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Found 6 results

  1. I'm using 200mg of primobolan with my 200mg test eth ...I've bin on the test for 6months....its been 2weeks since I've added primo.... I'm feel moody and agressive...anyone get this from primobolan? previously I've done upto 750mgs test with no agression before...... also doing 4iu of hgh a day, was doing 3iu in morning now swapped to 2iu am an 2iu before bed....few days back? Think this could be effecting my sleep making me moody? My source i trust says the primo dosed well an send me the lab results from jan/feb
  2. Bayer rimobolan

    I purchased some primo in turkey whilst on holiday in the summer. I ordered some more from and online source the other day. A nice comparison of real and fake primo. Legit stuff on the left. Notice the lack of braille on the box the shiny label on the amp and infomation leaflets just folded in half. But if you didn't know what legit stuff looked like you would be fooled.
  3. 29 year old gym fanatic here. been on trt for the last two years since my labs came in exteremely low. felt lethargic, weak and lacked motivation, most likely ate too little and worked out too much. much better now with 200mg test a week. never done any cycles. experimented with SARMS, however. want to go a step further and add some lean muscle. the goal is to keep the low body fat percentage and add some pounds of muscle. I'm not a bodybuilder - but more after the fitness model look. after doing my research, I believe primo is ideal for me. now I consider two options: add low dose primo (200mg) and run in for somewhat like 16-20 weeks OR cycle primo for 12 weeks at around 400-600mg. which option does make more sense in your opinion and why? again. I'm not after huge gains, but I wouldn't mind adding a few pounds.
  4. Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.
  5. talked a bit with my girl that I wouldn't use Tren this summer. Constant sweating to the max just annoys the hell outta me.... This made me think about pretty side free roids on paper...so I started to think about using Primo this year for like 5 months at 1g(?) with 250mast and 200 test prop. (never used primo. but don't wanna "waste" 5 month with a low dose...) Experienced Primo users, can you recommend it? have you done it? would you do it again? how was the sweating? second option would be something like 800mg npp, 500mast, 200 test prop (yeah. I like my test prop. regards to @ElChapo ). but not sure about it. never used npp. only deca. was a tad more sweaty on deca than test/mast but nothing like on tren..
  6. Primobolan

    Good afternoon all i am proposing for the first time to run primobolan, for some hard dry gains. i would like your advice on what ugl people would recommend for this compound as it’s easily faked. I’ve been told Dimensions , dunning SIS and keifer are well dosed primo. im also looking to dose around 5-600mg/wk thanks paul