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Found 1 result

  1. Don't be 'that guy'. I do my best to help people out based on both my experience over the last 10 years or so of both training, nutrition and later, steroid use. I don't confess to know it all. On occasion, if the person has the right attitude, I will coach people. I need to make clear, I don't do this to generate any form of income. I often offer to do it free of charge because I enjoy it and people have helped me in the past. My revenue streams have little to do with bodybuilding. However.... I recently offered to help a friend (for free) whom I had previously competed against (and beat) as he doesn't have a great deal of money and was in a bad place. For context, he had competed a couple of months back and had gone completely cold turkey post show due to his lack of disposable income. He would often hire a coach for 6-8 weeks of his prep, then drop them post show. That's fine, each to their own. But immediately post show is probably one of the times of year where you need to pay closest attention to your health. He was yo'yo dieting, struggling to deal with getting softer and wasn't in a good place mentally. Having spent some time talking to him he revealed the fact he had gone cold turkey and divulged his drug protocol pre-contest. I won't go into specifics, but there was a lot of thyroid hormone and no AI until 2 weeks pre-contest at a rather high dose. It was fairly obvious what was probably going on hormonally. When i asked him about his bloodwork he then revealed that in the last 5 years of competing, he had never, ever, had bloodwork done. This is just plain stupid, irresponsible and largely selfish when you have a young family. Contests will come and go. You're health will not. It is paramount. Don't be that guy. If you cannot afford to get bloodwork at least once a year (or are too afraid to go to your GP (do not mention steroid use)), but are spending money on tren, orals, growth hormone, SARMs... then you are an idiot. Plain and simple. If you cannot afford to keep on top of health post show, do not compete. Don't be that guy. Another example is a 19 year old i speak to who is based in the states. He is on a phenomenal amount of drugs with no fixed source of income. He recently asked me for advice for looking 'as shredded as possible' for a Halloween party.... I mean.... I literally face palmed. But look, that's fine, he was going as the bearded bloke from the film 300 (i know they all have beards, Gerard Butler). So he wanted to be shirtless. My initial advice was 'get leaner'. Anyway, I gave him a basic carb depletion protocol with sodium / potassium manipulation to dry him out. I later found out he used dyazide instead and had severe edema following the party. Don't be that guy. My point here is, and I've been there so don't get me wrong, people need to get their priorities straight. You cannot keep hammering drugs at silly doses and not expect it to have a deleterious effect on your health. Even worse if you are not getting bloodwork to at least know what's going on. I do see a lot of guys here getting bloodwork and many have sent me there results asking for input. That's a great approach. But if you fall into the other category of bodybuilding or fitness hobbiest, please take a good hard look at what you are doing. TRT or cruising in your early twenties is not sensible. If you want to be competitive, cycle 2-3 times a year and test the waters at a local or regional show. Validate whether you 'have it'. Most of us don't, whether that be physically or mentally. In 10 year your outlook will be different to now. In 20 years it will change again. Look ahead, not at right now. Don't be that guy.