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Found 9 results

  1. Just Wanted to Say hi

    Hello from SusanKing 26, from UK.
  2. Hello...again. It's been years since I last posted here. Plenty has happened and interrupted my training but back on the iron for a few months. Time to refresh and gain some knowledge. Say hi to old friends and new. I'll post a new update on progress shortly ??? Lee
  3. New to UK Muscle

    Hi all!
  4. Newibe

    Hi Guys, I am new to this site wanted to say hi, the reason I joined is that my GF left me yesterday due to the fact I ate her chips and portion of chicken she said I eat to much and im fat sloth. So I think its finally time to start working out and I wanted to train with AAS as help so she can see how hench I will be in 2 months time. WIth that said I am looking to to do a cycle of Test C-800mg eod, Deca 800mg eod NPP front load for 2 days at 1cc Dbol- 100mg ed for 8 weeks, EQ 1cc every week hgh 10ius and slin of course I will run letz for estrogen control and pct after ......my current diet consist of bowl of cherrios toast and jam cup of tea and banana, for lunch I pop into greggs for susage roll and 2 yum yums sometimes I buy sandwhichs, dinner I go to the pub and order 2-3 pints of larger followed by kebab or cheeky curry ....this typical day of eating, I currently walk to the bus stop about 10min walk which is my only source of cardio, last time I went to the gym I was benching 40kg four times and got tired I went to the store and got flake bar which helped but the walk back to the gym was to long so I went home and played fifa. Realistcally how much muscle can I put on im currently inbetween looking like mr blobby and sam smith I don't know what the fat percentage is but my belly hangs over my trouser and I have to lift it to piss ..... can someone tell me what to eat and how to train I have all my compounds and just shot 3 cc of gear in my toe im starting to feel it .....thanks brothers
  5. Hi guys New on here just looking for some advice been training solid for over a year now. Lost 20 pounds in weight and still tweaking my diet as i go. By no means am i ripped or have a bulk in muscle which is why i am frustrated and considering using. Im 30 5ft 11 and currently 180lbs body fat is roughly 17% so think i need to lose more body fat but i want to gain lean muscle also. Been thinking of starting anavar cycle as ive been told its the mildest with smaller chance of side effects. Should i do anavar only or use it with something else? And what PCT should i use? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Old school newbie

    Hi, brand new to the site but worked and trained in gyms for over 20 years. Bit of a technophobe and up untill now I've only ever used the site for "info and research" but finally thought I'd join as there's things I'd like to ask specifically maybe. So just wanted from drop a hi and would be grateful for any do's and don'ts to the site as I have seen people getting mad grief on here before for saying or maybe asking the wrong thing. So rather than risk a verbal thrashing I thought I'd get educated on the etiquette. Thanks guys.
  7. Irish newbie

    Hi guys, 37 y/o Irish lad trying to battle back from dad bod to my glory days test p and tren ace lover
  8. I’m currently starting my first cycle and I’ve been advises by one of my gym buddy’s to start with 2ml of boldanone 250 and 2ml of test 400 per week. Is this a good cycle? And should I taper my way up to the amount advised? Thanks
  9. Hello,i have been reading lots of stuff on this forum and i decided to join,i hope you don't mind . I'm training for more than 3 years, i have build a body which i never thought i could ever have because i always been a guy who did not care about my body,i do gym 6 days a week i have a strong meals program,i'm the kind of person who does just a few things or just one but very focused on it,after 2 months of training a had already a meal plan and i'm still doing a right diet so far,is not tasty but i like the results,well obviously now i'm gaining a lot slower than i used to in the first 2 years,i do work in a warehouse ,is not the job i like and i don't want to see my self working there in future because i think i can more than that,a few moths ago i had job opportunity and i have got it, is something which has to do with my body ,entertaining girls on parties ,i love the job,i had a few mails from model companies and they would like to give me a chance to see how it will go.Talking about my second job with parties ,i see guys with bigger body get more jobs and the girls just love them,i think there is an opportunity for me if i could achieve some more mass ,now what do you think is it worth to get on gear if there is a possibility of earning money from what i really enjoy doing and if is safe to do so? sorry for my grammar , english is not my mother tongue