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Found 5 results

  1. Getting back into it

    Hi folks, Hope you are all keeping well. Long time lurker first time poster I've (male, 35, 84kg, 16% bf) been lifting on and off for years. Just recreationally mostly for the feel good factor to be honest but haven't done much in the last few years due to life getting in the way I'm just getting back into it and looking to bulk up and put some decent muscle on over the next few months, I've started a push/pull/legs split. The issue I have is that any of the PPL splits I've seen generally only have 2 chest exercises and after workouts this just does feel like it's enough (I've always struggled with building my chest and had to give it extra work) so I've added a couple of movements. For all exercises I do 4 sets focusing on progressive overload. Once I can do 10 reps I up the weight. So my split currently looks like this Push Flat bench press superset with Flat bench flye Incline bench press superset with Incline bench flye Dips Overhead press Lat raise Standing tricep extensions Abs Pull Deadlift Bent over row T bar row Shrugs Rear delt flye Lat pull down or chin ups Dumbell curls Hammer curls Abs Legs Squats Good mornings Leg press Reverse hyper Leg curl Calf raise My maintance calories are 2500 (desk job) so I eat maintence on rest days and 2900 on training days Everyday I have between 160-200g of protein. I eat really clean Monday to Friday, it goes a little off at weekends as it generally involves some beers and a take away at some point over the weekend but I keep it all tracked and try not to let it get too excessive. Can anyone give me some input/opinion on my split & calories/protein if it looks OK and covers all bases. Any responses are much appreciated Cheers
  2. AestheticManlet's New Log

    Well I'm back. I had a little lay off with some health issues but I'm much better now so getting back into lifting. There's a few old logs of mine in the archives somewhere, may be a good read for some. I'm much more relaxed now regarding diet. I'm not anal about counting exact calories anymore just conscious to eat what I consider adequate food and see what happens. Due to recent issues my AAS use is staying low - no orals and no more than 500-600mg a week. Stats Height: 5' 7" Weight is unknown as haven't been concerned lately but I'll be getting back to it from today. Training I'll be following PPL which I'm an advocate for. It's the main routine I've followed previously and is the most logical to me with how the muscles are grouped and allows good recovery while keeping frequency decent. Daily supplements Creatine monohydrate - 5g Vitamin d3 - 2500iu Vitamin k2 - 200mcg Curcumin - 600mg Omega 3 fish oils - 4000mg Citrus bergamot - 500mg Multivitamin I'll update with some recent pics soon.
  3. AestheticManlet's Log

    I've decided to create a new log there's a few older ones somewhere in the archives that might be a decent read for some people. Current stats Height: 5' 7" Weight: 14 stone 8.5 pounds Goals I'm actually quite content with the amount of size I have and bulking becomes a chore very quickly when you're consuming 5k+ cals a day to hardly see the scales move. So I'm looking at getting real lean again (sub 10%) and look at maybe trying to increase my strength on the big 4 lifts. Also means I'll also be blasting less often as blasts will be to mainly get back down to the single bf figures again. Diet Diet is very simple. I follow iifym dieting and just aim to hit close to protein as possible. The rest of the cals can come from any amount of fat or carbs (or more protein). I'm starting on approx 2800 ccaloris with rough protein macros at 245g. Training As some of you know I'm an advocate of PPL. However currently changing between PPL and a 4 day split (separate shoulder day) depending how I feel. I sometimes incorporate 531 into my main lifts which I'm also a fan of. Supplements 2500iu vit d3 600mg NAC 6000mg omega 3 fish oils 1200mg Curcumin with piperine Multi vit I'm using test and tren for my cut. Imo nothing can beat tren for cutting. 125mg test e and 400mg tren e. All gear used is Triumph Labs of course unless stated otherwise.
  4. So, I'll start this of by telling you that I started going to the gym the winter of 2016. I was 189 cm tall and about 85kg heavy, I was skinny fat (Was obese when i was younger, 175cm/87 kg). When I got comments about being fat ,obiously these were not serious comments but jokes, but I was so insecure in my body that I thought people really saw me as an 200kg fat guy. These comments led to me going to the gym. At first I saw result and "noob gainz". I followed a typical bro split. I lost weight at the time and this is when things got bad. I started counting every fu**ing single calorie that I ate. For a period of time i played soccer 4 days a week and worked out 4 times a week while eating like a maximum of 1500 calories. As you may expect this resulted in a unhealthy weightloss. I dropped down to 70 kg being 190 cm tall at this moment. this was before the summer of 2017. During this weightloss period i started binge eating until i got so full that i puked and things like that. I developed eating and body image disorders. I also lost all of my energy, sex drive, and got other hormonal problems. The summer of 2017 i went on vacation to the country where the rest of my family lives. Here they kind of forced me to eat. After the summer i was ready to "bulk". After the vacation i was weighing around 74kg. So this was in August of 2017. Since then ive been trying to bulk with no result. During this "bulk" Ive really ate a clean diet, almost only chicken and rice, egg whites, oats and so on. Im weighing arounf 78 kg now ( 28 of March 2018) and the only thing I have gained is fat on my stomach (i think.. no visible muscle gains, ALMOST no strength gains). My upper body around my stomach are looks "kind of" skinny fat, but my arms, legs and calves got a lot of veins, like A LOT (especially calves). So im not sure what my body fat percentage is at but maybe 15%? So my questions to you guys are what should I do? Routine- Wich routine? Ive tried upper/lower splits but i do not like them....I did not enjoy working out. And I really want to workout 5 days a week hitting each muscle 2x a week. Diet- I dont want to count calories because they stress me out so much right now because of my past that I really feel bad and suicidal when thinking about them. How should I eat and think about my diet when working out? Guys I really want your help. Some of you guys will recommend things like startingstrength but i really wanna workout 5 days a week. And im dead serious about the help, I would love serious comments. And i do not plays soccer anymore. My lifts (No back squats squats cuz they really f**k my lower back up) Front squat 70kg x 5 Bench 72,5x5 Sumo deadlift 145kg x1 Week af i know... So Im turning 18 this summer just so u know guys(2018) And guys, Ive tried so fkkn hard getting results but because of my f**ked up mind and body image i always fail and im afriad that soon ill give up... This is a PPL routine that Ive been thinking about trying, 5 days a week. Wich results in: PPL/R/PP/R/ LPP/R/LP/R/ Legs1: Front Squat 4 x6 Sumo DL 4x6 Spit squat4x8 Leg curl 4x10 Seated Calf Raise 8x8 Push1: Bench 4x6 Seated Military press4x6 Incline DB Bench 3x8 Decline DB press 3x 8 Lateral raises3x10 Skulcrushers 3x 8 Pushdowns 3 x10 Pull 1: weighted Pull Ups 3 x6 DB One Arm row 3x6 Narrow LAt Pulldown 3x 8 Seated Wide Grip Cable row 3x8 Superset: Shrugs/Reverse flys 3x10 Ez bar curl 3x8 Preacher curl 3x10 Legs 2: Front Box Squat 4x12 Sumo deadlift 4x10 Leg extensions 4x 12 Leg curls 4 x15 Standing Calf raises 6 x15 Push 2: Bench 3x 12 DB Shoulder press 3x 12 incline BB Bench 3x 12 Chest cross overs 3 x 12 Lateral raises 3x 15 Overhead Tricep ext 3x 12 Tricep Pushdown 3x 15 Pull2: DB one arm row 3x 12 Lat pulldown 3x 12 seated Wide grip cable row 3x 12 Superset: Shrugs/Reverse flys 3x15 Ez bar curl 3x 12 DB invline curl 3x 15
  5. AestheticManlet’s Official Journal

    So I thought I’d get an official log up to track my progress. I enjoyed updating my last bulking log so I’d rather have all my progress in one thread from now on. Ive literally just finished my bulk and my log can be found here if anyone is interested: Stats Height: 5’ 7” Weight (as of yesterday): 14 stone 7.25 pounds / 203.25 pounds / 92.3kg Current condition (as of yesterday, pic took first thing upon waking): Goals Get stronger (increase the 4 main lifts) and gain some size whilst not getting fluffy. Diet I follow an iifym type diet usually, long as protein target is hit and total calories then it's all good, although I do usually eat clean anyway apart from odd cheat days which are usually the weekend. Ill be starting off around 3700 calories and will monitor over the next few weeks. With coming straight from a bulk and onto a cruise, you’re inevitably going to lose some strength, size and fullness so I’m aware I need to stick out the first few weeks and assess after that. Calories 3700 Rough macros: P 244g, F 122g C = 406g Training I’m an advocate of a PPL routine however I’ve decided to switch to a 4 day upper/lower routine with some 531 lifting on the main lifts. My routine may change in time but I’m going to see how I get on - training 4 days a week. I have a home gym so exercise selection is based on this and what I prefer. Upper 1 - Bench press focus Bench press - 531 Overhead press - 5 sets 10 Bent over rows - 3 sets 10 Dips - 3 sets 10 Ez bicep curls - 3 sets 10 Lateral raises - 3 sets 12 Lower 1 - Deadlift focus Deadlifts - 531 Squats - 5 sets 10 Leg press - 5 sets 15 Calf raises - 5 sets 15 Abs Upper 2 - Overhead press focus Overhead press - 531 Bench press - 5 sets 10 Overhand pull-ups - 3 sets 10 Ez skull crushers - 3 sets 10 Ez bicep curls - 3 sets 10 Bent over lateral raises - 3 sets 12 Lower 2 - Squat focus Squats - 531 Deadlifts - 5 sets 10 Leg press - 5 sets 15 Calf raises - 5 sets 15 Abs Daily supplements Basic multi vitamin (a-z) Omega 3 fish oil - 6x1000mg Vitamin D3 - 2500iu Vitamin K2 - 200mcg Vitamin C - 1000mg NAC - 1200mg Curcumin + piperine - 600mg Creatine Monohydrate - 5000mg Joint support supplement Few additions added during log: Taurine - 5000mg Beta alanine - 4500mg Cruise I am cruising from today and will be running: 210mg Test e (Triumph labs) 100mg tren e (currently using up some left over Sphinx then moving onto Triumph) I think I’ve covered everything.