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Found 13 results

  1. So last week ive just started getting back into training due to a broken wrist. Naturally I gained fat and lost muscle during that so wanted some rapid short ester help. I purchased Hyparip 240 (80g tren a, 80g mast, 80g test p) from prostasia and pinned it for the first time yesterday. Today my whole upper leg is stiff, my pin site is red and has a lump around It and im getting some NASTY PIP! Ive done similar rip blends before and never had this issue. Is it the lab? What can I do to reduce these affects of pinning. I’ll be doing 1ML, 3 times a week, but not if this is going to happen after every jab. TIA
  2. I’ve done several cycles over the years. Am 4 weeks into a test prop cycle. Pinned my glute 2 weeks ago and there was the usual injection pain for the days afterwards. However, this has not gone away. The pain isn’t unbearable, but I know it’s there. I can feel it when sitting and definitely when resting directly on it. The area is not noticeably hotter than my other glute (maybe just slightly) There is no rash, redness or bruising There’s a slight lump, but only visible if I tense both glutes — then the cheek with the PIP doesn’t ‘go inwards’ as much as the other cheek I don’t have a temperature or dizziness / headaches. Obvious answer may be to see a doctor, but I’m hesitant to admit to gear use on my medical records unless I really need to. So I’m wondering if anyone here has any idea what this could be? Would this sound like it could be an infection? Any advice would be very welcome as it’s stressing me out.
  3. so i have insane PIP after prop injection i cant even seat properly or walk can you guys give me some advice? PIP starts 7-8 hours after injection visually its normal, injection sites are hardened and its soo painful. this is my first cycle and third injection, i dont want to give up. will it go? or do i have to do something?
  4. I've just started a new cycle and thought i'd give subcutaneous injection a try because it's supposed to have some benefits over IM, and i'm thinking of a long term cycle. I injected 0.3ml (100mg) test-e about 48 hours ago and I have some PIP, i did some googling but couldn't find much about it. I'm using a vial that is almost full but i had a couple of shots from it about a year and a half ago. I didn't want to throw it away as i've hardly used it but could that be why i have some discomfort or is it normal? It's probably about the same as what i'd have from IM but only on touch.
  5. Hello, I did my first shot of AAS 2 days ago. My friend, who's a regular user of all kinds of gear, hit me with half an ml of test 550. I had no idea test came that high, but whatever. Anyway, the shot went smooth as silk; I didn't even realize the shot went in. Two days later, I have a small reddish lump at the injection site that's a bit sore to the touch. I'm also lethargic, just sleeping all day. Any ideas of what's going on?
  6. Hello, I did my first shot of AAS 2 days ago. My friend, who's a regular user of all kinds of gear, hit me with half an ml of test 550. I had no idea test came that high, but whatever. Anyway, the shot went smooth as silk; I didn't even realize the shot went in. Two days later, I have a small reddish lump at the injection site that's a bit sore to the touch. I'm also lethargic, just sleeping all day. Any ideas of what's going on?
  7. Hey guys, I am aware that there are loads of threads already discussing this topic. I have read and read and read, I cant seem to find any definitive answers as the PIP varies from person to person, so here goes. I'm 4 weeks into a test e 600mg a week cycle, using cenzo pharma test e 300mg/ml. Up until 3 days ago everything was going great have been alternating glutes with no issues atal, I have been taking all the necessary precautions in regards to hygiene etc. But my last jab has left me in serious pain, it came about 24hours after and I assumed it would fade out in a few days, yet I'm 3 days in and its showing no signs of fading, in fact it's getting worse. Its completely swollen and very painful to the touch, to the point I'm limping and finding it very hard to sleep. There is no redness or bruising just feels like lactic acid and the area has definitely got bigger, it's as if the whole top half of my glute is swollen. Should I be concerned or is this just one of them things? Admittedly I got a bit confident and rushed the jab a little bit and it was not my smoothest shot, I tensed up a little etc.
  8. Hi taking a little cruise dose ATM so got myself some Sphinx Pharma Test E 300 only running a cruise dose of 200mg and get severe pip, I have had the odd pip from other labs but this is so bad im going to have to stop and swap labs we are only talking less than 3/4 Ml into the thigh (where i have always pinned) Has anyone else suffered from Sphinx the is legit as bloods show so but i maybe troubled by the carrier oil .... im trying a glut shot this week and see if that makes a difference if not im changing back to Rohm
  9. Hello Everyone, Long-time since I posted here but just wanted to grab some advice from others, I just finished a 10ml vial of test e 300, I would get roughly 2 days pip not bad just like a dead leg. I finished my vial and have moved onto the next one, now here is the thing. Took a shot from the new vial, absolutely 0 pip, nothing at all. Don't even know ive done it. after looking at the bottle the new one is slightly wider, same labels and info, same created on and exp date. What should I do you lot? think it's worth hitting something else right away to avoid 'dropping off' or is test e 300 sometimes possible to give no pip? I know this might be a hard one to answer but I have no one else to turn to in my hour of need edit - i have some pharma Omnadren 250 available if the jump is required x
  10. I know obviously this lab took a huge hit over forums a few years back. Bought 300mg/test enthanate and nolvadex 50x20mg, would you all say this is complete bunk and not bother using it at all? Obviously realised the mistake I had made after the purchase Tempted to give SG a try. Also injected 400mg of of test enthanate from gentech and got awful pip.
  11. I did my first injection a week ago (small tester of 0.5ml Test E in the glute). This gave me slight post injection pain, pip, which went away gradually over about 4-5 days. Yesterday I did my first full dose of 1.5ml in the other glute. This has given me much more pip and gave me slight trouble sleeping. It is sore and bruised but not debilitating. From what I have read, this is quite normal especially for "virgin" muscles. A few questions for more experienced guys... What exactly causes it? I think it could be simply that you've damaged the muscle a little with the needle and bruising is the healing process but maybe it's the pressure the muscle feels holding on to a unusual volume, or maybe its the bodies reaction to a foreign substance? Is the level of pip you feel related to the volume you inject? Is there any benefit to splitting the injection into two sites to reduce the pip? As a newbie, I'm a little nervous still. I follow the correct procedures absolutely - cleaning the site and vial lid every time etc but what should I look out for if the pain is something more than pip?
  12. Doing my first course in a while (300mg Test E pinned once a week) for a lean slow keepable cycle. Have never had any problems with injections in the past at all, always clean, aspirate ect....But my first injection into the glute a week ago is still sore to touch and when flexed it looks lumped up compared to the other (no redness or hot to touch) just quite swollen still.Ive done my second into the quad this morning and that had swelled up aswell (alot bigger than the other) has anyone got any idea what this could be?Ive used the same vial of test e before and no problem then (still well in date) with same injection ritual so im baffled on whats causing the swelling so much this time? And will it go away? Maybe im just panicking but like i said ive never had this before and its been a week since first jab and its still lumped. P.s ive been massaging areas and foam rolling.Any input would be appreciated....
  13. Hi guys, Ive been running some sust and changed lateley to pharmacom test 500mg/ml i shot 1 cc into my quad and i cant walk anymore. The injection went smooth had no problems til about 20 hours after the inject. It doesnt really feel swollen but i feel like theres alot of pressure in my leg, also no signs of redness or heat. So ive been doing some reasearch and came to the conclusion that i have to dilute that s**t. Anyway does anyone got any tips on how to reduce the symptoms cuz i can hardly gain if i cant even walk to the fridge to get some food ofcourse. Lastly i was wondering if this oil is good to go to dilute: https://www.amazon.com/Grape-Sterile-Filtered-GRADE-100mL/dp/B077G85NKM