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  1. Getting Started
    Hi how do I upload an avatar pic? And I don't mean the James Cameron kind. I am a member of a number of forums and it is usually as simple as User CP- Edit Profile Picture- Browse- Find a JPEG- Save changes and it is up. I do that on here and it fails to upload. I have made the pic tiny, its...
  2. Member Journals
    Some pics of me 3 quarters of the way through my dbol cycle. Just looking for some constructive criticism really any comments are appreciated. dont be too hard on me lol.
  3. Member Journals
    Evenin all thought id share a pic of where I'm at, started training around 3 years ago weighing 9st 6, I'm now upto 13st 8 I train with my old man whos been training and doin shows since he was 25. lost count of how many shows he's done. he will be joining the over 50s class in 2012 and i...
  4. Member Journals
    been stuck at 15.5 - 16 for to long now, they just wont grow no more. Done all sort of routines such as Incline Dumbbell curls 12reps/10reps/8reps One handed Cable curls 15reps/10reps/8reps 2 Handed Cable curls 10 reps/8reps/6reps ... Weighted Chin Ups 6repx 5 last one to failure Barbell...
  5. Female Bodybuilding
    pic of louise, all the girls get measured i think louise is in the tall class xx
  6. Female Bodybuilding
    zack the overall winner heavy weight top two bodyfitness girls All these fantastic photos were taken by the lovely Eric Guy xx
  7. Member Journals
    central 2008 thi is a better picpic
  8. Member Journals
    Pictures by CanadianV - Photobucket These are from 1 week ago and I year ago.....
  9. Member Journals
    ok, this is my first pic, i've just made this thread on uk-muscle and would create it on here but i dunno how i put the picture on to be honest so i'll just post the link: First pic!!!!! - UK-Muscle Body Building Community - Bodybuilding Forum tell me what you think LeeB, where are you when i...
  10. Member Journals
    Well been working out for 5 months now should have done a a pic of me before i started but ill take one now 5 months in to it see how i improve from here started a dieting 4 weeks ago feels great feel free to post what you think ineed to work on :) Height: 6ft Weight: 14 stone Will be adding...
  11. Member Journals
    its a pic of me LOL i know im a skiny kid lol only 16 though lol this is a pic before i use San V12 and Reflex instant mass LOL HERE U ARE FEEL FREE TO TAKE THE PISS LOL :P :P
  12. Member Journals
    This picture is 7 mounths old... i have gained a little over 46lbs of muscle since then bout 5lbs of fat... lol...its me at school not flexing or anything... my face is painted over because i dont really like my face on these ________ UGGS
1-15 of 15 Results