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  1. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Hi guys, I dont know much about powerlifting but im getting pretty strong and a few people have recommended I check it out so i was just wondering how strong Id need to be so im not laughed out of the place half as strong as everyone else. Im 19 6ft3 weigh 95kg my 1rm for bench press is 150kg...
  2. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    So I'm gonna be on the bodybuildingrev strength wars show, theyre coming over to film it tomorrow, problem is I have a minorly torn tricep tendon, got the new metal orange slingshot to try rehab it, here 23 reps with 140kg in it at 90kg...
  3. Member Journals
    Hit a (632.5lb) bench at 93kg (198lb weight class) was about half an inch from touching but still proud of this lift it's a big pb for me at this weight...
  4. Strength Training & Powerlifting
    Hit a (632.5lb) bench at 93kg (198lb weight class) was about half an inch from touching but still proud of this lift it's a big pb for me at this weight...
  5. Getting Started
    I've always seen very slow progress from my bench press, such that throughout my life at the gym, my progress on bench press has often been noticed by various gym partners and friends who I see at my gym as being much lower than my progress in pretty much everything else. My pecs are my weak...
  6. General Conversation
    Hi guys.. Question, when doing the seated dumbell shoulder press, do you guys have the back straight up, or a couple of notches down. Straight up I struggle with 12kg, but 1-2 notches down I happy press 14 kg...which is the best way? :) Thanks
  7. Getting Started
    which Press works the shoulders better?Seated Arnold Press00.00%Seated DB Shoulder Press3100.00%
  8. Getting Started
    I'm a female who wants to improve her strength. What are the benefits of chets presses and cthe chest fly as far as strength and aesthetics are concerned.
  9. Getting Started
    For some reason when i bench i get a pain in in a part of my body that im sorry but i dont know the name of. It kind of sits above my pec but below my traps. its feels as if its the bone?? I only picked up this injury from continuous high intensity hits whilst playing american football. Since...
  10. Bodybuilding Shows
    Last week to get your entry forms in for the Anglian Bench Press. You can either download an entry form, fill in and post or you can enter online and pay by credit/debit card or paypal by clicking here: We will be broadcasting the competition...
  11. General Conversation
    Hi people, i was just wondering what your preferences are with regards to this. Do you prefer to use dumbbells or the machine- is there any difference in terms of results? do you focus on dumbbells once the machine is too light or whatever? Also, what is better to get toned shoulders, not...
  12. General Conversation
    Good morning everyone hope you are all good! Everytime IV done bench press IV always bought bar down so it touches my chest however I seen people stopping bout two to three inches before and then pressing obviously I could lift more of I did this but am I getting more benefit with the full rom I...
  13. Getting Started
    hi can someone tell me whats wrong with my bench press for some reason i cant seem to hit 10 reps with 20kg a side on the bench press im 6"8 and 100kg been training for 3 months i can do 12 reps with 10kg a side 10 reps with 15kg a side but when i put 20s on i fail at about 6?????
  14. Getting Started
    Bench press v dumbbell chest press what give the fastest results in building a great chest?
  15. Getting Started
    I'm 13.8 stone 5"11 and 36yrs young. Done my pb today on seated shoulder dumbell presses of 40kg 8 reps. Thought this was quite good been training for 15 months. Just wondering what everyone else is pressing.
  16. Getting Started
    Has anyone ever tried these, They have been designed by the Navy Seal Perfect Pushup Mobile Unit
  17. Getting Started
    does anybody else get burst blood vessels on their face (especially forehead in my case) when doing heavy raw bench press? it only happens to me when i am close to my maximum effort. how do i avoid this? would head position help, like when they tell pregnant women to keep their chin on their...
  18. General Conversation
    my bench press had been steadily increasing over the last few months and now that im up to 330 it seems like it has come to a halt. my reps of 225 255 and 275 are not going down and are still some what going up. i was wondering if i should change up my workout to see if i can break the barrier...
  19. Getting Started
    Has anybody ever heard of this or ever tried it. I tried it today and it felt really good
  20. Getting Started
    I'm looking to improve the amount of press ups that I can perform within a set time limit. Obviously just doing press ups over and over again will help me achieve this but honestly it gets extremely boring lol. I've been doing chest presses with dumbells, at an incline and flat on my back. And...
1-20 of 27 Results