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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys/girls looking for advice, guidance... Looking at doing my first ever show, its the UKBFF welsh on 3rd sept so 20 weeks tomorrow, I've never had a low body fat and I'm quite heavy.... am I being realistic? Current stats Weight 271lbs (down from 301 on 1st feb) Height 6ft 1 Let me know what you think.... Thanks peeps
  2. Hi All, Thought this may be of interest, me and the mrs decided to do what will be 14 weeks of dieting before our holiday, we have 4 weeks left. When i say 14 weeks diet, i spent the first few weeks actually upping my cals, up to 5k, then came down. At the start Then some contrast to 7 weeks in and recent (5 weeks out) and the GF, 7 week effort.
  3. Hi all Just wondering what tips or advice people have for helping to feel satiated leading up to competition time. I'm just under 4 weeks out from my first show, i'm 6'1, 92Kg and currently eating 2100 cals per day and will probably taper down to 1800 the week before my show before carb loading on peak week. Up until now i have been fine, but the last two weeks i have just been constantly hungry and i'm struggling to keep to my daily cal allowance and macros. I mean i know its pointing out the obvious because i am in a pretty big deficit not even taking into consideration training and cardio output but like i said up until lately it hasn't been an issue. I want to drop another 1.5 - 2kg before stepping on stage so i'm not going to up my food intake just yet so just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for helping to feel fuller from the foods i'm eating or are there any supplements i can take that have a suppressant like affect? I'm drink 4+ litres of water a day already so drinking water isn't a suggestion that's going to help. Cheers in advance folks
  4. 20 weeks out....first show

    Hi guys potentially looking to compete in my first show in 20 weeks, ill put starting pics up let me know if you guys think its feasible or not (there is a show 4 weeks after that it may be more realistic aiming for) Stats age 34 height 6ft 1 weight 125kg bang on this morning or 275lb I'm committed 100% but you only get one first show and I want to be shredded. Plan on logging my journey on here so any advice is appreciated.
  5. First post guys, current stats are 5ft7". 73kg and probably 12-13% bodyfat. Few low dose cycles behind me. Last one being 1ml of a rip blend (240mg a week) with 600mg eq per week. Plans are my first mens physique show on 14th May. I would like to add a little lean size for the next 6 weeks then cut hard for the last 12. Current training split is a push/pull & legs split 4 days a week. With 2 days steady state cardio & core Current macros are 380c/180p/60f Protein will remain a constant, carbs and fats will be slowly lowered as the weeks move on. Proposed cycle Weeks 1-14 sust @ 500mg a week, tren e @ 400mg,tbol 40mg a day (wk 1-6), 1 eca tab ed (wk 10-14), Weeks 15 -18 prop @ 50mg eod, ace @ 100mg eod, 50mg winny Would appreciate any feedback on training, nutrition or cycle. Cheers guys