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Found 5 results

  1. Need some recomp cycle advice guys. but first.. 25, 6ft, 200lb, pretty lean. Cycle experience, test, var, hdrol, lgd, osta, s4 and various peptides. Option 1: Week 1-2: 11kt, Rad 140 Week 3-8: 11kt Rad 140, Liquidien Option 2: Week 1-2: 11kt, Osta Week 3-8: 11kt, osta, liquidien Option 3: Week 1-8: 11kt, Rad140 PCT: nolva/clomid Training: mix of strength, HIIT and cardio Will probably run formestane and a low dose 4ad/epi as a base throughout the cycle. Is there any TD formestane around these days? dienelone has always interested me, looks like a really good compound. but does anyone know how harsh it is on your liver and suppression? I see mixed reviews online. I don't mind a beer and want an easy recovery
  2. Hi All, I'm considering running a low dose Ostarine cycle for 6-7 weeks. Has anyone used ReceptorChems before and can vouch for their products? They claim to 3rd party test their products, and its a liquid version which sarms should be. Regarding dosing, I was thinking of maybe something like 12.5mg for 6-7 weeks, perhaps bumping to 17.5mg the last couple of weeks. There seem to be alot of unknowns with SARMS hence my cautious approach. At higher doses of 20/25mg, there also seems to be a lot of reports regarding elevated liver and cholesterol values. First time SARM user, i've used prohormones like Hdrol and Epi around 8 years ago. Goals are to add some size whilst minimising fat gains / reducing body fat even. Cheers
  3. SARM sources

    Lads, so as many of you will know, the most reputable SARMs store (irc.bio) is closing down soon. Does anyone have any other legit sources for sarms?
  4. Hi all, bit of info, I've been going to the gym for 4 years now and have very little to show for the amount of time I've been lifting. Admitidly I havent always had a proper program but I have for the last 2years and things still haven't worked out. It turns out that my testosterone over the past five years has been very low (250-350ng/dl) and this is the reason my doctor has decided for me to try clomid as a way to boost my testosterone naturally. I'm doing 25mg eod. If this does not work I'll end up going on trt. I, as you can imagine, am very fed up and am thinking about running ostarine at 12.5mg a day to help move things along from this rut I'm in. Is doing ostarine in my situation a good idea? Will it work with the clomid I'm taking? Thanks for the help! Age: 24Height: 5 ft 11Weight: 82kgBody fat %: 15%Years of training:4Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run): neverPCT for each cycle: neverGoals: be happy in my body and mind, actually look like I lift. Supplements (if any): noneGeneral idea of nutrition (any food allergies???): no food allergies, nutrition is fairly goodAny other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.): none
  5. Hi, I was hoping for some advice. I recently bought Ostarine from https://receptorchem.co.uk/ I took a testosterone test after 3 days of being on the stuff and my results are 205ng/dL or 7.11nmol/L. These levels are extermely low and would like some opinions, and would like to know if I should be worried. Here is a diary of the events prior and during the first few days. Friday: Went to the gym, had a stressful day at work (office job). That night I only got an hours sleep, was anxious about the fact that Sunday I was going to start my first cycle of Ostarine Saturday: Was very tired. Didn’t do much with the day, had an alright night sleep Sunday: 8am I took my first dose of Ostarine. Took 12.5mg, a half serving just to see how my body reacted. I felt fine and had an alright night sleep Monday: 8am I took a full 25mg dose, went to work, hit the gym. At this point I realised I should probably have taken a testosterone test to get a baseline reading... it was too late but ordered a test anyway, I thought that I wouldn’t be that supressed after a few days so it should be fine to test now for a sort of baseline. So I ordered a basic testosterone test kit from https://www.medichecks.com/testosterone-blood-tests/testosterone . That night I had about 6 hours sleep, was a little anxious for some reason, but I get anxiety anyway. Tuesday: 8am 25mg dose. Went to work, no gym, slept alright Wednesday: 8am 25mg dose. Went to work, hit the gym, felt insanely strong, hit PR on squat and bench. Had a chineese in the evening (fast food messes me up). Test kit arrived. Planned to do it in the morning. That night I had mad anxiety, i thought I couldn’t breathe... had shorness of breath... that sometimes happens to me when I have anxiety anyway... put it down to the chinese takeaway. I slept for about 4 hours (maybe less) Thursday: Felt okay considerimg the lack of sleep, the osta seems to mask tiredness. Decided to do the blood test. I struggled to get enough blood out, even after using all 4 fringer pricks. Managed to fill the tube halfway and posted it before first collection. The day was okay, a little unproductive at work but that was due to tiredness i guess. No gym. (dosed 25mg at 8am after blood test) Friday: 25 mg dose at 8am. Work and gym, felt weak in the gym. In the afternoon I got an email about my testosterone results. Not good. The doctors note suggested I get Test Replacement Theropy. The Total testosterone number was 7.11nmol/L which translates to 205ng/dL. This is very low. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced low levels like this after 3 doses of osta, or if i should be worried about an already existing low test issue. Should I stop taking the Ostarine immediately? Could the low level bbe due to lack of sleep both friday night and the night before the test? I realise it was pretty stupid to start a SARM without getting a baseline test result first, but excitement got the better of me. PS this is my first cycle of anything unnatural Thanks for taking te time to read this