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Found 14 results

  1. GH

    Have been taking GH for last 6 weeks and initially inserted pin in stomach/abs area but resulted in marks. Have for last 3 weeks inserted in traps and no markings. It's nearer pituitary gland I hear so more beneficial. Have aridemex to start shortly as fear of gyno as nipples appear to be altering given low Test E of 1cc per week currently. Any thoughts ?
  2. BPC-157 Log

    Its been a very long time since I posted anywhere in here, and the first under the new management and look for the site, prevoiously known under another name and was a mod to boot. Also used to write guides on various non-AAS compounds, that occasionally l still get tagged by people, which is nice to see. Have had previous experience using peptides to heal a very nasty quad tear, and at that point looked at BPC-157 however was a new pep at the time and dosing protocols were a bit hit and miss. Following advice from @Pscarb I ran an IGF-3 and Peg-MGF protocol that halved the doc's predicted healing time. Fast forward to now, and about 8 weeks ago managed to damage my left shoulder. I figured cartilage as it's that sickening deep joint pain when it is over extended or put in a strange position, rather than being something like a rotator cuff. I thought it would heal up on its own, so left it alone. I only really train to keep in shape now, my days of building muscle and AAS are long gone. 7 weeks on and not a huge amount of change and its pissing me off. It wakes me up during the night as well. So looked again at peptides, and was thinking maybe a TB-500 run, however there seemed to be established dosing protocols for BPC-157 and looked like it could be one to try. So thought I'd give it a blast. I am 3 days in at this point and already have noticeable improvement, so thought I'd run a log here in case people might find it useful. I'll try and document as well as I can the stages of improvement, at what point I consider it 'healed', and then going forward if I need to top it up at all at intervals. I am currently dosing 500ug a day split as 250ug every 12 hours. SubQ as close to the injury 'area' as possible Day 2 prior to the mornign dose, I thought i could feel a difference, but put it down to some placebo effect Today (Day 3) prior to the mornig dose, and the improvement is noticeable, also last night only got woken up by it twice, which is a massive change. Hopefully some of you guys might find this useful.
  3. GDF-8 Advice

    Hello, I'm starting a GDF-8 experiment, please, if anyone used it, could you advise me of possible side effects and results. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I have just joined this forum to gain more information about peptides. I have been slightly disappointed to see that Follistatin peptide has been mentioned as not operational on some of the topics. However, I had very good results with it. For those who decide to use Follistatin, I would recommend it. I used 200mcg per day and run it over 4 days every 3 months (intramuscular), for 3 months. Diluted at 1mg with 1 ml bac water. I couldn't run it for longer as the injection sites get very sensitive. I'm a petite female, it worked for me very well especially that I couldn't train as much as I used to. I think results start showing a month + after the course (not immediately). On my first run I had a lot of side effects in the form of muscle pains and tender ligaments. Nonetheless, I used untagged the second round and didn't feel a thing. Then a tagged one again with very little side effects. I got musclier not only in the particular muscles I was aiming to enhance but in overall too. I hope this will help some people who decide to use this peptide.
  5. Will be running 4iu of Norditropin NordiFlex that I got from Turkey. Would it make any difference doing it everyday rather than 5 days on 2 days off? Cheers.
  6. A low dose of 200 mcgs is causing a racing heart minutes after injection. It fades within 5 minutes but I'm not finding anyone else reporting this. Its not anxiety related to the injection. I wonder if anyone has any insight into why and how this is happening.
  7. Using CJC-1295 DAC.

    Has anyone used CJC-1295 with DAC and had good results? I'm 35 years old, I've been training natural since I was 21 years old. I've had great results, naturally going from about 74kg to 89kg bodyweight over the years. I've even had people ask me if I'm on steroids before. I've gotten to an age now where I'd like a little extra help without doing anabolics /testosterone/HGH, mostly because of the side effects. I'd like to keep my hair and my testicles in working order etc. ?? After many years researching I've come across CJC-1295 DAC / peptides as an attractive supplement. I'd love to hear from anyone who's used this and if it was successful. Preferably if they've used this on its own and not stacked with other PEDs. Is it any good? Is it a waste of time? Please don't say "you might as well just do gear", that's not what I'm after. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.
  8. Hey I got my first batch of MT2 delivered on Wednesday last week and I had my fourth injection last night. The 10mg of MT2 was mixed with 1ml of sterile water and I’m taking 10 units per day on a insulin needle. So, I think that equates to 1000mcg a day. I’ve had no noticeable side effects to report. I’ve hired a sunbed as I’m going away in just over 2 week and I’d been going on it everyday prior to getting MT2, so I already had a base tan. I’d say I’m in between skin type 2 and 3 on the Fitzpatrick chart so I can burn but I usually get a light caramel/golden tan. How long does it take to work? I’ve not noticed any difference in colour since only using the sunbed and I’ve still been going on everyday within the 36 hour timeframe. I’m just warning other people’s opinions and advice. Thanks in advance
  9. Would isn't th or peptides give better healing benefits.. Used and liked tb500 and bpc on a shoulder injury,also used by and felt great and had niggles go away. I remember reading @Pscarb mentioning once the benefits of peptides (ipam+mod) giving the benefit of all the isoforms compared to only one from gh, is that better for healing?
  10. Hey Guys, Long time lurker and just created an account to post this. Been absorbing a ton of information on here, Reddit and of course @Pscarb helpful guide. Specifically for me, despite having a macro balanced plan by Avatar Nutrition and a PT, I really really struggle putting on muscle. This has been going on for 5 years - it's not a new thing. I have had so many blood tests - hormones are normal (right smack in the middle for Free T - see right at the bottom for most recent test). I really don't want to turn to AAS as I just don't want to f**k with my hormones that intensely, but I am looking at peptides as they seem to be the middle ground. After a few months lurking around here; seems Ipamorelin and MOD-GRF 1-29 are the two best peptides to stack together. My fundamental question is, do they specifically help with muscle building, hypertrophy, technically speaking? What has been everyone's results who were natty and started with this stack? Did you see gains? I'm not wanting to become Arnold, but I do want progress for the 5-6 hours I'm putting into the gym each week. Really appreciate your response in advance guys. GG
  11. Hi, I’m running 5ius of hyges (5 on 2 off) and I’m looking to take Igtropin IGF-1 long r3 post workout. Currently running a TTM course, but from what I’ve read, it sounds like the Igtropin May compliment the hgh well. Anyone have any personal experience of running the two together? If so, did you feel it was worth it? Thanks
  12. since I like to theorycraft a lot in my free time... which cycle of the following would you rate as the "best" off season cycle? 1) 400mg Test 450mg DHB 400mg Deca 300mg Mast 2) 800mg Test 800mg Deca 600mg Mast 3) 200mg Test 750mg DHB 300mg Mast additional content: gh peps 3-4x/day, 2-3iu gh eod, slin eod, 50mcg t3/200mcg t4 --------------------------------------- Tren is out of the Question. just need a break from it. I think the best allrounder would be number 1 with a nice mix of dry & wet compounds. But in regards so number 2 never used more than 400mg Deca so I don't really have a grip how "strong" this would be, since in my opionion the "scaling strenght" from every compound is very different. like Test 200 vs. test 400, is a nice noticable difference. test 400 vs. 800 not so much of a difference. tren 200 vs 400 is like using 2 completly different compounds... Number 3 is also not unknown to me, used 600 dhb and was pretty happy with it. when i wasn't crippled with pip. + only cycle where i don't need an ai
  13. Peptides and Muscle Growth

    Hi guys, I am gaining more and more interest in peptides recently. But there are a lot of split views about muscle building.What experience and ideas do you have of peptides regarding muscle building. Does it significantly support muscle growth or can it only do something in antiaging?
  14. Ruptured Distal Biceps Tendon

    Hi guys. I'm 38 (and have torn a pec, partial ligament tear off the spine- both healed well on their own)- now though I've torn my biceps (towards the elbow) leaving approx a 2 inch gap. Should find out when surgery will be tomorrow, advised should be within a week. Can't supinate my arm or straighten it at present- I'm told it may be 4-6 months before I'm back training- any advice on peptide use, or any other ideas of how I can aid recovery? Also what can I train? The doc said anything without using that arm- leaves just legs and abs really. Wasn't doing anything unusual, in fact had warmed up etc and was doing 230kg deadlifts- 5th rep and popped and ripped. Could I train somewhat with straps? Advise leave area alone? Any help would be appreciated- heard of cases of less time but others of 9-10 months. Longest out the gym before I believe was a week. Heard great things about peptides for this kind of thing.