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  1. Welcome Lounge click and learn how to burn fat
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    I ran out of triumph test cyp which was kinda thick. I just got intex test cyp today and it's a bit thin, not watery thin but close... Why is there differing thickness? Triumph was 250mg, Intex 200mg
  4. Steroid Photos
    My source has agp labs I've not heard of them and can't find info wether there gtg or not Anabolic generation pharmaceuticals
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi All, i had PIP for first few weeks on Test E 250mg/1ml injecting 500mg (2ml). I basically drew the test+oil into the syringe, then stuck it in a pint glass of tap hot water, for a few mins. I then injected that and have had NO problems with PIP at all. works a treat. but could i be...
  6. General Conversation
    The only solution to stopping the migrant swarms who want to be leeches on the European and specifically the UK economy is for a joint European force to invade these anarchic countries such as Libya, Syria, Yeman, Somalia, Kenya etc and colonize them thereby allowing repatriation of the migrants...
  7. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Was looking into oils with healthy fats that I could add, probably to pre-workout shakes (if there is a better time to take it let me know). I used olive oil a while back and was thinking of re-using it however I have read flax seed oil is better; I did also note that flax seed oil is...
  8. Supplementation
    Hi does anyone take MCT oil ?
  9. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    I got some coconut oil from my local Asian shop. I asked him if i can use this one for cooking, he said he's not too sure, this is for your skin he said. Anyway i still bought it. Just want to know if there is more than one form of coconut oil ? Also how the hell do you get it out the bottle lol.
  10. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    I am a fan of this stuff helps with joints more than the traditional stuff like glucosomine does. Just wondered if anyone else is a fan or has good results with any of the alternatives such as flax or hemp oil?
  11. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Looking for some sterile grapeseed oil or cottonseed oil to cut test 400 with to give me a chance of sitting down over the next few weeks! I've found a few websites in the US selling it but none of them post overseas. Any ideas? Cheers
  12. Supplementation
    Hi All I have just started a training routine and personal instruction from an online Personal Trainer unfortuantly he is based in the USA. I know these guys can sometimes be scams but he seem genuine enough and this is really my first venture into a structured training program as I have never...
  13. General Conversation
    Hi guys does anyone know where to get some ethyl oleate sterile oil from in the uk or abroad as long as the shipping ain't too expensive I found one place but the shipping is 50$ and as the oil is only $20 for 50ml, it seems to much to pay for soomething I could get nearer home. Its to cut my...
1-13 of 13 Results