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Found 15 results

  1. Was just wondering if someone could please give me some advice on whether to carry on cutting or start a lean bulk. I’ve lost around 7kg in 10 weeks and weigh just under 70kg at 5ft9. I have pretty much maintained what little strength I had at the start. The problem now is I feel that I’m way to light and skinny at just under 70kg but I don’t look in amazing shape either ie not ripped. My training has been consistent along with a good diet but I just don’t know where to go from here so can anyone give me a push in the right direction? Thanks In advance?? (Before and and after photos from my cut attatched)
  2. Newbie

    Hi all, new to the site. Looking to gain as much knowledge and experiences from as many like minded people as possible. (don’t even know if I’m posting this right)
  3. Alright guys so I've started recently a series on diet and nutrition that is going to cover the basics and the science of diet and well as certain strategies and recipes for weight loss and muscle gain. Would love to hear any contributions and k knowledge you guys have to share also as well as any questions cheers
  4. TThere are so many books on the subject, I only want to read a couple best ones. Please advice.
  5. How do you take your protein?

    Hi Everyone! I'm working on a project for my masters thesis on sports and nutrition and I would love to hear about how you take your protein! It's really short (less than 2 mins) and easy to fill out Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6QR7NGQ Thanks so much for your help, can't wait to get your input! P
  6. Cutting / Deficit

    Hey Firstly thank you for taking the time to read my post. New member and looking for some advice. Starting weight (like 4 years ago) was 225lbs, lowest weight around 2 years ago was 175lbs. I'm currently sitting at 190lbs but with a lot more muscle and much stronger. I'm 5'6 (male) and have been eating 1900 - 2100 calories a day. I train 3 - 5x a week (bagwork/boxing, weight lifting, functional fitness like 100kg tyre flips and sled pulls and usually do 7 - 10 mile on a mountain bike 1x a week for added cardio....If I can't get into the gym I do home workouts bodyweight exercises, barbell stuff, kettlebells etc. (I have an office job but sales so I do walk a fair bit so my NEAT is average) My issue is I seem to fluctuate between 18% to 20% bodyfat and just can't seem to get it any lower. If I drop my calories below 1900 I end up feeling exhausted and training/work/energy suffers....Currently doing around 110g - 130g protein - 200g carb and 50g fats give or take according to myfitnesspal. What can I do to drop more of this fat?!? I feel like I look fairly decent and it's going REAL slowly off my belly and other areas but barely noticeable. Do I need to bite the bullet and drop my calories to like 1500 and just get through it? Thank you in advance for any replies, I really appreciate it....This is a difficult journey sometimes!
  7. I am a 21 year old Female. My body type is a Mesomorph and I weight 52 kilograms, my height is 5.3. I've been training 5-6 days a week and on some days i train different muscle groups twice a day. I'm on a calorie deflict which is 1.490 and my macro ratio is 40/40/20 and i've been trying to cut and lose some excess body fat and tone up a little more, although lately I feel like my nutrition and diet could be improved or better. I've also heard that some people see better results on a high protein high fat and low carb diet. Any suggestions and tips?
  8. Hi, my name is Mike i'm 19 years old and I´m from germany. For several years I've been struggling to lose weight, there is so much information about nutrition in the internet that im starting to get confused... i've seen a blog post that my friends who study nutrition told me that i should do what they say in the post, but should i? http://helthierlife.ga/2018/09/05/foods-that-you-need-to-stop-eating-if-you-want-to-lose-weight/
  9. I've been lurking around here for a long time. Initially, I wantedto know what and how to take mmy first cycle, it's only in the past year that I have really taken all of your advice. Yes, I trained properly in the gym as my old training partner was very well knowleged. However, I ate like apig in an all you can eat pizza hut, I wasn't fat as I just seem to not really grow a great deal. Then, the important bit, I started to take my nutrition seriously, the results were astounding. My strength and physique grew from a skinny kid to a man in those first six months. I'm so glad I never did my first cycle back then and still haven't now When I do,it's going to be simple, straight test e 500 mg split weekly and an AI, then straight nolva and clomid for PCT. However, until then, I'll get more involved and keep you all updated. Thanks guys
  10. Can you help me, please? I am used to very irresponsible and lazy eating. I used to eat a bowl of cereals for breakfast and then a bowl of rice, veggies, and cheddar for the dinner. I ate lots of chocolate throughout the day. That's all there was to my diet. I didn't go out, I usually spent my time sitting at the computer, so that's probably why I didn't die. But recently I started rigorously exercising (daily) for the first time in my life. I am skinny-fat. I want to be a buff Chad just like you are. But I am concerned about my diet. My muscles started to hurt and I was tired, so I thought that I'm probably missing protein and iron and so I changed my diet: Breakfast: oats with cinnamon, banana, grapes and a gill of orange juice. Lunch: 4 slices of white bread with butter and swiss cheese, strawberries Dinner (after exercise): 200g of tofu, 800g of baked beans (iron and protein), two tablespoons of linseed oil (omega 3) and a handful of spinach I also started taking pills for glucosamine & chondroitin (I'm concerned about my joints) and calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D This should be a sufficient diet. I'm 22 years old and a vegetarian. However, if it was really necessary, I'd be willing to start eating meat (it's expensive tho). Sadly, the beans started killing me and I'm afraid I won't have the willpower to continue eating them. And I thought that maybe I should approach the problem from an analytical point of view and simplify my diet into a couple of pills and protein shakes a day. Bulk Powders have lots of goodies which could do the work. However, I am lost in the powders and pills. There's just so many! How should I combine them to create a cheap yet sufficiently nutritious daily diet? Will you help a humble virgin to achieve his gains and survive the week with his woesome budget (20-30£/week)?
  11. Good Evening All, My name is Nadeem Khan and I am new to the forum. I was thinking of selling meal plans online. I am not a qualified Personal Trainer or Registered Nutritionist or Dietitian. I have completed some courses online but they probably don't hold very much merit to them. I was just wondering if this was legal. I have read so many contradicting opinions online I am not sure what to believe. I read that it depends on where you live. I am based in the UK. I cannot find any information that clearly states whether you are allowed to do this. All I have found is stuff like this: https://www.bda.uk.com/publications/dietitian_nutritionist.pdf https://www.nutritionist-resource.org.uk/content/dietitians-nutritionists-and-nutritional-therapists.html According to these documents anyone can call themselves a nutritionist and make recommendations about food and healthy eating. Obviously I wouldn't be making recommendations for people with medical conditions and would most likely include a disclaimer to that affect. I just wanted to know if anyone had a definitive answer as to whether I am legally allowed to sell diet / meal plans online. I look forward to your responses. Kind regards Nadeem Khan
  12. Beginner

    Im a begginer looking to gain weight, I am around 5"6 and 60kg (female). I workout every day (weight and resistance training) but struggle with nutrition. I have been looking at meal replacements to increase calorie intake (like TPW total matrix, MP gainers and Dynamix Protein). I would appreciate any suggestions and advice on what I should be doing/where to start.. Thank you:)
  13. Calories/Macros

    Hi, I recently figured out that in order for me to lose fat I will have to eat 1600 calories a day but I am confused about macros and their importance. If i hit my calorie target but go over on fat or carbs or protein is that bad and will that hinder my goal of losing fat?? Because I am finding very hard to get everything bang on as one will spill over or maybe two macros will be over? Any help would be great thanks.
  14. Needing Advice and Help

    Hi all, A bit of background info first. So I started losing weight and going to the gym in 2013. I was 25 stone. After a year and a half I had got down to 17 and I was feeling good, motivated and loving it. The in December 2015 I had an accident where I slipped in the bathroom and hit my head which caused me to fit. My leg had slipped behind the toilet and when I fitted I broke my ankle and dislocated my knee, tearing tendons and damaging ligaments. I spent the next year on crutches and suffered very bad depression and anxiety, including panic attacks and social anxiety. I lost all motivation for weight loss and training. It might be worth noting I've always had problems with depression and anxiety but training before had got me out of it. Its now 2 years later and I'm 22 and a half stone feeling horrible. Trying to get my motivation back to get down the gym and trying to beat the social anxiety to do it. I do well with my diet for a bit and then I mess up. I work permanent lates at work and I always used to love going to the 24hr gym after my lates but again I cant gain motivation. Has anyone got any advice, any plans?
  15. So, I'll start this of by telling you that I started going to the gym the winter of 2016. I was 189 cm tall and about 85kg heavy, I was skinny fat (Was obese when i was younger, 175cm/87 kg). When I got comments about being fat ,obiously these were not serious comments but jokes, but I was so insecure in my body that I thought people really saw me as an 200kg fat guy. These comments led to me going to the gym. At first I saw result and "noob gainz". I followed a typical bro split. I lost weight at the time and this is when things got bad. I started counting every fu**ing single calorie that I ate. For a period of time i played soccer 4 days a week and worked out 4 times a week while eating like a maximum of 1500 calories. As you may expect this resulted in a unhealthy weightloss. I dropped down to 70 kg being 190 cm tall at this moment. this was before the summer of 2017. During this weightloss period i started binge eating until i got so full that i puked and things like that. I developed eating and body image disorders. I also lost all of my energy, sex drive, and got other hormonal problems. The summer of 2017 i went on vacation to the country where the rest of my family lives. Here they kind of forced me to eat. After the summer i was ready to "bulk". After the vacation i was weighing around 74kg. So this was in August of 2017. Since then ive been trying to bulk with no result. During this "bulk" Ive really ate a clean diet, almost only chicken and rice, egg whites, oats and so on. Im weighing arounf 78 kg now ( 28 of March 2018) and the only thing I have gained is fat on my stomach (i think.. no visible muscle gains, ALMOST no strength gains). My upper body around my stomach are looks "kind of" skinny fat, but my arms, legs and calves got a lot of veins, like A LOT (especially calves). So im not sure what my body fat percentage is at but maybe 15%? So my questions to you guys are what should I do? Routine- Wich routine? Ive tried upper/lower splits but i do not like them....I did not enjoy working out. And I really want to workout 5 days a week hitting each muscle 2x a week. Diet- I dont want to count calories because they stress me out so much right now because of my past that I really feel bad and suicidal when thinking about them. How should I eat and think about my diet when working out? Guys I really want your help. Some of you guys will recommend things like startingstrength but i really wanna workout 5 days a week. And im dead serious about the help, I would love serious comments. And i do not plays soccer anymore. My lifts (No back squats squats cuz they really f**k my lower back up) Front squat 70kg x 5 Bench 72,5x5 Sumo deadlift 145kg x1 Week af i know... So Im turning 18 this summer just so u know guys(2018) And guys, Ive tried so fkkn hard getting results but because of my f**ked up mind and body image i always fail and im afriad that soon ill give up... This is a PPL routine that Ive been thinking about trying, 5 days a week. Wich results in: PPL/R/PP/R/ LPP/R/LP/R/ Legs1: Front Squat 4 x6 Sumo DL 4x6 Spit squat4x8 Leg curl 4x10 Seated Calf Raise 8x8 Push1: Bench 4x6 Seated Military press4x6 Incline DB Bench 3x8 Decline DB press 3x 8 Lateral raises3x10 Skulcrushers 3x 8 Pushdowns 3 x10 Pull 1: weighted Pull Ups 3 x6 DB One Arm row 3x6 Narrow LAt Pulldown 3x 8 Seated Wide Grip Cable row 3x8 Superset: Shrugs/Reverse flys 3x10 Ez bar curl 3x8 Preacher curl 3x10 Legs 2: Front Box Squat 4x12 Sumo deadlift 4x10 Leg extensions 4x 12 Leg curls 4 x15 Standing Calf raises 6 x15 Push 2: Bench 3x 12 DB Shoulder press 3x 12 incline BB Bench 3x 12 Chest cross overs 3 x 12 Lateral raises 3x 15 Overhead Tricep ext 3x 12 Tricep Pushdown 3x 15 Pull2: DB one arm row 3x 12 Lat pulldown 3x 12 seated Wide grip cable row 3x 12 Superset: Shrugs/Reverse flys 3x15 Ez bar curl 3x 12 DB invline curl 3x 15