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  1. Gaining Weight
    Hey people, I'm a scrawny, unfit wreck of a man who's hoping to make that a thing of the past, I've made a lot of changes recently, importantly, quitting smoking. I've changed my diet to the healthiest of standards, I'm training MMA and I'm currently putting togehter a gym in my garage. I...
  2. Supplementation
    Can I use my all-in-one powder as an ingredient in pancakes,flapjacks and home made oat biscuits ? or will the cooking change the way the protein works ? and Is there a set time I should drink my all-in-one or can I have it in the fridge and glug it down through the morning? (The all...
  3. Gaining Weight
    when looking at add size and get alot bigger..... what do you's think overall would be more suitable: - Mass shake (currently use cnp, but there is others, Extreme for eg) or - Whey protein with Oats + peanut butter
  4. Supplementation
    Hi all Can someone reccomend a good place to buy some bulk Taurine powder? cheers
  5. Supplementation
    Morning Gents, Has anyone every used this protien, MUSCLE DEPT NUTRITION? It looks pretty good but not too much info... Love the super hero! Quality. Cheers, Wilko.
  6. General Conversation
    Hi Im hoping this does not break any rules but I am looking to get a broad range of responses regarding what flavours people like their protein to be etc I would appreciate it if you fill in our survey at It is only 2 questions long and takes under 10...
  7. Supplementation
    Can you cook with protein powder without the powder reducing in 'value'. For breakfast i have two scoops of extreme whey two scoops of oats and a handful of raisens with water all mixed up and done in the microwave. A guy at the gym claims that this will denature the protein. however i am sure i...
  8. Supplementation
    I recently purchased a tub of GABA 300 grams, it was much cheaper than the capsules. However the box does not have the manufacturer details on it, so I am concerned as to its contents. If Swanson and others can sell the capsules and print their name on the bottle, why can't these guys too...
  9. Supplementation
    So was browsing around and came across this little number.. SSHealthFoods Protein powders All hype? They sponsor Kai Greene... Was thinking of giving it a whirl for a month.
  10. Supplementation
    :becky:anyone tried black powder b4? been looking at few of the nox stuff fort id give them ago few lads at gym say there quite good. tried super pump ones made me sick hoping this stuff is better. gonna take it along side another corse of superdrol love stuff great beefing up and adding strenth.
  11. Supplementation
    Hi Again, is protein powder any good why trying to get more defined ?
  12. Supplementation
    Hi mates, I'm using proteins (water + 20/25 grams in a shaker) to complete my need to get about 20 grams of protein per meal 5 times a day (three times from food and two times from powder-supplement "blend type" (Syntha 6) Well... I'm not here to debate about which powder should be better to...
  13. General Conversation
    :becky:has anyone tried powerbeck milk,whay & egg protein powder? if so whats it like 4 teast quality? its not a protein powder iv tried b4 but its on offer at mo and going pretty cheap so fort i mite give it ago.
  14. Supplementation
    Bad effects can happen on any people, who have any kind of disease. Should he taken protein powder or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Supplementation
    Hello friends, What are different types of protein powder and which way to help our body? If we need a protein powder for our health then which are the right one? And what are important to help our body? Please suggest me on my above question…. Thanks in advance…..
  16. Supplementation
    Hi friends Let's discuss on If peoples eat a lot of fish, chicken, eggs, soy and beef everyday. Why do those still need protein powder? Thanks for support me
  17. Supplementation
    Hi all, If somebody have a kidney sicknesses so somebody can utilize whey protein powder please give me favorable reply here… Thanks in Advance…
  18. Supplementation
    I tried 300ml of milk, one scoop (50 grams?) of whey and 45 grams of oats. I tried an electric blender, electric whisk and a fork. After drinking all 3 there was always a massive amount of oats left at the bottom. Is that normal or do I need to mix for longer?
  19. Supplementation
    guys, gals, i've just got 2 kg of whey powder which is completely the wrong stuff and i won't be able to give it back. it looks like a good product but not for bodybuilding purposes, as 100g contains 72g carbohydrates and only 11g protein. can anyone give me some suggestions as to what to do...
1-19 of 22 Results