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Found 94 results

  1. Cycle advice during lockdown

    Hey guys, I am starting my first cycle of test eth (Keifei) today, although I’ve found it hard to find any Ai (Arimidex) for estrogen control (I’m in UK). Is it okay to go on a test only cycle without Arimidex? I did a cycle about 7 years ago of Dbol/deca & test without Ai and got a little gyno as a result. im just going to start now with test and was wondering if any “experts” on here would recommend another over the counter AI that may work or just go in cycle without it. many thanks ?
  2. What pct would people recommend if im on 500mg of test e 12 weeks and 30mg dbol 4 weeks? Beginner and youngish. Dont want to use HCG, dont know alot about it and dont know a good source to get it from.
  3. Libido problems

    Hello, My brother was approximately 7 years on AAS. He made PCT just twice between. He went off AAS from February. I suggest him to make a PCT with HCG, Clomid, Nolvadex, and Anastrozole. He have problems with libido (low libido, problems with erection). I suggested him to taking Cialis and it is better, but how long does it last to be normal? I understand, 7 years is a long journey, but he was competing in athletics. He was professional athlete and he was taking testosterone (always 300mg/w, never more than 500) and some Anavar, Turinabol, Winny. Now, he want to conceive a baby and start to live a normal life. I do not know what to do, how to help him, what to suggest him... It is so frustrating, Thanks for your help guys.
  4. Is it ok to use a brand like cenzo pharma for my PCT and estrogen control? Or Do you think it's best to use BRITISH PHARMACEUTICAL? Thanks
  5. Is using MK677 on a PCT a bad idea? After a beginner cycle of test e?
  6. I have constantly been updating my first cycle plan. Can someone tell me if this is a good cycle for a beginner? I am young, been going gym for 5 years. I have my personal reasons for going on a cycle so please don't abuse me saying I'm too young bla bla. My main worries are my PCT, is it too much? Also My estrogen control plan, is it too much? I know that things can go bad if my estrogen is through the floor. I DO NOT WANT GYNO. Couldn't give a crap about hair loss (If that even happens to younger people) FWI I'm wanting to inject into my leg as it's like the largest injection site. Does anyone recommend another place? Thanks all in advance Cycle1.xlsx
  7. Hey guys, I just wanted to throw this out there. I’ve done quite a few cycles in the past 5 years or so. And I’ve noticed that when I do a sarms cycle of LGD 10mg Ed and RAD 20mg Ed for 8 weeks or so, when I PCT I feel very depressed and moody, agitated etc. However when I inject testosterone enanthate or prop, for 12 weeks I feel fine during PCT. maybe ever so slightly down, but hardly noticeable, like easy to forget I’m even on PCT. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or maybe any reasons for why? thanks ???
  8. Last cycle I started my PCT 2 weeks after my last test-e shot. I read on here that that may have been too early so I gave it 3 weeks this time then started. Out of interest I ran a testosterone blood test the morning before I started the PCT. Cycle was 10 weeks at 600mg p/w. Results were: Testosterone 6.66 nmol/L (normal 8.64-29) SHBG 19.1 nmol/L (normal 18.3-54.1) So sure enough, it looks like there is still exogenous test in my system 3 weeks after last pin. Also, whilst my test is low, I am still horny as hell and f**ked for Britain that same night. Just thought I'd throw that into the body of results in case it helps anyone in anyway.
  9. Afternoon all, I have only ever ran test and I am looking to introduce deca and/or dianabol into my next cycle, which is planned to begin in April. My last cycle ended in August 2019, so I'll have had 7-8 months off by the time I start. I'm in the process of obtaining the gear I need and I'm about to take a fresh blood test via medichecks. The plan is to run deca for 12 weeks, test for 14 weeks, and dianabol for the first 4 weeks. Dosages are TBC as it depends on the concentration in the vials I receive. I read that some people prefer high test, low deca and others vice versa. To keep it simple I will likely just start with 1ml of each, whatever the concentration, and take it from there. And 30mg dianabol per day. I have a couple of questions relating to this cycle and support meds: 1) Having only ran test previously, I'm aware the risk of introducing two new compounds at once could result in not knowing which has caused any issues, and the sensible thing would be to introduce one at a time, however given that dianabol has a very short half-life and deca a long half-life, I would assume any issues in the early weeks would be attributed to the dianabol and issues later would be dianabol. Would this be accurate? 2) I am struggling to get solid information on the support and PCT meds required when it comes to deca. With testosterone-only, I did not take any AI or any other supporting meds during (despite the fact that my estrogen levels crashed, but that's another story) and simply ran tamoxifen for 4 to 6 weeks for PCT, however I'm aware of the need for these meds for 19nors, I'm just not sure exactly what because I've been given differing opinions and advice. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I should be taking tamoxifen alongside the dianabol to prevent gyno but is it required after the dianabol is finished, alongside the test and deca? Obviously tamoxifen will be included in my PCT which will begin ~2 weeks after my final test injection. 3) Is Arimidex required on this cycle and if so, at what point? 4) Should clomid be included in my PCT along with tamoxifen, or is tamoxifen alone sufficient? Thanks all. Regards, JR.
  10. Is it too late to start PCT a month later?

    Hi I have recently ended a 13 week test e cycle and have not started my PCT. A friend of mine said it isn't entirely essential but now I'm thinking he's full of s**t. I have crazy acne over my back which seems to be getting worse and after doing some research I can see that the PCT would have stop/limited the amount of acne. I have nolvadex and clomid ( probs not spelling) ready to use. Will this reduce the acne I have or is it worth a trip to the doctor's for some antibiotics. I'm exactly 30 days after I should have started my PCT Cheers
  11. Blood work after test cycle

    Did a 14 week course on test enanthate at 1m every week. Had bloods done and test levels was around 80. Ran nolverdex for 4 weeks at 40mg 30mg then 20mg. Took other natural test boosters like daa, zinc and magnesium. Last jab was over 8 weeks ago, could this explain why my test levels are quite high? I would of though it would of been alot lower. Also Estrogen is high too. Maybe a retest next month? Any feedback is welcome.
  12. Hey folks, I just got some bloodwork done after a cycle. I need some advice. 28 years old, 183cm, 220-230 Lbs. Weight Training 7 days a week, cardio 5 days a week (functional cardio), Personal Training 2x per week. 5KM run EOD on top of this. It was 400mg Tren E and Test E every 2 weeks with Arimidex 1mg ED and HCG of 2500UI weekly. I didnt manage to do a PCT when I came off which is silly but I felt that it was such a mild cycle due to the lack of frequency of injections. My last cycle was 2014/15 and this was a introduction to get back onto things having dropped down from 290 lbs to 225 lbs since April 2019 to date. - My Oestrogen looks like it's crashed or low? maybe due to the lack of PCT or taking arimidex too much, 1mg was the same protocol as I had taken years back but looks like it might have been a bit excessive, was trying to deal with moon-face, next time I will back down off the Test E and use non-converting compounds more heavily. - LH is super elevated, wanted to know if this is fine? - SHBG is low, but not extremely low which looks like I have more free testosterone available. - ALT in the liver is slightly out of range, I didn't drink over Christmas, but had a kidney infection mid december onwards with a course of antibiotics, also had 3 months of asthma and got put on a stronger preventer. Diet is mostly pescatarian, no red meats or white meats, no diary. I wanted to start my next cycle asap of; 50MG anavar ED 250MG EQUIPOISE or Primo 300mg Test E 300-400mg Tren E HCG 2500UI weekly Arimidex 1mg EOD or E3D I will do bloodwork monthly to make sure everything is controlled 4 Weeks after last injection. Thyroid Hormones TSH 0.861 mIU/L (Range: 0.27 - 4.2) Free T3 5.99 pmol/L (Range: 3.1 - 6.8) Free Thyroxine 15.400 pmol/L (Range: 12 - 22) Hormones Hormone Phase Men Phase FSH 5.98 IU/L (Range: 1.5 - 12.4) LH X 22.4 IU/L (Range: 1.7 - 8.6) <— out of range Oestradiol X <18.4 pmol/L (Range: 41 - 159) <— out of range Testosterone 10 nmol/L (Range: 8.64 - 29) Free Testosterone - Calc. 0.355 nmol/L (Range: 0.2 - 0.62) Testosterone : Cortisol 0.02 Ratio Prolactin 228 mU/L (Range: 86 - 324) Proteins Total Protein 76.2 g/L (Range: 60 - 80) Albumin 41.4 g/L (Range: 35 - 50) Globulin 34.8 g/L (Range: 19 - 35) SHBG X 7.64 nmol/L (Range: 18.3 - 54.1) <— out of range Liver Health Bilirubin 12.2 umol/L (Range: < 24) ALP 39 IU/L (Range: < 130) ALT X 55.7 IU/L (Range: < 50) <— out of range GGT 24 IU/L (Range: 10 - 71) Red Blood Cells Haemoglobin 156 g/L (Range: 130 - 170) Haematocrit 0.467 L/L (Range: 0.38 - 0.5) Red Cell Count 5.13 x10^12/L (Range: 4.4 - 5.8) MCV 91.1 fl (Range: 81 - 98) MCH 30.5 pg (Range: 27 - 33) MCHC 335 g/L (Range: 300 - 350) RDW 13.3 % (Range: 11.5 - 14.4) White Blood Cells White Cell Count 8.5 x10^9/L (Range: 3 - 10) Neutrophils 4.18 x10^9/L (Range: 2 - 7.5) Lymphocytes 3.39 x10^9/L (Range: 1.2 - 3.65) Monocytes 0.7 x10^9/L (Range: 0.2 - 1) Eosinophils 0.07 x10^9/L (Range: 0 - 0.4) Basophils X 0.11 x10^9/L (Range: 0 - 0.1) <— out of range Clotting Status Platelet Count 221 x10^9/L (Range: 150 - 400) MPV 10 fl (Range: 7 - 13) Kidney Health Urea 6.8 mmol/L (Range: 2.5 - 7.8) Creatinine 96 umol/L (Range: 59 - 104) eGFR 80.91 ml/min/1.73m2 (Range: ? 60) Cholesterol Status Total Cholesterol 3.46 mmol/L (Range: 0 - 5) LDL Cholesterol 1.58 mmol/L (Range: < 3) Non HDL Cholesterol 1.83 mmol/L (Range: < 4) HDL Cholesterol 1.63 mmol/L (Range: > 1.1) Total Cholesterol : HDL 2.12 ratio (Range: < 4) Triglycerides 0.56 mmol/L (Range: < 1.7) Inflammation CRP HS X 6.96 mg/L (Range: < 5) <— out of range Gout Risk Uric Acid 405 umol/L (Range: 200 - 430) Muscle Health Creatine Kinase X 805 IU/L (Range: 39 - 308) Iron Status Iron 25.91 umol/L (Range: 5.8 - 34.5) TIBC 67.01 umol/L (Range: 45 - 72) UIBC 41.1 umol/L (Range: 22.3 - 61.7) Transferrin Saturation 38.67 % (Range: 20 - 50) Ferritin 292 ug/L (Range: 30 - 400) Vitamins Folate - Serum 5.63 ug/L (Range: > 3.89) Vitamin B12 - Active 73.400 pmol/L (Range: > 37.5) Vitamin D 54.2 nmol/L <— out of range Adrenal Hormones DHEA Sulphate 9.660 umol/L (Range: 4.34 - 12.2) Cortisol 438.000 nmol/L (Range: 166 - 507) Autoimmunity Thyroglobulin Antibodies 13.800 kIU/L (Range: < 115) Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 10.2 kIU/L (Range: < 34)
  13. Been training now for a while, gains are there but not good enough. I want to start taking dianabol are alpha pharmacy brand any good. What course would you recommend and what pct should I take? Any information I would be thankful for please could you help me I don’t trust the guys in my area for this kind of help. Thank you for reading this
  14. Previously I’ve ran test solo, test and Dbol cycle too but tren and tbol are new compounds to me and would appreciate if someone with more experience can look this over in case I have made a grave mistake or overlooked something. I haven’t done a cycle in 3+ years so my AAS knowledge may be outdated or rusty but have continued to lift and work on my cardio, decent shape sitting at around 98kg around 11% (according to bf callipers). CYCLE (planned cycle - 16 weeks) week 1-16 TEST E @ 500mg/week week 1-6 TBOL @ 50mg/ED week 7-16 TREN E @ 300mg/week - gyno prone so I was planning on running arimidex or aromasin at maybe 12.5mg EOD throughout. PCT (4 weeks) week 18-22 NOLVA 40/40/20/20 week 18-22 CLOMID 100/50/25/25 SIDE NOTES I hate jabbing so I will stick to Enanthate to keep things easier for myself but also my googling has lead me to believe you get a more stable cycle with enanthate, nonetheless I want to keep jabs minimal por favor. Never preciously used HCG and have seemed to bounce back just fine but no blood work has been done so I may be fooling myself, advice welcomed. (liver support and standard sups I haven’t included as I just wanted info in the cycle) appreciate your time and thank you in advance.
  15. Zymoplex Nolvadex 20mg

    Hey guys what do you think to these? I’ve never heard of them, they apparently come from Greece. The pills are quite brittle which doesn’t bode well. Cheers
  16. Pregyl HCG 5000iu

    Hey guys just picked up this Pregyl HCG 5000iu it’s from a top trusted source but searching around I’m not sure it’s legit. And yes I will get a preg test as well to check for sure when I’m ready to open it and update then. Cheers
  17. Good afternoon everyone. So recently I come of steroids July 2019. Me and my partner decided to start trying for a baby so done pct and had a seman analysis. Seman volume 2.5 range 1.5 to 999 Sperm motility 74% Range 40 to 100 Sperm progression 71% Range 32 to 100 Sperm count per ml 23 10*6 ml range 15to 99 Total sperm count 57x10*6 per ejaculate with a range of more than 38x10*6 But of a stupid question but does 57x10*6 mean 57millon? Anybody else had seman analysis. I will upload part of my nhs results Thanks in advance for any help.
  18. Morning all, I was browsing a certain website looking at gear and in the PCT section they had, as well as all the usual stuff, a PCT blend. The product itself was just called 'PCT' by Optimum Biotech labs. Each 40mg tablet contained: 10mg Nolva 25mg Clomid 2.5mg Proviron 2.5mg Cialis Has anyone used one of these PCT blends before? If, are they effective? More or less so than using each drug individually? The reason I ask is because i was looking at buying some extra PCT meds as I'd like to extend the PCT I'm currently running, as I don't feel like I'm recovered sufficiently (fairly significant libido issues being the most noticeable!). Cheers in advance. JR.
  19. Evening everybody Had blood work results back. Have elevated prolactin. Any ideas how to dose caber to lower prolactin and what range should it be? My score 371. Range 82 to 360 Thanks in advance
  20. Hi am going away to Cyprus pathos area in a couple of weeks anyone know if you can get over the counter anabolics or pct our there??
  21. Hi all, I have been floating around this site for a few years decided it was time to actually join, I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind answering for me I have browsed but never seen a definitive answer to what I'm looking for, So I've been lifting for a few years I've ran a couple sarm cycles im 31 and now I'm about to run a test only course, 10 weeks test 250 twice a week (500mg per week) I have done alot of research over the last year and I have already sorted my gear and my Clomid nolva etc for pct, now my issue is I'm already carrying slight pubital gyno and I'm worried it'll get worse so I'm taking all precautions (I will have surgery later on but at the moment it isn't an option) I'm planning on running 0.5mg of arimidex every other day while on cycle from day 1, can I run nolvadex along side it at say 10mg per day just to be on the safe side???? I understand I shouldn't have the estrogen issues while running arimidex but if I use nolvadex to block the receptors in the breast tissue I'm covering all angles. Is this OK?? Also do I continue to run the arimidex and nolvadex during the 2week break between my last pin and my pct???? This is all part of my research so I'd appreciate you're input and knowledge. Cheers
  22. What’s up brothers I need some advice and knowledge from you veterans. so I’ve been training for many years. i weigh 14 stone 12 percent body fat. Height 5ft 8 Age is 33 I’ve only ever took Test only cycles with some anadrol or dbol in the past . i have got some TEST E TREN ACE and some ANADROL can you give me some information on how should I stack these the length dosage etc I want to mix them into one injection I know tren A is fasting acting but that’s all I could get hold of and what my Pct should look like I want to learn as much as possible. should I take hcg etc or just nolva and c i would really appreciate answers thanks brothers looking forward to your inputs.
  23. Help with limited blood work

    Good morning guys so ordered a blood test from medichecks but ordered the wrong test. Background 30years old. 6ft 5. 19 stone around 10years of cycling experience competed in local shows... I tried but wasn't great. So i done around 12 weeks of 600mg eq 600mg test e. Stopped eq dropped down en to about 200mg test e 200mg primo. Waited 2 weeks. (this is where i think i went wrong) started pct to early as the half life of test E havnt cleared my system. Ran 2000iu eod 10days. 100mg clomid. 40mg tamoxifen everyday for 5weeks. At the end erectile dysfunction took place. So started again 2000iu hcg eod 10days 20mg tamoxifen and half tablet arimidex. Still erectile dysfunction there. Here results Test 21.6. Range 8.64-29 Free test 0.512 range 0.2 -0.62 Oestradiol 50.6. Range 41-109 Had 2000iu of hcg day before blood teat at around 3pm. Hadn't taken ai for around a week leading upto test... Any help be massively appreciated
  24. Think e2 may be to low during pct

    30years old. 6ft5 around 19 stone. Was on cycle for around 45weeks possibly. (stupid i know) but promised wife this my last ever cycle... Tren ace and prop. Around 300mg a week and prop 100mg a week ( always kept this weekly dose very low because it always bought results) Then around 16 weeks test E and Equipose. 600mg of each. Stopped the eq then roughly one month of test e.. 300mg a week. Always planned stopping at 30 years old anyway have no desire or intention going back on. Done 15000iu originally hcg split up into around 10 injections along with axa med pct tablet... 100mg clomid. 40mg tamoxifen and 40mg proviron for 5weeks. At the end of this 5weeks i had full blown erectile dysfunction. So done another 15000iu of hcg. 2000iu every other day. Plus 20mg tamoxifen. And half an anastrozole tablet.. So around 12.5mg Been taking for around 2weeks the aromataze inhibitor. Things felt good downstairsm Yesterday the erectile dysfunction returned. Due you think this could be the AI bringing levels down too low? Have a blood test on the 9th results on the 11th. Any help appreciated. Any ideas how to slightly elevate estradiol during pct? Thank you
  25. Bloods 3 month after pct

    Hello all. Here is my blood results 3 months after pct. Blasted and cruised for about 2 years (tren & test). Finished my pct off end of april (HCG HMG proviron nolva & clomid). FSH 2.2 mIU/mL LH 2.4 IU/L Testosterone 14 mnol/L F Test. (calc) 0.239 nmol/L (1.83%) SHBG 40 mnol/L FAI 32.5 Prolactin 118 mu/L Albumin 41g/l Everything is in range but mainly on the lower end. Is there anything I can do to boost the numbers up without going back on or should I be happy with the figures? Unfortunately I quit the gym when I was in pct, was feeling very down & depressed. I am now completely out of shape lol. I have crohns disease and a recent flare up has made me want to eat healthy and get back to the gym. Really for my healths sake. The beer and pizzas and feeling sorry for myself have taken its toll. So what I am asking, do my bloods look ok and is there anyway of giving myself abit of a boost when getting back to the gym without ruining my recovery so far. Thanks in advance for any replies.