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  1. General Conversation
    I am new to this forum... I am collecting research for my start up brand and would appreciate some genuine response from Male Bodybuilders who have previously competed, or who are considering it for the future. Feel free to share the link among other male bodybuilders. Feel free to also check...
  2. Natural Bodybuilding
    Hi Everyone, Firstly thanks for viewing the thread and secondly I need your help. I'm a final year nutrition student based in Liverpool, England at John Moores University. And for my final year project I'm investigating the ways that bodybuilders, physique, classic, fitness competitors etc...
  3. Competitive Journals
    Hi Everybody, Been a few years since I've posted on here and in fact on any bodybuilding forum. So firstly welcome to my thread which I hope you find is a useful insight into contest prep. This will be my first ever Mr Universe competition so I am hugely excited and motivated for the event...
  4. General Conversation
    Any one at nabba ni last night?? Good turn out, good night but some controversy over the judging..
  5. Bodybuilding Shows
    anyone got the results for the NABBA Brits
  6. Bodybuilding Shows
    Juniors 1st Tom Imlah 2nd Malcolm Tinsley 3rd Stephen Jones 4th Adam Edge Under 18's 1st Edgar Matsinhe 2nd Marcus Harrison 3rd Ben Adams 4th Jarrad Rimmer Over 40's 1st Carl Stevens 2nd Paul Rowe 3rd Sean Watson 4th Colin Tyson Over 50's 1st Oscar...
  7. Bodybuilding Shows
    First Timers Class 2 1st Nathaniel Rose 2nd Nathan Edwards 3rd Ashley Carter First Timers Class 1 1st Ben Wileman 2nd Christopher Bailey 3rd David Fitzpatrick Juniors 1st Kurt Davies 2nd Daniel Jones 3rd Rafal Hermanowicz Over 50's 1st John Roberts 2nd Howard...
  8. Bodybuilding Shows
    First Timers 1st Dan Harris 2nd Mike Stocks 3rd Greg Garbowski Under 18 1st Kuba Chelen 2nd Tom Farmer Juniors 1st Dave Young 2nd Adam Lowe 3rd Jonathon Morton Novice 1st Lee Blackburn 2nd Reece Allsop 3rd Jessie Marks Over 40 1st Steve Johnson 2nd...
  9. Bodybuilding Shows
    A DVD of the whole Midlands show (8th May 2011) is now available. Please contact [email protected] for details or send me a PM. Photos are also available - contact Wayne Brown: Tel: 0115 945 9097, Mobile: 07921 835 305, Email: [email protected]
  10. Bodybuilding Shows
    Any guys attending the finals in southport ...always a good day out
  11. Bodybuilding Shows
    Junior Under 17 1st Gary Elliott 2nd Steven Belcher 3rd Luke Howard Juniors 1st Jack Stokle 2nd Reece Henry 3rd Jake McCall First Timers 1st Jeff Bentham 2nd Ali Fard 3rd Lee Boddy Masters Over 50 1st Kevin Welch 2nd David Willis 3rd Randall Green Masters...
  12. Bodybuilding Shows
    First Timers 1st Ben Platt 2nd Petr Pavelec 3rd Sandok Nagy 4th Tyrone Ogedegbe Masters Over 40 1st Steve Avery 2nd Nigel Thompson 3rd Wayne Gardiner Masters Over 50 1st Okon Gulutu 2nd Kevan Wilson Novice 1st Luke Machetta 2nd Kyutae Hwang 3rd Brent...
  13. Bodybuilding Shows
    Juniors 1st Josh Law 2nd Callum Cordwell 3rd Ryan Purdue First Timers 1st Gareth Davis 2nd Paul Hartley 3rd Daryl Hodroff Novice 1st Mathew Devine 2nd Alex Middleton 3rd Pete Burnett Over 50's 1st Richard Hooley 2nd Pat Randall Over 40's 1st Steve Miller 2nd Paul Hannis 3rd Paul...
  14. Bodybuilding Shows
    First Timers 1st John Leary 2nd Stuart Bateson 3rd Chris Smith ... Under 17 1st Ross Kerr 2nd Calum Jordan Junior 1st Ryan Millar 2nd Dayle Singers 3rd Stuart Dunsmore Novice 1st Mark Kane 2nd Callum Clarke 3rd John Adams Over40 1st Stevie Thomson 2nd John Wynne Over50 1st...
  15. Bodybuilding Shows
    This weekend is the NABBA West in Exeter, this is normally the show i do but i am doing a test sheet to become a NABBA judge this year.... so far there is over 40 confirmed to compete so will be a packed show........ any body who wants to attend you can buy tickets on the door
  16. Bodybuilding Shows
    Photographs of the NABBA Universe 2010 have been uploaded to NABBA Universe 2010 See website for order details.
  17. Bodybuilding Shows
    Photographs of the NABBA Novice Finals 2010 have been uploaded to NABBA Novice Finals 2010. See website for order details. A DVD of the whole competition is available for £15 from [email protected]
  18. Bodybuilding Shows
    So guys next Saturday (30th October) is the 60th anniversary of the NABBA Universe a lot of the old names will be in attendance to celebrate this great show..... From MuscleChat we have 2 competing, myself and Bodyworks so if any of you guys are going to attend this show pop over to the extreme...
  19. Bodybuilding Shows
    Juniors 1st Adrian Howell 2nd Jason Barratt 3rd Richard Bacon First Timers 1st Glyn Dawes 2nd John Fenton 3rd Martin Roberts Masters Over 50 1st David Foo 2nd Linsay Wain Masters Over 40 1st Kevin McDonnell 2nd Andrew Lawley 3rd Stephen Frost Novice 1st...
  20. General Conversation
    Who is going to the Nabba Britain this weekend in Southport, I usually go and am going this time, having missed the bodypower expo, is there any members to look out for and cheer on:clap2:
1-20 of 54 Results