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Found 16 results

  1. I have just started a new cycle (Yay) 750mg sus EW 100NPP EOD 30mg dbol ED (unsure about these, will post pics on different thread when I am home) Now I am considering running 100mg mast EOD, what would be the benefits of this? I understand usually you run with tren, but I'm curious as to whether or not it would be worth throwing in for the feel good factor / horniness / tighter skin? This is a recomp cycle
  2. Hi guys, Is it possible to start deca and NPP at the same time and then drop the NPP after a couple of weeks so you get the impact of the NPP quickly and then the deca kicks in a couple of weeks later?
  3. Hi all, As per an earlier thread I will be starting a test/deca/dbol cycle soon and am currently debating whether to run NPP or deca. My questions are: If running NPP, is dianabol required? I'm aware dianabol is used as a kickstarter while waiting for long-esthered compounds while but is there any benefit using it when using a fast-acting compound? The shorter NPP cycle is more appealing than deca (despite the fact I'm not a huge fan of pinning) however I'm trying to determine the best dosage and pinning protocol. I've read on numerous threads that the optimum dose of nandrolone is 500-600mg per week. If pinning M+W+F, and assuming the concentration is 100mg/ml then that would require 3 x 2ml pins, plus whatever test is required (assuming, for example, 100mg/ml test p), so if 500-600mg of test is required per week that would be another 3 x 2ml pins per week, so essentially I'd be pinning 4ml three times per week (every M+W+F). I have read that NPP can be pinned twice per week, which is fine, but that would increase the volume of liquid being injected even further to meet the 600mg per week requirement. I'm just asking about this because it seems like a lot of liquid to inject quite frequently (having only ever injected 1ml at a time so far). I'm interested to know if this what others do or, if not, what is your protocol? Thanks, JR.
  4. Iv just started a new course, been off cycle for 12 weeks, dosage is NPP-100mg eod TEST PROP-100mg eod HALO-30mg ed HGH GENPEN-2iu ed Iv done plenty of courses, Iv done most steroids on the market but never tried halo. feel free to give some input on dosage ect 26yrs old 115kg 28%bf 6ft training for 6 years.
  5. Hi Guys, Just a quick question that interests me. I know there are fast acting and longer acting esters for most steroids (Test E vs Test A, for example) but do they all have the same action in terms of outcomes and it’s just the speed of action that changes? I’m particularly thinking of Deca and NPP. I’ve always found Deca really good for growth and joints but a bit ‘watery’. I’ve never used NPP but does this have the same broad effects but starts to work quicker, or are it’s actions different? Thanks for any views.
  6. My wife stopped growing while bulking cycle. Now its the 6th week of same weight. Protein, carbs,clean food ensured. Training probably ok, any idea about possible other causes? I mean: failed gear quality, absorption issues by her celiac disease, or simple wrong roid distribution? Started June with Masteron for 4 weeks, then Stanazolol pills, then its the 6th week of NPP now, 0,8ml/100mg every second day... Just read somewhere, that for female body builders NPP should be supported some other gear also, its no use to operate itself.
  7. Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.
  8. Hey guys. What do y'all consider the best anabolic compound to run with test other than Tren and NPP/deca? NPP seems to give me acne every time I use it now and I can't be arsed to sweat all the time and/or be an aggro c*nt on Tren. If there's nothing comparative to the above, I'll just stick with test on its tod. Cheers.
  9. talked a bit with my girl that I wouldn't use Tren this summer. Constant sweating to the max just annoys the hell outta me.... This made me think about pretty side free roids on paper...so I started to think about using Primo this year for like 5 months at 1g(?) with 250mast and 200 test prop. (never used primo. but don't wanna "waste" 5 month with a low dose...) Experienced Primo users, can you recommend it? have you done it? would you do it again? how was the sweating? second option would be something like 800mg npp, 500mast, 200 test prop (yeah. I like my test prop. regards to @ElChapo ). but not sure about it. never used npp. only deca. was a tad more sweaty on deca than test/mast but nothing like on tren..
  10. Hi all, I'm prepping a cycle and looking for some advice from people with experience. So far it looks like this; WEEK 1 ~ 750mg 150mg test, MWF 100mg npp, MWF WEEK 2 ~ 900mg 200mg test, MWF 100mg npp, MWF WEEK 3 ~ 1050mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF WEEK 4 ~ 1050mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF WEEK 5 ~ 1400mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF 50mg Anadrol ED WEEK 6 ~ 1400mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF 50mg Anadrol ED WEEK 7 ~ 1750mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF 100mg Anadrol ED WEEK 8 ~ 2100mg 200mg test, MWF 150mg npp, MWF 150mg Anadrol ED WEEK 9 ~ 450mg 150mg test, MWF WEEK 10 ~ 300mg 100mg test, MWF WEEK 11 ~ 7500IU 2500IU HCG, MWF WEEK 12 ~ 7500IU 2500IU HCG, MWF WEEK 13 ~ 15, Clomid + Tamox Ancillaries on hand if needed. 6ft1, 98kg, around 12% body fat currently. Will be cutting hard over the next 2 months prior to cycling. I've never used anadrol but wanting to include it for some big gains. I've done a few test + nandrolone cycles before, amongst others. I've not used orals other than var. My questions are; Is anadrol the best choice to take this next level? Should I do the drol at the start, or towards the end as I've planned so far? Any other general advice? My arms are 18 inches cold, want to break the barrier and push to the 20 inch Holy grail. Thanks for any help
  11. Just finishing tenth week of 500mg Test E, 400mg NPP with 50mg Winni for first 4 and last 3 weeks swapping to 50mg Proviron in between. Overall cycle has been very good with nearly 5kg gained and not much fat in the process. Don’t feel like Im getting the most from the NPP though so thinking to switch to 250mg Test E, 600mg NPP for 5 weeks before dropping to cruise for rest of year. Thoughts? Will the change make any difference for just 5 weeks?
  12. So simple question Test 300mg and npp 300mg or test 150mg 300mg npp and 150mg tren a Which would you do?
  13. Came off of fairly long cruise of 100mg Test E per week from before end of last year and now in week four of the below cycle. All doses are per week, injectables split twice weekly on Saturday AM - Tuesday PM and AIs split over same days as injections. 500mg TM Test E 400mg TM NPP 350mg TM Winstrol 25mg Aromasin 0.5mg Caber Last time I tried Nandrolone was Deca and I f**ked up with high Prolactin resulting in some pretty horrible sides but this time I feel spot on running the NPP with Caber. Strength is increasing nicely as expected and effects of Winny are also quite impressive, happy days! Thing is, my libido is pretty comparable to being off or on cruise dose which I'm not complaining about as I can still perform no problem and doesn't annoy the wife like when running Test alone! Low libido down to low Prolactin? Is having low Prolactin liable to cause any health issues? Thanks
  14. Hey guys. Not the usual stack, but anyone had any experience with this combo of compounds? I like mast for strength and possible hardening, and NPP for anabolic properties, joints and wellbeing. Not taking tren. Cheers, M.
  15. NPP half life

    Reading different things about how long to run NPP for on a basic 12 week test e cycle some say 10 weeks max some say 12 or even up to 13 weeks as the half life is only like 3 days however i understand its still technically deca which can linger, what's the longest people have ran and recovered easily? 12 weeks good? enjoying the bulking
  16. Starting a new journal to keep things up to date and to start a fresh cycle to take me to a whole new level of size and symmetry. Goals: 1. Take my body weight way past the 19st mark whilst keeping visible abs, I certainly don't want to look for excuses to get fat, it'll only have to come off when I start dieting early next year. 2. Beat my log book, current pb's are as follows: Bench - 210kg x 2 reps Deadlift - 270kg x 4 reps Squat - 200kg x 9 reps 3. Focus on more leg work, bring up hamstrings and quads to complete my physique for the stage. Cycle: NP - Test 400 - 2/3ml per week - 800mg/1.2g NP - NPP 100 - 3/4ml per week - 300mg/400mg Insulin - currently 7iu pre workout Gh - 4iu pre workout Previous Shows: 1st place at NAC South East 2nd place NABBA South East Current Condition: Current weight in the morning after toilet activists is 18st 10lbs, usually around 19st in the morning but dropped a stone not so long ago due to a horrific stomach bug. Diet and weigh ins will be constantly updated. Questions welcome. Time to absolutely batter myself and be the biggest most symmetrical I can be.