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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey guys, 45 this summer, cycled on and off through my late 20's and 30's , n a bit of powerlifting, then since turning 40 only really did a cycle per year but recovery been tough. Last course ended December 2019. 3 medichecks tests had my test levels at 7, 8 and 9 through 2020. So...
  2. General Conversation
    I've learned the maths of this Have you? Hint : There seem to be hella trolls on this site tbh. Roid rage seems to be '19 stedbanter. 9.s: Dont forget to react the :lol: on your 9u66ieboyz commentz. #Viewz4romtheRoidz. 3-06-60-06-3-9-6-3-9-0...
  3. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    Give you a run down I'm 18 my progress both in size and strength is pretty resemble I am ish a hard gainer I way 13-14 stone height is 6,2" I have been going gym for about 8 months but started getting serious just eat basically when I can't anymore I'm gonna start getting diet more sweet...
  4. Losing Weight
    Hey guys! So I have been working out for just over a year now and I solely focused on bulking and strength straining! I have not been too consistent with my training and I have been on and off due to my masters degree and 2 part time jobs. However, now the circumstances have changed and I...
  5. PCT
    Ok guys I need some clear and concise help re a situation I have. Background: I cycled on and off over about 4 years various cycles and used hackskii docs power Pct protocol and always recovered fine (bloods done to confirm). I have now decided to leave the juice alone and go natty for...
  6. IMG_3567.jpg

    Just a few shots of my current progress with my cut, not 'lean' by any stretch of the imagination and have now upped my carbs a little to reduce my flatness. It's taken me 6 years to reach this stage, for anyone who's starting out this is a long-term commitment and you can't expect fast results. Als
  7. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    Is 12.4 high enough test to make gains? I had my blood test at 17:30pm so I had been awake 12hours Also what is my level likely to be if was taken at 9am ?... Roughly ? Cheers
  8. Losing Weight
    Most of you know me on here by now...although I was recently advised to keep bulking I decided to cut anyway, mentally after 5.5 months I couldn't handle any more weight gain! Plus I booked a holiday in 8 weeks time so figured a short cut would make my mind feel much much better!! This is my...
  9. Welcome Lounge
    darren greens 18 years old natural bodybuilder been training for nearly 2 years now weight when started i was 9stone scrawny weight now 16stone still gaining weight will post diet pictures etc say my progress would love people to comment and help me out thanks
1-9 of 9 Results