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Found 9 results

  1. New journal to track my journey to the GPC British finals. So background is entered GPC at end of last year and last Sunday did my first meet, GPC Scottish Open. Placed 2nd in the 90s with a total of 632.5kg at 87.75kg. Went 202.5kg on Squat, 160kg on Bench and 270kg on Deadlift. British finals are in November. So the new goal is: 1) Hit a 700kg total 2) Get squat numbers up at least another 15% The plan training-wise is to spend next 4-5 weeks doing a 'hypertrophy' block with little direct work on the big 3 and a bigger focus around accessory movements, ideally to add some more muscle mass. Then I will change back to being more strength focused. I will aim to bring weight up to around 215lb slowly and then bring it back down for Brits. Having done a very basic water/carb depletion for the last comp and seen how easy it was to drop <2kg for the weigh in I want to take advantage of having a bit more size this time round, ideally come in leaner too. Diet will be loose initially but aiming for 30g+ protein per meal. Most days meal 1 will be oats and whey, meal 2 rice, chicken n veg and meal 3 rice, chicken/burgers n veg.
  2. Right, I'm 81kg ATM and been considering PL for a few months now and got my eye on a competition towards November time. I'm not sure if I'm good enough to be competitive, so that basically it isnt a 'well done for taking part' exercise. Lifts are currently: DL: 180kg Squat:150kg Bench:130kg Which gives me 3 lift max of 460kg/1030lbs. Obviously competition environment will make a difference but is it a good enough level to be able to do well, assuming I hit those lifts? Target by then is DL: 220kg Squat: 170kg Bench: 150kg Bit of a stretch but a target is a target! Ideally at 81kg but I imagine I may go up in weight in this time period...
  3. Hi all, Hoping some of the community wouldn't mind shedding some light on this for me.. So I have been gymming hard for 2 years now, been half assing since my teens (I'm currently 25), you could say I am now at a point in life where my gym life comes 1st, and everything else comes after.. most people don't get it... but like all of you, I want to be the best I can truly be. I am 6ft, always been very skinny (around 76kg for almost a decade!), my background of cycling and martial arts certainly accompanied my physique. Now that I have left all that behind and found the gym, after a few years I am wondering.. why the hell are my arms still so small?! I tested maxes a while ago and they are as follows: Bench 115kg / Deadlift 190kg / Squat 130kg (Not true max due to abdominal pains) / Overhead press 60kg / Bent row 110kg. I do not think I look like the kind of guy who could even touch on 115kg for a bench, especially a 190 deadlift. So around 2 years ago, both my gym and diet life were revamped and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing some changes, namely strength and broadness on my upper body/shoulders. I made a bodyspace account around a year ago, checked it a few weeks back, and found that shamefully my arms initially were measured at a laughable 14 inch on a cold flex! Re-measured recently and I am now at 15.5. So yes, its progress, however when looking in the mirror it seems as though my deltoids and pecs are far superior to my biceps & triceps, my arms still look pathetic in my eyes, on the other hand, great shape, high bicep peak and vascularity on a flex...just too small around in comparison to length, I want some meat on these guns. I tried phases where I would blast super sets, drop sets, go heavy, stick with compounds etc...but they just don't seem to catch up to the rest of my developing body. So I suppose my question is, has anyone here dealt with the burden of having small arms? And has anyone overcome this? What worked for you? Is there any advice you can give to a brother in need? Many thanks for reading.
  4. OK decided to delete last log and start over. Slight change in plans for this year. I was only going to do GPC powerlifting originally but I have now entered Scotland Strongest Man u90kg as well. GPC Scottish is on Sun 23rd April, SSM u90s is the following Sat 29th. Plan for the GPC is to hit a 600kg total at <90kg to qualify for the Brits later in the year. Will be satisfied as long as I don't come last at SSM. 16 weeks to get ready so got my work cut out
  5. Morning all, so heres the dilio training for a comp in August atm, but also have a little desire to shed off the belly fat I have. i was thinking MAYBE to start using fat burners, being such a high bidyfat % so I can try dropping that off without dropping my calories and risking my strength. opinions / experiences? Would be massively appreciated. Cheers!
  6. To give a bit of a history of me. GPC European champion 2015 Open 125s. British record holder in the deadlift. Former squat British record holder. I've been diagnosed with sleep Apnea which has caused some issues with sleep deprivation which came to a head lately and I was blue lighted due to an anxiety attack where my throat closed up. Since diagnosis I've been able to deal mentally with the situation and will be moving forward from this point. Until I get my CPAP machine for sleeping I'm basically operating on little sleep and an oxygen deficit. It's fine now I am aware of this as I can plan around it to get sorted out. Due to some stresses my appetite was hit and I lost a couple of stone..but in fairness it's there to lose. Never been hugely fat but definate carried some. So my rebuild plan is simple. Drop more fat and focus on bodybuilding movements to target some weak areas and to allow some injuries to heal. After this point I will build my lifts back up again (clean) and once the oxygen issue is sorted get myself as fit as possible. I was up at around 135kg but with a decent amount of fat. This time I'm aiming for filling out the 125kg class with a much leaner and fitter physique and then go from there. I keep a video log as by day I'm a strength and conditiong coach with multiple World, European and British champions under my belt. Now it's time to turn the knowledge to me. Below is a link to my channel..please do subscribe as there will be educational content on there as well as my rants and training tips for power. I'll post below the first few vids of my new training style so you can if you can be arsed follow the training cycle.
  7. Evening Folks Sooooo.... I have my first competition this coming Sunday. I'm as excited as I am nervous. Anybody got any good tips / fun stories etc about their first competition etc? Would be awesome and helpful to hear back some things
  8. Aspiring powerlifter here. Question to people who compete or have done in the past. Is this squat low enough for comp standard? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can 1rm 130kg @64kg bw but been focusing on trying to get low enough and improve my technique. Thanks in advance Unfortunetly I cant upload a video because size, but I tried to screenshot at the bottom of the squat.