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  1. Getting Started
    110kg new pb :) [video=youtube;Ith4qQGzXus]
  2. Getting Started
    dudes, please enlighten me :) over the years rear delts seem to rear theyre ugly heads every now and again.. why are people bothered about theyre rear delts when theyre legs or arms or chest and back are still needing mass? has anyone been scrutinized and had the observer say yup you need to...
  3. Member Journals
    put your bacon sarnies down dudes, its time to kick some ass olde skool stylee.. some young upstart thinks he can take me down with his calculator and stop watch :D im guessing we`ll have to measure appendages as required, but for now anyone who`s got the cohones to do this should stick some...
  4. General Conversation
    well ive tarzaned all the way along a nice safe bridge lol ive walked up a 5m lampost.. what next.. well if you`ve ever paid any attention to the 10m i think lamp posts.. your next! i was inspired by the last stage of ninja warrior lol.. howver last time i went near a climbing wall i kinda...
  5. General Conversation
    youre looking well in your avatar yanny :tea:
  6. Trt

    lol well i dunno if this should really go in the article section its more like my usual ramble.. :D i wouldnt say its complete now, but ive added to it.. this should aslo be entitled SUBlingual TRT doh! TRT. I read a book called "Testosterone is your friend" by Dr. Roger Mason, which talks...
  7. Getting Started
    hey dudes.. 9 out of 10 clients when they dead lift even as a partial simply cany maintain a flat back during deads. i set em up, body shape good, ive read a 1000 deadlift set articles and vids, fee half under bar, chest up, shoulder blades over bar, push against belt with gut, drive thru...
  8. General Conversation
    does anyone know if there are any good? theyve got some in argos and are fairly cheap.. i bought some bodyfat scales years back which still tell me i`mm 22% bf lol so do these knew all singing and dancning machines work any better/ they are sposed to weigh you and measure BMI, BMR, water...
  9. General Conversation
    dont spose you lot know this but i keep turtles and 1 got out the other day. I still havent found the lil feller, but i have my suspicions... fcuk lol mispelled thread title and i cant edit it.. more seriously tho, is this what the quest for more size leads too? also whilst googling i came...
  10. Getting Started
    there are those that talk the talk and those that walk up lamposts :becky: lol the yanny-splat!
  11. General Conversation
    has anyone heard of this? Bulbine Natalensis ive had no real luck with OTC test boosters when it comes to noticeable muscle growth, recovery or libido.. heres the bumph.. "Bulbine Natalensis 750mg x 100 Capsules Capsules Bulk supplements Direct is pleased to bring you an exciting...
  12. General Conversation
    The State stole my son it took me a YEAR to get him back: A father's battle with sinister and secretive forces to bring his 21-year-old home | Mail Online a few of you will remember him...
  13. General Conversation
    the boy done good! well done matey..must be the supps :D
  14. General Conversation
    had to go to the docs to get my MRI results.. felt like death being up so early :oops: it seems some of the metal work in my back has "migrated" and ive got a bit of degneration in a vertebrae higher up.. nowt to worry about yet tho.. i`m hoping i wont need an op for the migration, but i...
  15. General Conversation
    how do you hold them? are you sposed to use a french grip or curl your thumb around them? on an oly bar theyre huge..
1-16 of 16 Results