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Found 7 results

  1. Nexus labs

    So I went with the hype and ordered all nexus stuff, Test NPP DHB and Anadrol ...going to run blood next week before I start to see where my levels are at and will post blood 6 weeks later...hope this lab is as good as everyone says it
  2. Has anyone had any PIP of note from either Nexus 150mg/ml or SG 200mg/ml Primo? Don’t normally give a s**t as nearly always jab my glutes anyway but will be using Delts when I start the Primo cycle as will need to rotate more and could do without my shoulders feeling buggered from PIP. Cheers.
  3. Hi everybody, I have bought Test 400 which is just sustanon 400mg per ml, it is called quad test. I got this from a place that sells nexus labs. Is this product gtg? What is your opinion?
  4. Nexus labs deca

    Hopefully this is legit stuff.
  5. Here are my mid cycle blood tests on 480mg of test e a week. I’m using nexus labs and this is my first cycle, over 8 weeks in. Using accord pharma aromasin 12.5mg 24 hours after pinning. Very good results from what I know. ?? For Nexus I ran Neuro Pharma anavar earlier in my cycle. Plan to do another oral later on too. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Towels bulking log

    Currently on the other side of the globe on my honeymoon enjoying a much needed break! Been cruising 12 weeks and haven’t lifted a finger the last two weeks let alone go gym or drink a protein shake Quite a few lads know me from outside the forum so won’t bore with back story etc Long story short was more into MMA than BB but with winter coming up I’m going to bulk which means MMA will take a back seat and will focus more on BB as my fitness in terms of fighting goes to s**t when I bulk as I’m not naturally heavy, (67kg when I started gym a few years ago) Best lifts are the following I think Bench 180 x 7 Squat 200 x 5 Need to look back at videos as wouldn’t of lifted these sorts of weights when cutting and sparing a couple times a week etc Cycle will be 500mg test Phenylprop (spelling?) 500mg NPP 500mg Mast E Will be using Nexus test/Npp blend and mast E Probably going to chuck in some oxys I’ve been given to try or first few weeks but can’t really use orals as they f**k my appetite so 100mg Oxy from Icon labs for 2 weeks to get things going I blast cruise so no PCT, 500iu HCG x 2 a week 8iu Ansomone HGH 3x A week Supplements 1000mg Kyolic garlic 2000mg krill oil 500mg citrus bergamot 100mg Coq10 500mg Niacin Dr Deans Kidney blood pressure stack Aim will be to just gradually lean bulk over the winter then eventually cut on some test mast, DHB and Anavar pic is latest pic I had from sometime in summer, never been one for pictures but will use this log to motivate mate to take some Anyway got a 25 hour flight to come so diets gona being shocking lol, hopefully get to gym Sunday or more likely Monday depending how bad jet lag is lol Will get some more recent pics up when I make it to the gym to see what damage I’ve done the last 2 weeks @swole troll @jeffj @GMO @AestheticManlet @[email protected] @IronJohnDoe Think I ease about 92kg here, I’m 6ft2 so not heavy at all but apparently look a lot bigger than I weigh, suppose starting at 67kg I don’t have the same frame of someone who naturally sat at say 90KG before even going gym.
  7. Winter bulk baby!! Volume 2

    Thought I’d start a new log helps me keep track of what I’m doing, any input always welcome. Backstory Anyone that followed my last course will know it was a complete bust was just ill constantly, tried taking things out and adjusting doses to work out what the problem was and I think it was the last thing I tried or thought it would be, the test I was useing, I was feeling like s**t had stomach ache and couldn’t eat anything for 3 - 4 days after pinning it, anyone else heard or had anything like that? Don’t know if was bad batch or i didn’t agree with carrier oil don’t know. I’m currently 102kg at 5’10. (Pic of Current condition). Goals 17 stone, leaner than previously tho, beat my 200kg pb flat bench and keep adding size to my legs (leg progress pic attached). Drugs Now I promised myself I would do lower doses, I planned less than this but it steadily creeped up, not overkill tho I don’t think. 750mg total test a week (split between 300mg test pp and 450mg test e) 600mg primo a week 600mg npp a week 50mg proviron a day 100mg Turinabol (for first month appetite willing) Will be useing all Nexus oils and orals. 4iu gh 5 days a week Ansomone (wed and Sun off) 10iu insulin around workouts months 1 and 3 (novo rapid) 12.5mg aromasin Monday and Friday 10mg lisinopril a day 1000mg metformin on days off gh (Wed and sun) omeprazol, renitadine and propranolol all on hand if needed. Thought I’d try turinabol as don’t use a lot of orals as dbol, sdrol, adrol all kill my appetite pretty quick. Also thought I’d try the test pp to avoid as much water retention from just using test e. Other Supps multivitamin conplete b complex zinc digestive enzymes omega 3-6-9 capsules milk thistle (I know pretty pointless but had loads of boxes of it so put it in) strom support max Creatine eaas maltodextrin whey protein cream of rice whey isolate a pre workout (don’t have any set pre workout just buy which ever takes my fancy) Diet I’m starting cals on 4500 340g protein 450g carbs 150g fat (minimal fat after I’ve trained and used slin) Will probably up to 5000 after a week or two just want to get eating regularly again, diets been s**t past few weeks. Training Still train bro split, will log some workouts and log some food as log goes on, currently training Mon: Quads and calves Tue: Shoulders and traps Wed: Biceps + Triceps Thur: Hamstrings and calves Fri: Back (maybe little biceps at end) Sat: off Sun: Chest (maybe little triceps at end) Really been focusing on legs recently so want to keep that up, I’m liking doing hams and quads separately.