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  1. Protein
    ] So i've been going to the gym for a month or two now and really starting to like it, im looking at proteins but i came to a hault when i saw that there are "Diet Proteins" Here are the links to the proteins i have narrowed down to...
  2. Protein
    Hi, looking for a bit of advice on what brand of protein to go for. So far I have been looking at Optimum Nutrition, MyProtein and Maxi Nutrition. Any recommendations? Many Thanks Evan
  3. Losing Weight
    Hi there Over the past year I have lost over 5 stone through a meal replacement diet on around 800-1000 calories. Having come off that diet I am now wanting to get that last little bit off my body weight before I enter the area on the scales and fat % ratios where I am happy. I Started at...
  4. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hi all, Im on the myprotein site trying to work out the best protein for me. It's a minefield! Theres too many to choose from! I'm combining my weights routine (currently GVT) with some hiit sprints, in an attempt to get lean. Need to reduce that body-fat! Always taken whey isolate from...
  5. Protein
    @DC1 very kindly choose me to receive a sample of myprotein's rice pudding which I received yesterday and tried earlier today. So here's a review 1. Preparation I used a shaker and 225-250ml of water & skimmed milk (split 50:50) to mix the powder (2 scoops). The powder mixed really...
  6. Creatine
    Searching for a review on youtube I came across a guy who wrote that most of them get their creatine along with other supplements, especially in cold drinks and that this has resulted not have good solubility What do I have to say that i noticed something like crystals in the mouth and the...
1-6 of 30 Results