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  1. Personal Care & Health
    Hi! It's been a year since I committed to working hard at the gym and eating right. I was on a cutting diet from July to September, followed by bulking until January 2022, when my body fat hit what my calipers said was about 11%. Since then, I've been cutting (2400cal, 4 workouts a week; my...
  2. Losing Weight
    Clenbuterol Fat Loss - Worked? Hello everyone so yeah I made a bunch of clen threads and today its been one week since I started taking clen. I started at 129kg and today after a week I am 125kg, I have taken 40mcg of Clen on some days and 80mcg on other days. In total I've taken 13 pills each...
  3. Getting Started
    Making some steady gains :D Before: Now: Diet:
  4. Natural Bodybuilding
    So, I'll start this of by telling you that I started going to the gym the winter of 2016. I was 189 cm tall and about 85kg heavy, I was skinny fat (Was obese when i was younger, 175cm/87 kg). When I got comments about being fat ,obiously these were not serious comments but jokes, but I was so...
  5. Supplementation
    Hi all, I have been looking into LGD for a little while now and have seen a few progress logs - all of which have been positive and shown great results. However, all people were taking other sarms or steroids as well, so couldn't say that any gains were due to LGD. I have decided to start on...
  6. Welcome Lounge
    Evening, Stats; Joined the gym; 27th Jan 2016 Starting weight; 165lbs Starting bodyfat; Unknown Current; 14th Feb 2016 Current weight; 170lbs Current bodyfat; 10% **Calipers say 10% but I feel this is under actual...
  7. General Conversation
    Hey guys, check out my bodybuilding progress: You can find plenty pics of my transformation in the video. Let me know what you think, what you think I should improve more etc. Thanks!
  8. Welcome Lounge
    Hey guys hows it going,any bodybuilding tips for big traps & best for biceps?? weight,65kg height,5ft7 max bench press 85kg max deadlift 150kg average bench press for reps,65kg
  9. General Conversation
    How much progress should I (39 year old male, 5'11", 12.5st) expect from a 3 day split with a healthy diet, assuming I'm training well? How much muscle mass would be an honest reasonable expectation after an 8 week program? I know everyone is different but I'm realy looking for a basic guide...
  10. Getting Started
    I've always seen very slow progress from my bench press, such that throughout my life at the gym, my progress on bench press has often been noticed by various gym partners and friends who I see at my gym as being much lower than my progress in pretty much everything else. My pecs are my weak...
  11. Member Journals
    Well here we go. Age 58. Height 6ft 5in. Weight at start, February 2010, 185lb. Weight now April 2011, 246lb.
  12. Getting Started
    I know there's a blog for this but i feel like i've made decent enough gains over the last 2 months and would like to point them out to people who are maybe in the same boat as me and find it hard to gain decent muscle. My body type is best described as an 'ectomorph' and i have a high...
  13. Member Journals
    Finaly decided to write a journal on here, I've been a member here for ages and have read loads of threads and took alot of advice from all of yous on MC. I've decided to do this to keep myself motivated and to get more advice. I'm 6ft 2" tall and now weigh 14 stone, about 2 years ago I was...
  14. Member Journals
    Ok so a bit of back ground started training with weights when I was 22 I weighed 8st 7 I was total beginner using mostly machines I didn't ready know what I was doing and and just picked it up as I went along 6months in and I was up to 9st 7 diet wasn't anything superb and didn't really drink...
  15. Member Journals
    Just thought it would be better if i put all my photos here because they are all over this forum lol. I took some today and i will upload them later tonight. Then i will update them every 3 months to see my progress.
  16. Supplementation
    Just thought i post up a new log while im using T-Bullets. Ive started my cycle today which will last me 4 weeks. I will try and list everything from my training,diet and supps. Training today looked like this: Decline barbell bench @ 80kg @ 3x8 Incline barbell bench @ 70kg @ 3x8 Wide grip...
  17. Member Journals
    Hows this for 30 days..its so hard work, trying to cut out the fat and get that 6pac :( . I literally have a 0 fat diet and workout everyday in one way or another. Hopefully this works out.
  18. Member Journals
    six weeks ago 06/07/2010
  19. Member Journals
    Week one to six... First pic is weak one, subsequent are from week six(today!!!)
  20. Member Journals
    Please delete!
1-20 of 39 Results