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  1. MuscleFood
    Whey Better Than The Competitions... NO code - NO tricks - Just Premium Supplements at unbeatable prices!! No code means you can combined our BEST HAMPER OF THE YEAR!!
  2. MuscleFood
    Hi Guys, Darren here... Black Friday has now LAUNCHED! I've pulled out ALL the stops this year, to give you the BEST offers we've EVER ran, so good they're the BEST in 2016...
  3. MuscleFood
    Check out our BRAND NEW supplement prices - Whey lower than our competitors... Whey Protein 80 - Unflavoured My Protein £9.35 per kg Bulk Powders £9.35 per kg Musclefood £6.55 per kg Whey Protein 80 - Flavoured My Protein £11.14 per kg Bulk Powders £11.43 per kg Musclefood...
  4. MuscleFood
    £104.93 Summer Super Lean Selection - Now JUST £55! Fill your freezer with stunning, SUPER lean Award-Winning fresh meat for the ENTIRE Summer.. Plus FREE Super Chilled Delivery! Order today, SAVE £49.93 and receive: - 24 x 200g Premium Chicken Breast Fillets - 2 x 6-7oz Matured...
  5. MuscleFood
    Slow Cooked £29.50 American Deep South Hamper - JUST £10! Only 250 Available - our last BBQ hamper SOLD OUT in 6 hours!! For JUST £10, you get ALL of this.. Only 250 available... - 2 x 190g Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork - 2 x 160g Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Beef - 2 x 4oz Prime Rump...
  6. MuscleFood
    45 year old American bodybuilder Rich Piana has admitted to taking steroids since the age of 18 and he is more than happy with his decision! However, he does confess that " If you have the choice to do steroids or stay natural, stay...
  7. MuscleFood
    Fill your freezer with MOUTH-WATERING Meats for the ENTIRE Month and save a huge £52.53.... For 48 Hours ONLY! You will receive ALL of this: 24 x 200g Premium Chicken Breast Fillets 2 x 6-7oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks 2 x 6-7oz Grass Fed Hache Steaks 2 x 6-7oz Dragon Fire Hache Steaks...
  8. MuscleFood
    Eat award-winning Steaks for BELOW COST - 200 hampers only! You will receive ALL this: - 2 x 5oz Award-Winning Ostrich Fillet Steaks - 2 x 4oz Kangaroo Steak Burgers - 2 x 4oz Matured Ostrich Steak Burgers - 12 x 20g Buffalo Steak Meatballs - 1...
  9. MuscleFood
    Vagina's are full of the same good probiotic bacteria that is found in your everyday healthy products, from yoghurt to Kombucha There is plenty of scientific evidence that proves probiotics have a...
  10. MuscleFood
    Jonny Urszully is the closest thing I have seen to a NINJA! He proves it once again with this work out! How many reps could you do ?!?!
  11. MuscleFood
    IT'S THAT TIME OF THE MONTH AGAIN George Fellowes claims he's so close to his best friend that he gets cramps when she comes on each month... And he's NOT the only...
  12. MuscleFood
    LIMITED OFFER FOR THE FIRST 350 CUSTOMERS 5kg Premium Great-Taste Award Winning Chicken for just £19! How you claim the offer? 1. Add 5kg Premium Chicken Breast Fillets to your shopping basket 2. Enter code: LASTCHANCE at the checkout page 3. Meet the £25 minimum spend and...
  13. MuscleFood
    PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) claim that eating chicken during a pregnancy will ... MAKE YOUR CHILD'S PENIS SMALL!!
  14. MuscleFood
    A Gym in Derbyshire has been criticised by an anti -bullying charity for this advert Some readers have been so outraged that they want to "rip it down". What do you think ? Clever marketing ? Or out right offensive ?
  15. MuscleFood
    Bored of eating boring plain old egg day in day out ? Well now you don't have to! Muscle Food have brought eggcitement to breakfast throughout the UK with theses flavoured egg whites! Coming in 2 different Flavours: - Strawberry & Chocolate Liquid Egg Whites Each Flavour contains a WHOPPING...
  16. MuscleFood
    Hi guys, has your next day delivery range dropped? I was looking to order a few bits of meat from the next day delivery range, A pizza and some snack bars. No option for delivery tomorrow? I even took the pizza ff but still no option.
1-16 of 16 Results