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  1. Pro Hormones
    Hi guys, new to this so bare with me. My friend has previously took SD Matrix and his results were pretty impressive, so he introduced me to it. I'm doing an 8 week cycle, 4 weeks on SD matrix then 4 weeks PCT. Currently on my 9th day within my cycle, feel a bit stronger in the gym and...
  2. Pro Hormones
    Hi all, this is my first PH cycle I will be doing and just wanted some opinions on it. I will be running 4 weeks 30/30/30/30 of Alphaform labs EPI With, Alphaform labs OCS ( 3caps a day) Celery Seed Extract: 75mg Grape Seed Extract 75mg Hawthorne Berry 200mg Milk Thistle...
  3. Pro Hormones
    Hi guys, new to the forum and first time poster. Got some questions regarding a PH stack I'm planning on running. As a bit of background, I'm 26 years old, 178cm (5'10) and 86kg (189.5lbs), based in the UK. I'm an olympic weightlifter so building muscle mass is not my biggest concern, rather...
  4. Pro Hormones
    Can across this while 'working' today, surely at this price it's too good to be true? Anyone any experience with them before?
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi guys I'm looking for your input on my latest course, due to start very soon, few bits I'm not sure about, lookign for some good soling clean gains. stats - 27years old, 6'5, 292lbs, been training and cycling for a number of years. going to run peptides for the first time ipamorelin + mod...
  6. Welcome Lounge
    Reload seems to be the one extreme nutrition are recommending, but ive heard of others that do the same any thoughts?? advice? Will post when starting and give results to those interested.
1-6 of 6 Results