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Found 4 results

  1. Dear community, I'm working on building a physique like Arvebrink and others and I need help. First off - realistically - how long will it take me to get there, even with taking aas? I know it's a stupid question somehow, because it's also about the journey to get there, but I somehow need a fix point, something that I can work towards to. My diet and training regimen are on point so far, I haven't gained or lost weight during the lockdown, but I lost some strength that's coming back now. Before the lockdown I was on an Anavar cycle for 6 weeks - it fell short because the second order I bought was certainly not Var and I not only gained water but also fat. This is gone now, but I was quite deparate at that time and felt really really sick of myself. Now I'm about to start my second Var cycle with so far verified legit stuff. I didn't gain THAT much mass in the first cycle. My ability to recover was better and my shoulders looked better than they look now, but overall I maybe gained 1kg in the 6 weeks.. I also know that it's all about being consistent - which I've been since 3 years now - and patient, but I really feel the need to take my game to a new level. And I need to do it planfully. So what do you recommend to adding to Anavar in terms of making serious gains? I already read a lot about the famour var+primo cycle but since they both seem to be the same somehow, I don't know if that makes sense. I also read a about primo causing hair loss which would be an absolute catastrophe to me. Can anyone help? Has anyone done such a project with thier body and can lead me in a little bit? Thank you
  2. Hi guys, Does anybody else suffer from body dysmorphia? And how do you cure it I guess or cope with it? I'm not depressed or lacking confidence in any way. But I just don't see what others see. It's like I'm blind in a way. I look in the mirror at my body and feel like puking, even questioning why I go gym, why has my body not changed in a couple years of training. But other people seem to think differently, for example in photos I look completely different to how I look in a mirror. Unless I'm comparing myself to someone else who doesn't lift. I can't really see any gains. Basically what I'm saying is topless.... I look like topless will ferrel... But except I don't according to others. I'm confused as hell. What's going on? Do I need to see a psychiatrist?
  3. Competition Advice

    Hello! Can I have some advice please? I'm thinking I'd quite like to compete at some point, but I'm a little unsure of where to start, and I'd like to talk genetics! I know that the general gist is that you should start in the Bikini category, however, I don't think I stand a chance for a couple of reasons. I used to be very overweight and large chested. I lost around 4 stone and my chest shrunk significantly. I'm now very flat chested, and without grossing anyone out, I've got a bit of excess skin around my chest which makes it almost impossible to wear a push-up bra or anything like that. I'm fine wearing regular bras, but my chest still looks very flat in them and not at all like a typical Bikini competitor's (if that makes sense?). I'm also a little unsure about my body composition. I have quite short legs which are fine for packing on muscle, but not the long slender legs you see on Bikini competitors. I'm pretty mesomorphic but probably swinging a little towards an endomorphic body type. It's completely manageable and easy for me to stick to a diet that maintains my shape, but it means I am constantly having to be vigilant about what I eat. A cheat meal for me can mean a tonne of extra work in the gym, so I tend to steer clear. In other words, when I see other girls posting about their bi-weekly trip to Nando's and still managing to hop onto the stage, I absolutely cannot get away with that! Essentially, I find it really easy to build muscle without gaining fat, but I don't have the round chested, long legged physique that Bikini competitors tend to have. Don't get me wrong; I could easily get lean enough to compete in a bikini competition, but I think nature is against me in all the other factors that judges take into consideration, so it's probably not worth mine or anyone else's time to try. I think what I mean by that is that typically the girls have legs longer than their torsos etc, and unfortunately I was not blessed with that!I think I would probably be better suited to a figure or physique category, as I've noticed that there seems to be a little more leeway for the shorter stockier girls, as these categories generally require a bit more muscle. If I've misunderstood, please correct me! From what I gather, figure is one up from bikini and physique is one up from figure? Is it unheard of for a competitor to skip the bikini category and move onto the next one up? I've attached a picture of me so you can get a good look at what I'm talking about. I'm not in bad shape at all but nowhere near competition shape, so I'm absolutely expecting a couple of years' worth of work before I even consider going on stage. Please don't think I'm of the mindset where I just need a bit of validation to think I'll be stage ready in 6 months! I'm totally new to this, but I also know my strengths and weaknesses, so if an experienced competitor wants to tell me I genuinely don't have the right body type or shape to compete to win in any of these categories, then that's absolutely fine as there's nothing I can do about that! The last thing I want to do is waste anyone's time if nature is completely against me on this one. Any advice on this would be really appreciated!
  4. Hey folks, Due to a career change I've decided to go more physique than bodybuilding. Basically, I need to reduce or simply maintain my legs as I need to wear a suit. I'd like to develop the V shape and work more on that upper body exaggeration. Any advice or routines you can offer? Cycle differences would be good to know too. Cheers, Future Chickenlegs