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  1. Classifieds & Exchanges
    Looking for serious Bodybuilders/Musclemen/Muscle Models who like posing in private for muscle worship sessions and want to have extra cash for their diet & supplements. For info also on Personal Management/Promotion/Social Media Image Making, . Relevant lads can send me an e-mail...
  2. General Conversation
    Just curious - how do you think a male looks best posed? I've got a feeling it's not a bodybuilding pose!
  3. General Conversation
    Hey guys!! Im sloth lesnar and i now have a new youtube channel. im so nice im posting them here or come to my channel and admire me there
  4. General Conversation
    I remember once reading that Arnie used to pose in the mirrors between sets and after his workout to help aid muscle development or something like that. So my question is, how much posing could you get away with down your local gym before someone very politely told you to leave it out? Or...
  5. Bodybuilding Shows
    We're really proud and pleased to now announce superheavyweight Chris Wall will be guest posing at the Expo along with Mr Universe runner up Shane Copley (Bodyworks on here), superheavyweight contender Stuart Core, UKBFF South East Overall winner "Tiny" Tom Blackman and super foxy IFBB Pro...
  6. Getting Started
    Look at Sandow's posing routine, beat that hahahaha Bodybuilding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. Advanced Bodybuilding
    a question for all you competitive bodybuilders, how often do you spend posing & do you practice in the off-season??? while here what is your favourite pose & how did it feel the first time you stepped on stage?
  8. Bodybuilding Shows
    please seek approval from admin to advertise your services
1-8 of 8 Results