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  1. Supplementation
    Hi, Recently came to the finding I am intolerant to artificial sweeteners used in protein, bcaa, pre-workout etc. So I am looking for some alternatives using natural ingredients. Looking for a Protein Powder, A pre-workout and also a During workout energy. So far I have found Onnit produce some...
  2. Muscle Research Peptides
    Been away from her efor a while... So pre or pwo shots of ipam+Mod grf? I'll be doing am and pm shots anyway but was wondering what are the benefits of the other two options, logic says ffa release in the pre workout shot to be used when training and pwo to help recovery? Just speculating...
  3. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    Anyone tried fast-acting cialis as a pre-workout? I've got a hand full of 20mg fast acting ones, so gave one a shot this morning and my tri's were so so pumped, but at the same time I used @Ross1991's pre-workout stack with a 3/4 scoop of warrior project "LHT-SHT", so not sure what gave me the...
  4. Supplementation
    What is it? Mr. Hyde is a pre-workout that is DMAA free. The Breakdown: We got a Strength Matrix. So you have Beta Alanine, which aids in lean muscle mass, increases performance via the buffering of acids within the muscle cells. We have creatine, leucine, Branched Chained amino...
  5. NO2, Pump and Vasculators
    hi, ive ordered some stuff off bulkpowders - creatine, whey, malto, dextrose, arginine, glutamine, bcaa's, taurine, caffeine etc - what will be good to put in a pre-wo shake for good pumps/energy, obvioulsy the arginine and taurine and whey, but what else do i need? and what quantities should i use?
1-5 of 6 Results