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Found 10 results

  1. So last week ive just started getting back into training due to a broken wrist. Naturally I gained fat and lost muscle during that so wanted some rapid short ester help. I purchased Hyparip 240 (80g tren a, 80g mast, 80g test p) from prostasia and pinned it for the first time yesterday. Today my whole upper leg is stiff, my pin site is red and has a lump around It and im getting some NASTY PIP! Ive done similar rip blends before and never had this issue. Is it the lab? What can I do to reduce these affects of pinning. I’ll be doing 1ML, 3 times a week, but not if this is going to happen after every jab. TIA
  2. Hey guys, So i started my first cycle 13/09/2020 injection went great used alcohol swaps different gauge needle for drawing and injection ect. Today is 5 days after my first injection and i am doing another shot today on the buttocks outer quadrant but the previous injection site still hurts when i put pressure on it or tense the muscle, done some research and all suggest the pain should clear up 2 -3 days after, 5 days in and still pain, I plan to use a new injection site the other cheek but i do not want to cripple my self and have both cheeks in pain. There is no redness, no bruising maybe a little bit of heat coming from it not 100% sure, everything seems fine except the pain when pressure is applied also feels like a hardish bump there if i feel around. Cycling 300mg of (TestE) E5D alone in sealed ampoules. Kit contains: x12 BD orange 25g 0.5 x 1" (0.5mm x 25mm) needles (for injection ) x12 BD green 21g 0.8 x 1 1/2" (0.8mm x 38mm) needles (for drawing / removing liquid from the vial) x12 Terumo 2.5ml syringes x12 pre injection swabs 70% alcohol. All items are sterile and in individual blister packs EU & CE certified. Can anyone reassure me this is normal and has happened to a lot of you? I read somewhere 80% of people experience the same problem but not sure if this applies to steroid injections specifically.
  3. Pull ups

    Had slowly started to make progress with pulls ups just before my gym closed and getting 4 pull ups over 4 sets down. Got myself a pull up bar to use at home and am having massive difficulty with them-tough enough but making the full range of motion, however when I let go of the bar I will get a shooting pain going from my right shoulder down to my elbow. Left arm is unaffected, and like I said above it is only once I let go. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I've been using test for around 5 years now. I was recommended suss 400 from a local gym the other week. I've had 5 jabs now ranging between a 1.5ml and 0.8ml. I'm using 23g 1¼ for jabbing. A day after every jab I'm getting extreme pains in and around the injection site (arm) lasts for about 5 days and can't even lift my arm. Does anybody know why this is happening? I've had the odd bad jab in the past where this has happened but nothing like I'm experiencing now. Thanks for any help .
  5. I did my first injection a week ago (small tester of 0.5ml Test E in the glute). This gave me slight post injection pain, pip, which went away gradually over about 4-5 days. Yesterday I did my first full dose of 1.5ml in the other glute. This has given me much more pip and gave me slight trouble sleeping. It is sore and bruised but not debilitating. From what I have read, this is quite normal especially for "virgin" muscles. A few questions for more experienced guys... What exactly causes it? I think it could be simply that you've damaged the muscle a little with the needle and bruising is the healing process but maybe it's the pressure the muscle feels holding on to a unusual volume, or maybe its the bodies reaction to a foreign substance? Is the level of pip you feel related to the volume you inject? Is there any benefit to splitting the injection into two sites to reduce the pip? As a newbie, I'm a little nervous still. I follow the correct procedures absolutely - cleaning the site and vial lid every time etc but what should I look out for if the pain is something more than pip?
  6. Injecting

    Iv been injecting sus for a while now but the last time I had a jab witch was two days ago my right buttock is now really swollen and very painful iv looked this up and with the area being hot to touch I’m thinking this could be infected just wanted to know would a normal course of amoxicillin help with this ?
  7. Struggle downing 4000+ kcal

    Hey all. I’m here to ask you what can I do to reduce the sickness that I’m getting from eating 4000+ calories. I feel bloated, have problems going to the bathroom. My diet is almost clean (basmati rice, chicken, olive oil, egg whites, instant oats. That’s it) but I’m having a hard time digesting all this food. What can I do? I read somewhere about digestive enzymes... please help. Bulking is a pain.
  8. Currently suffering pretty badly now with both my elbows having tendinitis, right one is especially bad, so bad I can hardly pick a pint of water up at times, other times not as bad, depends what I’ve done before hand. I can battle through workouts but, damn, it’s painful. I got so strong on my last blast and this is why it’s happened. The muscles grew and got so strong my tendons haven’t kept up. ive got a gel tendon strap to wear but I’m thinking it’s to bad for this to help it. my question is what to do, maybe a cortisone injection in each elbow, but this is not a long term fix, thought about cbd oil also maybe 10% version, just hoping someone’s gone through this and found a remedy so I can get on with training properly. any ideas welcome.
  9. Knee pain after lifting

    Hi,On sundayI did some dumbell lunges with 10kg dumbells and when i took the dog out for a walk around 3 hours later my left knee had a dull sharpish pain right at the front of the knee cap. It's strange because I've been running and walking on it for months with no pain what so ever and as soon as I start this exercise my knee starts hurting?? I am thinking it could be my form? So i kept my toes pointing straight forward and knees straight forward also but i am aware your knees should be kinda facing outwards when you squat so is it my form?I am new to weight lifting so form Is pretty awful at the moment so If anyone could give me any advice or help on this I would muchly appreciate it. Thanks.
  10. Pain under kneecap

    Hi all, So I've had a little accident in the gym last week Friday. Usually have a spotter when I'm doing squats, but this time I was by myself. Thought I'd do a last set of six 120kgs squats. Wrong decision. The very last rep I went down and couldn't get the bar up at all. I was in a deep squat position as I was doing my squats deep. I knew I would have to get the bar off my back. So I lowered myself backwards (as in sitting on the floor), and that way the bar fell onto the safety grips. I stood up, continued my workout, but when I went to the leg press I could feel a sharp pain right in the corner under my knee cap on the outer side. It is a very acute pain that I get when I do a certain move. A standing quads stretch is one that really triggers it. I've seen a physiotherapist who thinks it's an issue with the fat pad. As I understand he believes it was compressed and is somewhat inflamed. Has anybody got experience with this type of injury and could let me know how they got on with it? I don't feel it when I do normal activities, but I'm very conscious of it so I'm somewhat restriction the movements that I make. Any experience is welcome! Thanks all.