at the time I thought oestrogen and prolactin were related, so I took Tamoxifen for 6 months and did another test. This time oestrogen was fine, but prolactin remained at double the high end of the range.To try and keep it a fair test, I didn’t remove Tamoxifen but added Cabergoline. I’ve been taking that at the recommended medical dose for treating high prolactin for 2 months now.At this point I’m thinking about doing another test. Assuming now all my hormones are balanced, all I’ll know from that test is that when taking Tamoxifen and Cabergoline, I’m fine. But then what? Do these meds actually fix the problem and allow you to come off and expect to remain at normal levels? Or am I only good when using them?I'm 32 my diet is perfect I’m very strict, and I exercise, haven’t used any steroids for over 2 years, so I can’t think of any other contributors that would help me here.I don't know how relevant this is but I also have gyno which I'm going to have removed. I know this will have been caused by the hormone imbalance but I've also read that all the time you have it, just having it will raise estrogen. Seems like an odd vicious circle and not sure how accurate this is.Has anyone else had odd hormone levels that they’ve recovered from in a similar situation?
  3. Hey guys, A bit of background. I did a Hormone panel 6 weeks ago and noticed my Prolactin and SHBG were really high. So for 14 days after my test I took 14 Days 50MG Proviron to drop the SHBG and I took Cabergoline to hit the Prolactin for 4 doses at 0.25MG (Twice a week). After them 14 days I've have had nothing in my system. I got my results back today and my SHBG has dropped into a decent range and prolactin has crashed. But more worryingly my Free Test has slightly decreased and my total Test has been hit very hard a drop of 40%! Any ideas here? I had my bloods done back in January and my total test then was 25.7 nmol/L. Totally lost here as to why on earth my Free Test and Total Test has dropped! I took the test at the same time of day. All I can think of is my body just likes being at a Free Test level of 0.3ish? So if my SHBG was high I would produce more Testostorone in order to stay at the 0.3ish range and if my SHBG were to crash my Testosterone would decrease to a point where my Free T would stay at the 0.3ish range? Good theory? Or bullshit? Any help please guys! Please see attached photo.
  4. ALBUMIN 35 - 50 R 40.4 g/L SHBG 18.3 - 54.1 R 8.63 nmol/L FSH 1.5 - 12.4 R <0.3 IU/L LH 1.7 - 8.6 R <0.3 IU/L OESTRADIOL 41 - 159 R 104 pmol/L TESTOSTERONE 8.64 - 29 R 188 nmol/L FREE TESTOSTERONE - CALC. 0.2 - 0.62 R 8.18 nmol/L FREE ANDROGEN INDEX 24 - 104 R 2,178.45 Ratio PROLACTIN 86 - 324 R 461 mU/L DHEA SULPHATE 4.34 - 12.2 R 10.8 umol/L Currently Running: 700mg test enanthate PW 350mg mast enanthate PW 25mg Proviron ED 12.5mg Exemestane ED Have been on 5 months.... not much sex drive considering ^^ Planned to drop the test to 500mg, and add anadrol and Winston at low doses...
  5. Hi Guys, Sorry for long post but hoping you will be able to offer some advice. Have been trying to conceive since my partner came off the pill in Nov 2018 (Had been on pill for about 15 years and is 35 years old). I came off cycle at start of Sept 2018. Have had no joy yet so decided to get some bloods done as I've been really lethargic the past few months, lacking motivation in work and had reduced libido. Background Info Age - 37 Body Fat - Approx 12% Weight - 14st 8lbs Height - 5 ft 10inches Years training - 17 AAS Usage - Past 6 Years with around 10 cycles. Cycle lengths from 6-14 weeks, with at least 4 months or more between cycles. Drugs used Test E, Tren E, Deca, Dbol, Winstrol, Anadrol, Adex. Have always done PCT of Nolvadex and Clomid for all cycles. Have also used HCG and Adex during all injectable cycles. Last cycle was 500mg Test E, 350mg Tren E, 1.5mg Adex and 1000 iu HCG per week. Ran the Test and Tren together for 11 weeks then test only for last 3 weeks. PCT was 350mg of Clomid and 140mg of Nolvadex per week for 4 weeks. Last pin was start of September 2018 and PCT started last week of September finishing end of Oct 2018 Current training - Strength is still reasonable although seems to have dropped about 10% last couple of months and around 25% since I came off last September. I'm quite tired while training and struggling when going over 8 reps. Current lifts Bench - 150KG x 1, Deadlift - 220 x 1, Squat - 155kg x 1 Diet - is generally good. High protein, Medium carbs and low fats. Main sources are eggs, chicken, steak, veg, nuts, oats, potatoes, bread. I've just been trying to maintain weight for past 6 months which is reason fats are being kept low. Carbs also kept low on non-training days. Will eat some rubbish at weekends but usually only 1 or 2 meals and stick to diet rest of the time. Supplements - Multivitamin, Vit C, Vit D3, Omega 3, Curcumin, Zinc, Magnesium, Protein, Creatine, Dextrose Sleep - Sleep has actually improved past few months. Usually could get to sleep fine but would wake multiple times at night and struggle to get back to sleep. Now only waking once and able to get back to sleep fine Libido - Has been lowish since coming off cycle. I can get erections fine when required but rarely get morning wood. Other info - Currently dealing with a lot of stress due to family issue. Work also quite stressful. Blood results below: Bloods were taken at 07:30 Had trained 4 out of the previous 5 days Proteins Albumin 46.3 g/L (Range: 35 - 50) SHBG 24 nmol/L (Range: 18.3 - 54.1) Hormones FSH - 13 IU/L (Range: 1.5 - 12.4) LH - 12.4 IU/L (Range: 1.7 - 8.6) Oestradiol - 27.6 pmol/L (Range: 41 - 159) Testosterone - 8.34 nmol/L (Range: 8.64 - 29) Free Testosterone - Calc. - 0.184 nmol/L (Range: 0.2 - 0.62) Free Androgen Index 34.75 Ratio (Range: 24 - 104) Prolactin - 431 mU/L (Range: 86 - 324) Adrenal Hormones DHEA Sulphate 5.390 umol/L (Range: 2.41 - 11.6) I'm no expert on this but looking at the results it looks like primary hypogonadism? Would this suggest it's not AAS related? (would expect secondary hypogonadism if AAS related?) Going on that theory I assume any sort of clomid/HCG power PCT would be pointless? I'm going to get another blood test in around 4 weeks so don't think i should take anything that will affect the results too much but would it be worth taking some Caber to reduce Prolactin levels? I've always had Caber on hand for when I've done a Tren or Deca cycle but never felt I needed it so haven't used it. Main concern at the minute is fertility so wouldn't really want to go on TRT at this point although that is what has been recommended by the Medichecks doctor if 2nd test comes back with similar results. Also going to get sperm tested but not confident of positive results based on the blood test. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you need any more info just ask! Thanks
  6. Hi all, I'm a long time lurker and learner of this board and this is my first post. I'll do a proper introduction in the Welcome lounge shortly but for now I'll provide some background information relevant to this thread: I'm 31 years old and have been training as a natty since the age of 17. I had a few years off in my early twenties when my children were born but have been training dieting well fora while. A while ago I had considered starting my first AAS cycle and, after spending the last two years researching and weighing things up, I decided to go for it and "turn to the dark side" as they say. (And am very much looking forward to it!) I had originally planned to start my cycle at the end of this month. I'm a fan of keeping things as simple as possible and want to avoid the use of multiple compounds in the beginning to allow me to gauge effectiveness, tolerance, etc. to give me a solid baseline to work with for any future cycles. Therefore my first cycle will be 500mg Test E per week, pinned twice a week (so 250mg x 2) for 15 weeks. I won't be frontloading / kickstarting with anything. I have Arimidex for during cycle and Nolvadex for PCT. Despite others telling me I'm being 'too cautious' because '500mg test is such a mild dose', I also had blood tests done using Medichecks. I used their 'Male Hormone Check' test. My Proteins came back fine and most of my hormones were fine, with the exception of DHEAS, which i'm not concerned with as it was only slightly elevated at 13.3umol/L (maximum range is 12.2) and Prolactin, which I am somewhat concerned with, at a whopping 593mU/L (maximum range is 324). I must admit, the high prolactin isn't a total surprise. Whilst i'm certainly not leaking milk from my nips, I do have somewhat 'puffier' nips than other blokes. Not that I spend a lot of time looking at blokes' nipples but as far back as I can remember mine have always had a bit of puffiness to them, but not so bad that I've felt like I've needed to do anything about them up until now (possibly because they're hidden behind chest hair!). I wouldn't say I have Gyno. I don't have boobs. But because of the nipple thing part of me did expect my oestrogen level to be higher than normal (though this was fine). So, with that information, my questions: 1) Has anyone else experienced high prolactin levels BEFORE dabbling with AAS? What did you do to fix it? 2) My initial thoughts were to postpone my cycle and attempt to treat the high prolactin levels first. Would this be a sensible approach, or should I just jump on cycle and treat it at the same time? 3) I plan to purchase cabergoline (cabgolin 0.25mg - manufactured by Sun Pharma, India) from AllDayChemist (I have seen this website mentioned on this board before so I'm confident I'm not breaking forum rules by mentioning it). Has anyone else used this particular product from this supplier? From reading up, it seems 0.25mg twice per week is a good starting point. Also, does running caber bring prolactin levels down permanently, or only whilst running it? 4) There seems to be a fair bit of conflicting advise from some people when it comes to running AI whilst on cycle, particularly while on a 'mild cycle': some say run it regardless, some say wait and see if you need it. Personally, in the interest of keeping things simple, I would have waited to see if I required it before starting Arimidex however in light of the above is it recommended I run Arimidex from the start? Does Arimidex have any direct impact on prolactin? Thanks in advance! JR.
  7. Hello, 3 weeks ago i have a lactate from my nipple when i compress it. But now when i use new bottling i dont have any lactate. It can be fake when tren distorts blood tests (PRL,E2 etc...) ?