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  1. Getting Started
    Looking for a good multi-vitamin and have heard about animal pak quite a while ago but never really bothered to try it out. Just wondering what your views are about it. does it have any side effects etc? they seemed quite expensive but that might just be me. having said that, on
  2. Supplementation
    Has anybody ever used or heard of animal pak if so is it any good ??
  3. Supplementation
    is this stuff any good, my friend raves about it
  4. Supplementation
    I hope this isnt a retarded question... im doing weights which i love in an effort to lose weight and look toned... my trainer had previously given me the universal animal pak because she was worried i wasnt getting all the nutrients i needed (i wasnt eating enough) ... i didnt use it much and...
1-4 of 5 Results