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  1. Gaining Weight
    I'm a naturally slim build wanting to build more muscle quickly but also want to developed more defined pecks and get a six-pack? When I spend weeks trying to gain a six-pack, I lose my muscle mass but when I spent weeks trying to gain muscle, my stomach becomes skinny fat. Should I do a...
  2. Getting Started
    Hi... I need help.... please. How do I achieve round pecks... I dont want to get too big for sports reasons, but for confidence, I would like to achive round pecks that dont resemble (I hate to say this) B*/ch t*/s. I'm not a member of a gym so it's good hard work in my spare room. Can anyone...
  3. Getting Started
    I've been training for about a year now and where i used to play tennis the left side of my body is much stronger. I thought it would even itself out but its just getting worse. i'm not to bothered about my biceps etc., but think my chest looks a bit odd. is there anyway i could even it...
1-3 of 3 Results