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  1. Bodybuilding Shows
    So here is a snippet of how Kevin is looking and training, personally I cant see him doing very well even in the absence of Kai and Wolf, he just doesnt look big enough. Interesting to hear that realistically a win for him would be placing higher than his last outing at the Olympia, so that...
  2. Bodybuilding Shows
    Nicked this from Neil Hills Instagram, Flex looking ridiculous and on an empty stomach too!!
  3. General Conversation
    7 days to go and the Mr. Olympia is almost here! Who's going to win?! Phil Heath again?
  4. Bodybuilding Shows
    Just seen some pics of Branch coming into the Olympia, unbelievable.
  5. General Conversation
    Who will be crowned Mr O. 2010?Jay Cutler450.00%Ronnie Coleman00.00%Dexter Jackson00.00%Phil Heath00.00%Kai Greene225.00%Victor Martinez00.00%Branch Warren112.50%Dennis Wolf00.00%Zack Khan112.50%Other ?00.00%
  6. General Conversation
    Don't know if anything about this has been posted but thought I would add it. Has anyone heard anything else? Breaking News: Coleman Comeback Confirmed for 2010 | Muscle Sport Magazine
  7. Bodybuilding Shows
    Ok guys. This is my anaual guess the top 6 at the Olympia thread. The prize for the winner is once again a coveted Body Works Gym T-shirt. Just list in order who you think will place 1st to 6th. With just over 4 weeks to go, most of the front runners have already qualified so i reckon now is...
  8. Bodybuilding Shows
    Well fellas, no mention of it on this board yet, and i must confess, i've been a little busy lately myself so i haven't been able to do the annual olympia predictions/win a t-shirt thread this time. but with prejudging over and the pics from it online already, what do you guys reckon to this...
1-8 of 9 Results