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Found 117 results

  1. Hey guys - first ever post here Discovered in the past week my nips had became puffy. There was no obvious gyno lump which confused me - I’m rather lean and have plenty of muscle yet the nipple and immediately surround is just a bit spongy especially when I get warm. When I felt for a lump I noticed a small amount of lactate coming out which confirmed to me that high prolactin is likely the culprit. I’ve only ever run epistane and PCT’d after both very short cycles (epi 3 weeks first time, epi and dhea 3 weeks second time, nolva and clomid 4 weeks). Last PCT ended 2 months ago so not sure how linked this could be as it’s been over 3 months since any AAS was in my system and a non prolactin inducing AAS at that. I’m currently on day 4 of Cabergoline (0.5mg E3D and tamoxifen (20mg ED). I’m waiting for raloxifene to arrive at which if the caber and nolva hasn’t helped by then I’ll switch to ralox. Really trying to nuke this issue before it develops into anything bigger. The puffiness isn’t extreme, but enough to annoy and concern me especially as I want to compete in the future I will post my progress here as this is not an issue that’s commonly seen or discussed so I’d love to help out anyone who’s struggling with the same. Tren and Deca commonly induce these prolactin sides - I’ve never taken either or any other 19-nor. Please feel free to comment with any advice you may have I took a blood test on a previous cycle which showed elevated prolactin but it never caused an issue until now.
  2. Severe Erectile dysfunction

    Hey Uk Muscle I don’t know where to start from but ill try to make this as short as possible. ive searched everywhere looking for answers but it seems like no one has experienced what i’m going thro, it always feels like what you’re going through is something that no one else has ever experienced but i don’t believe it so thats why i’m making this thread and i will keep it updated for as long as i can. i strongly believe that i wasn’t a heavy abuser to experience these sides but everyone is different so maybe my body didn’t take these drugs as everyone else, i never b&c i only cycled a couple of times and they were all short 8/10 weeks cycles, was stacking different compounds and never tapered with just test i came off of them cold turkey, following my recent cycle which i finiahed 3 and half months ago i started my post cycle a couple of weeks after my last jab. After starting my PCT i started having some serious sides that are still persistent til this day A complete loss of libido, That urge of having sex or even thinking about it is not there anymore. i can’t even fantasies about it, there’s absolutely no pleasure anymore in sex A severe Erectile Dysfunction, My penis even in its flaccid state used to be bigger and there would be sensation in that area. but now it’s completely flaccid and shrunk. its like its only used for urination and its limp 24/7 unless i try very hard and i mean very hard i’d get half an erection that would go away the moment i stop stimulating, No erections at all and when i do get one it goes away within second and my penis would go back to its limp state During the first month of pct i had some serious mental sides where i literally couldn’t be alone and was anxious all the time, i got seriously depressed and the thoughts of Suicide were real. ( i was never a suicidal person and the thought never crossed my mind before ) along with all these side effects i was suffering from insomnia, i wouldnt sleep a full 8 hours i’d keep on waking up every other hour until i’m up and when i’m finally up i’m still tired and don’t want to do anything. My balls has significantly shrunk but they’re either shrunk during the day or saggy and empty during the night, sometimes they feel normal but that doesn’t last long. fortunately i no longer have suicidal thoughts and the mental sides are now a lot better than last month but the flaccid penis and the loss of libido are still persistent and at this point now i don’t know if i’m f**ked up for life, i’m 21 so you can imagine not being able to get it up at this age and how frustrating that would be. 3 months now of no erections and no libido, and that obviously has effected negatively in my day to day life, it has gotten to the point where i left my job of 2 years. And even people are a bit surprised of who i became in such short time. iam writing in this forum and hoping that people who had been through something similar would comment and let me know about their experience and at the same time i will be posting regular updates about my situation as ill be doing more blood work to see how my Test and other hormon levels are. Anyone with experience and successful recovery please share it here. Thankyou Uk muscle
  3. Biotech pharmaceutical HCG expiry date

    Hi guys. I normally use pregnyl from my source but just managed to get 2 boxes of biotech pharmaceutical HCG. Couldn't find much info online but all looked good on the box. They were completely sealed etc and the expiry on the box reads 09/2023. However I opened the boxes just to look at the vials and the expiry on the vials says 05/2021. The batch number on the vials and on the box is the same, only the expiry dates don't match. Now I don't have much confidence in this product. Anyone got any knowledge of this brand of HCG? Iv attached photos of the issue. Thanks!
  4. PCT or no PCT advice

    What's going on everyone, Hope everyone is doing well during this time. I have a little query, basically, I began a cycle of deca and test when the gyms reopened, which I cut off 6 weeks into as the gyms closed. I decided to go on a cruise of 200mgs test to ''maingain''. I have been ''on'' for around 14 weeks maybe. I'm looking to take a break as I am planning to do a recomp cycle soon. I'm planning to come off naturally with no PCT, maybe a bit of nolva to prevent estrogen issues. What do you guys think of this? I'm mainly asking as I have got mixed reactions to this, including Reddit bitches who PCT after 6-week cycles of LGD-4033 Thanks in advance, Have a good one
  5. Hi everyone. I'm new to bodybuilding and I'm looking for some advice. I've always been athletic and trained throughout my life but a couple of injuries in recent years have left me with some unwanted weight gain and decrease in muscle mass. I wasn't much of a gym-goer as such but trained through playing sports. I've joined up with a new local gym and want to turn my attention to that as opposed to sport. I'm 27 years old, 182cm and 78kg. I have done some research but hoping some of you guys might be able to help as I start my journey. I've looked into an Anavar cycle as it appears to be one of the mildest in terms of side effects and a good place to start. I was planning to run a six week cycle at first then follow it up with PCT but I'm not sure how long I should run that. Most threads I've read recommend 4 weeks but that's on an Anavar cycle of 8-12 weeks and my first one is going to be considerably shorter. At first I want to lose the unwanted weight and 'tone up' before going through a bulking cycle later this year. Would Anavar cycle for 6 weeks plus say a 2/3 week Novladex PCT help me to achieve this? Goes without saying other factors such as training and diet have to be spot on as well. Any advice for a Newbie would be great. Look forward to being part of the community.
  6. Zymoplex nolva...

    Hi chaps. Just got a few boxes of these for Pct. Ive heard of this lab but never used any ancillaries from there. Packaging looks OK but the one thing thats throwing me is the lack of braille on the box.. Any thought/input greatly appreciated
  7. PCT protocol after 36 weeks on

    First post from a long time reader. Obviously Hackskii isnt around anymore it seems, but I’m planning to use a pct similar to what he recommended for cycle around a year. Would like some feedback in case I have anything wrong. I’m 25. This is my 4th cycle and unlike the others, I stupidly extended it numerous times like an idiot. Anavar weeks 1-4 50mg Test E weeks 1-10 500mg pw Dropped Test E to 250mg pw for the last 24 weeks (so weeks 11-34). Due to a number of factors that arent important. HCG essentially from week 2-36 at 250 IU shot 2x week (for 500IU total). Exception is I ran out for about 4 weeks around the 24 week mark then got back on I want to wrap this cycle up in 2 weeks. Plan is after week 36 to stop test. Should take 21 days to clear out to appropriate levels at this dose. Was going to continue hcg at same dose until 7 days pre-PCT. Then pct plan is clomid 5 weeks: 100/75/50/50/25 nolva: 40/40/30/20/20 If feeling decent by week 4 or 5, then pct ends as planned and bloods 5-6 weeks post pct I know Hackskii calls for hcg at a high dose in PCT but my case is different as I was on all cycle pretty much. All feedback welcomed. Just want to get right and take a few years off cycling to focus on my career.
  8. HCG help

    What's good guys, I'm doing test e 500mg 12 weeks. (250mg mon/thurs) I want to run HCG to help keep the muscle gains as well as running my PCT of nolva and clomid. How should I run HCG? 500iu Mon and Thursday after my 250mg test pin? so 1000iu a week for 12 weeks? Do I have to still run it during the 21 days after last pin and then keep running it during 4 weeks of PCT? please help, cheers!
  9. How to PCT properly

    Hi guys basically I’ve been an idiot, I suffer from Crohn’s disease, been in remission a few years. Started weightlifting a couple of years ago to put weight on I lost with my illness. Was all going well and put on 20lbs. I’ve been using a test e only cycle since June last year taking 500 mg of test e every week until now with no break. Basically I’ve had a flare up of my Crohn’s and can’t work out and have dropped some weight. I need to come off ASAP for my health. I’ve got 5000iu of hcg, nolva and clomid. Could someone explain the best way to get off and do a proper PCT. i know I’m going to feel rough and am willing to go through this to get off cycle. No smartass answers please I know I’ve been a total idiot and should never have started in the first place. But hey everyone makes mistakes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hey guys, 45 this summer, cycled on and off through my late 20's and 30's , n a bit of powerlifting, then since turning 40 only really did a cycle per year but recovery been tough. Last course ended December 2019. 3 medichecks tests had my test levels at 7, 8 and 9 through 2020. So I assume that my levels seem stuck around that now. So in a quandary about going forward. Try another cycle and attempt recovery, consider trt, try a pct again to try boost my natty levels ? Any advice from guys who found themselves in similar situation at this age ?? Cheers in advance.
  11. If you inject 1000mg Sustanon once, how long would it take for it to leave your system (stop suppressing HPTA)? This is strange, since 250 mg of Sustanon contains: 30 mg - prop 60 mg - phenyl 60 mg - isocopreate 100 mg - decaonate Decaonate is 20 days half life If I inject 1000mg Sustanon, with it comes 400 mg Decoanate. That would mean that the half life is: 20 days - 200 mg decaonate 20 more days - 100 mg decaonate 20 more days - 50 mg 20 more days - 25 mg ?
  12. Best PCT all in one

    Im looking for a reccomendation of the best type of all in one PCT tab. Cambridge research used to do one and it was amazing.
  13. Another PCT thread?

    I’m after some advice... I’ve been on self administered TRT (test-e) for around 1-1.5 years - stupidly I didn’t use HCG throughout. I’ve decided to come off as I want to try for children in about a year from now. My PCT 2 weeks after my last shot was: Clomid 100,100,50,50,50 Nolva 40,40,20,20,20 Proviron 25,25,25,25,25 Cialis 7.5,7.5,7.5,7.5,7.5 So I’m 5 weeks into PCT (7 weeks off). I’m going to keep going for another 3 weeks and then get blood work done. Basically I’m suffering from ED, I have zero sex drive and my testicles don’t feel like they are coming back. What are my options? I was thinking of maybe starting the power PCT which will include HCG?

    Wondering if someone could help I’m currently on a pct reason for pct is I’d like to start a family. HCG 2500iu 3 x a week done that for 20days Alongside 20mg of nolvadex daily and arimadex 1mg every other day. Followed by 14 days of 100mg clomid and 20mg of nolvadex 14 days of 50mg clomid and 20mg nolvadex 14 days of 25mg clomid and 20mg nolvadex. I’m currently on the second week of 50mg clomid and 20mg nolvadex now I had my bloods done 10 days into the 100mg clomid and 20mg of nolvadex. But my FSH and LH Still seem really suppressed, my Libido is really low and having ED problems. Any advice?
  15. Just finished a 12 week test e cycle (last pin 3 days ago). Went amazingly, gained around 30 pounds. As if I wasn't already nervous enough to come off for PCT, the UK is now in lockdown with gyms closed! My main worry with PCT was about losing weight, and training motivation. I use a few bits from the first lockdown, and I can get a decent-ish workout in, but nowhere near as intense as what I' have been doing. What would you recommend I do? Carry on with PCT? I've even considered just staying on for 4 more weeks, or cruising (still got juice left in the vial).
  16. Im not very good with all the lingo, abreviations and phrases. Im prretty new I guess and ahve been following someones advice which I now dont think is right having read up on here. But naturally im in a panic from all the conflicting information and I have even less of an idea what to do now. My brain is that frazzled from all the different advice I just need someone to tell me to take this and this for this long and you'll be fine. So please help mke out guys. I was just hoping for a littel advice. I am taking Tren E 1ml every week and SUS 1ml every 4 days for 10 weeks and took 250mg Dianabol one a day for one week, then two a day for the next, then back to one a day for a week when I started Tren and SUS, then stopped Dianabol. I was just planning on using Med-Tech Solutions PCT+ tabs. But after reading around on here it doesnt seem like such a good idea. PCT+ is a blend of Proviron, Clomid, Tamoxifen, Cialis at 25mg per compound. I just wondered if anyone had any advice on what to take. Because since reading around on here Ive got even more confused than when I started. And I also found that some people were instantly annoyed with people in my position not having a PCT plan before starting the cycle and just send angry messages rather than offering advice. So please be kind guys. My last cycle was 3 years ago. Prior to starting this cycle I had a small lump by my nipple the size and shape of a grain of rice. But 3 week into Tren and SUS this lump has got bigger to maybe 5 grains of rice. Its unlikely the steroids three years ago caused this and I was told a possible cause is a high soya/plant based protein diet and whey protein shakes. But it may be that the steroids are making it worse. IM not sure if that is information that is worth knowing and the PCT would be tailored to that. But again, please be kind guys, im just here for some advice because I thought I had it sorted but got confused reading around. Also, what is a reliable and safe place to buy them? I was going to get them from Med-tech solutions but wasnt sure if people had better places.
  17. HCG = IM or SUB Q?

    Dont know of this is a silly question. Ive heard and read some ppl say IM and some say Sub Q. On the leaflet that came with the hcg says IM? What does every1 do on here and does it matter?
  18. High prolactin after PCT, please HELP!

    Hi everybody, I stopped using steroids in July, then did a full blown PCT to recover from it. I did a regulation PCT and used all the necessary drugs like HCG, exemestane, Tamoxifen and Clomid. My PCT was 6 weeks in total and I easily recovered from with no problems whatsoever. I stopped injecting testosterone in mid July and all of it is out of my system, I did bloods before PCT and after PCT. In both tests, my prolactin was high. In the previous test my prolactin was 584 mU/L and now it has decreased to 532 mU/L which is still bad. I don't know what prolactin does in men and according to the internet high prolactin levels in men is often caused by a brain tumour. What should I do now?
  19. Hi, Wondering if anyone has used the above for pct or during cycle? Or is it a bit overkill? Contains (apparently): Tamoxifen Citrate 20 Clomifene 50 Tadalafil 7.5 Masterolone 25 For a rather light cycle of 300mg Test-E and 50mg Var - 10 weeks. I already have Clomid but am extremely fearful of gyno after having a right scare (and fat tit) some years back! Thanks.
  20. ROHM pct tabs

    Hi looking at doing my first cycle (test E 500mg/wk for 10 weeks) but was hoping for some advice on PCT. trying to keep things simple for my first cycle. Have found what looks like a good PCT “mix” tab on gym-supps by ROHM. its PCT 30mg/120tabs 20mg Nolvadex 50MG Clomid 25mg Proviron + testosterone booster PT141 Sex Hormone/ Testosterone Booster Recommended dose is 4 tabs per day for 30 days. Is this the product good? And is the dose right (seems high)?
  21. Just about to finish a simple first cycle of 12 weeks testE at 500mg per week. Felt fine throughout and happy with progress! No HCG taken throughout. My PCT, 2 weeks after my final pin is 4 weeks long with the following doses daily per week: 75mg/50mg/50mg/50mg Clomid 20mg/20mg/20mg/20mg Nolva How long ROUGHLY will it take for the old swimmers to start working again and essentially have a “natural” fertility/sex system?
  22. Hey all - If I was to cycle Test-E at 500mg per week for 12 weeks but decide to stop at say the 4-5 week mark - would I still run the exact PCT (Clomid/Nolvadex) I was planning after the 12 week cycle? Or would I reduce time on the PCT, or reduce dosage for example?
  23. Did anybody compared his sexual lebido and erection, the free testosterone levels, ejaculation time and all the sexual functions before starting any cycle and after running a cycle??!! Because I feel it doesn’t really make sense to me to say you will have a full recovery from abusing steroids I feel it is like hearimg someone says you will have a full recovery after an injury after receiving some health care!! There will be absolutely some scars left on your skin. So the quastion in simple words: What is the ratio of your genitals functions after running the pct to how they were before abusing anything. 1:1exactly the same 0:1 lost your genitals completely
  24. Cycle advice during lockdown

    Hey guys, I am starting my first cycle of test eth (Keifei) today, although I’ve found it hard to find any Ai (Arimidex) for estrogen control (I’m in UK). Is it okay to go on a test only cycle without Arimidex? I did a cycle about 7 years ago of Dbol/deca & test without Ai and got a little gyno as a result. im just going to start now with test and was wondering if any “experts” on here would recommend another over the counter AI that may work or just go in cycle without it. many thanks ?
  25. What pct would people recommend if im on 500mg of test e 12 weeks and 30mg dbol 4 weeks? Beginner and youngish. Dont want to use HCG, dont know alot about it and dont know a good source to get it from.