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Found 21 results

  1. Hi , this is my third steroid cycle I have just started this week and have been constantly trying to find videos and personal experiences to Run my next cycle. my first two cycles have been testosterone only cycles ... however with the oestrogen conversion and water retention all I have done when I have come off my cycle is drop size and pretty much gone back to my original (well not my original it’s all in your head) this cycle round I’m running Test E and Tren E , I would appreciate serious comments and support from people that have had really good experience running these cycles and what dosages where used. ive come to the conclusion that I am not YET gyno sensitive , I think I would have found out form the first two cycles I ran as my dosages where like 600mg per week , all I have is a little bit of bacne but that’s after coming off cycle. sorry for the long read but I’m serious about getting the dosages right for this cycle! thanks In advance! jordan!
  2. Open Gyms Petition

    Please Sign https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/307146
  3. Cutting too fast

    Hello i need some advice, i am 19 y old 184 cm height 80.1 kg after 8 weeks of cutting started at 87.5 . Lifiting for about 2 and 1/2 years good nutrition made a lot of muscle good genetics.I am cutting for the first time so i need some help i lost aroynd 7-8 kgs in 8 weeks i think maybe thats to much in a short time i i am around 13%-14% bodyfat want to get 9 % . Losing about 1kg per week 2000 calories per day with a lot of cardio(fast walking 8-10 kms per day almost every day 6 out of 7 maybe on a week) .I dont know should i push 4-5 kg down in like 4-5 weeks till i hit that 9 % bodyfat or should i refeed for a few days , i am feeling a little tired for last 20 days but its not that hard, also i am not starving that much have energy for the hard workouts doing push/pull/legs split 6 times a week. Give me some advice.Thanks!
  4. what is this?

    Hi, im pretty new to this whole forum thing so forgive me if this is in the wrong place. Id like to know if anyone can enlighten me as to what exactly this gap in the middle of chest that resembles the Eiffel Tower is? And also how to stop/fix this problem. ive monitored it for a whole and noticed that my left pec attaches pretty nicely along my sternum whereas my right doesn’t. (I don’t recall if it’s always been like this). im also noticing that the muscle is slowly receding in the lower corner of the right pec and is causing me worry what it’ll look like in the future. Some info about me that may help: Male 6’4 90kg Also im starting to develop those annoying love handles and was wondering if anyone has a half decent lockdown diet / tips they’re sticking to. Any ideas are welcome. thanks in advance
  5. Hey I’m Justin, I’m 14 years old and I’m 5’9. I’m here because I want motivation to start working out and get my body in better shame. People all my life have been calling me skinny I’m 51kg but I do have a little bit of muscle but people look at my wrists and arms and call me skinny. In my eyes my head doesn’t suit my body, my body is so small for my head. It makes me think that my body is meant to be bigger so please help me seek motivation and make me feel fit. At this current my country is in quarantine and it seems like it will be like that for the next couple months so I want to workout at home if anyone can help me my instagram is justinp.6. My phone won’t get notifications so I am not sure if I will see your replies but I will come back 2x everyday to see this thread. Please I want motivation I don’t want to send pictures of how I look right now because I’m ashsamed of how skinny I am. Please motivate and reccomend me semi-decent workouts that will help me build muscle. I thought this is the perfect opportunity to get fit and get the body I want due to the coronavirus
  6. I’m a naturally slim build wanting to build more muscle quickly but also want to developed more defined pecks and get a six-pack? When I spend weeks trying to gain a six-pack, I lose my muscle mass but when I spent weeks trying to gain muscle, my stomach becomes skinny fat. Should I do a mixture of cardio & weights in different days on the week or spend a few weeks doing one then change? As for dieting, I usually eat between 2800-3000 on the days that I go the gym 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). Here’s a photo of my body below:
  7. Arm issues during lifting

    Hi all, So just a quick question, Ive been having strange issues my my arms lately where they feel un energised and sensitive/unbalanced during my reps. For example: Shoulder dumbell press I can do 10 reps at 36kg nice and smooth. Feels powerful, energetic and pumped. Then sometimes, same weight, same reps, my arms feel sensitive, almost like they are shaking and have no energy. I still manage the 10 reps at the 36kg but they don't feel as "powerful". Any ideas? They can be like it even after a few days rest so fatigue can't be the issue? I also take an amino energy drink as ore workout. All ideas welcome ?
  8. Hi I have a bit of a beer gut going on, and want to lose it but want to bulk up a bit too! I love the burn swimming gives me and feel great after, but can I use swimming to burn my beer belly AND start lifting weights to bulk up? Or do they kind of go against each other? Any help appreciated Thanks!
  9. Hi Folks I need advises or suggestions from experienced people. All measurement are given from data from food packaging and other gadgets for monitoring body (heart rate monitor, home/kitchen scale , DVI & CIA body measurement machine). I am not looking to discuss accuracy of machine which I use as not have access to better machines and it is only one possible way to be objective now. Nutrition and training are described below. All my life I have been active and train something. I have been following my new training plan for 4 weeks and train 4 times a week where I combine anaerobic exercise and weights. Use polar heart rate monitor and all data is pulled out from it . I know that it is not 100% accurate but there is no other way to get objectives measurement so respect it as it is. I described my nutrition below. Almost protein(200 g) and calories intake(2000 cal +100) is the almost same every day , just use different food as salmon, plain yogurt, chicken liver, boiled eggs and so on . Water daily intake around 1.8 L It has been almost 4 weeks doing my training plan and just don’t know are my diets/nutrition (however you want to call it) good enough and aligned with training and what can I possible expect to get out of it. Using all online calculators they say I have to be around 2000-2300 calories intake to lose fat. When I consume less calories below 2000 I lose muscle, but when I eat more of 2300 ( initially I was taking supplement with milk ) makes my belly – only analysis from looking at the mirror ? . So as a rule, I take more proteins to prevent muscle loss but not sure about my nutrition. Please give me your comments and what do you think how much should I eat more / less and what I do wrong in training and nutrition . Believe that many of you will comment that I do too much anaerobic training, but I really enjoy, feel better and have feeling my body develops more muscles if I involve explosive training rather than just gym weights. And also I like to have endurance and strength. Not looking to bulk myself at all. Goals: Muscle grow , fat reduction to ideally 13 %, to get lean. My readings: Weight : 86.4 kg / 190 lbs Height : 180 cm / 5 ft 11 in BF: 17.5 % / 15 kg Age: 28 Have sedimentary job in office , sitting full office hours 8 h. Daily intake of protein around 200 grams (2.3 grams per kg), 200 grams of carbs and 2000 calories (100 calories +/-) , don’t measure fat intake as don’t believe it is more than 50 grams . 7.30 am USN muscle fuel anabolic – with water 55 grams of protein , 70 carbs, 550 calories 12.00 - chicken breast 180 grams portion 50 grams of proteins, 0 carbs, 280 calories - Mozzarella 125 grams 20 grams of protein, 6 grams carbs, 280 calories 2.00 pm Tuna salad with pasta and Greek yogurt 25 grams of protein , 60 grams carbs, 300 calories Training at 6.00 pm – 8.20 pm Post workout supplement USN muscle fuel anabolic – with water 55 grams of protein, 70 grams carbs, 550 calories Please note that Anaerobic workout I do every time (4 times a week) before weight workout. Just weight workout are changeable while anaerobic stay the same and always do before weight. Anaerobic training / workouts - monitored by Polar hear rate monitor chest strap 2 weeks in row 1. Work 3 min x 6 rounds, 1 min rest between – Boxing Bag (average heart rate 168) , 450 calories burned – quite really good in boxing bag as used to train boxing 7 years (from age of 10-17 ) 2. Work 2 min x 4 rounds, 40 sec rest between – Tyre flipping, weight 60 kg- don’t have bigger (average heart rate 158) , 220 calories burned 3. Work 40 sec x 8 rounds, 40 sec rest between – Battle rope , (average heart rate 162), 220 calories burned Weight training – not measured but I believe it is around 350 calories burned per training Monday Anaerobic training – as described Flat bench press 85 kg x 10 90 kg x 6 90 kg x 6 Incline bench 70 kg x 8 75 kg x 6 75 kg x 6 Incline dumbbell bench press 32 kg x 8 32 kg x 8 32 kg x 8 Cross over 40 kg x 8 40 kg x 8 40 kg x 8 Butterfly machine 45 kg x 10 45 kg x 10 45 kg x 10 Push ups 15 15 10 Wednesday Anaerobic training – as described Pull ups (repetitions varies) 15 15 12 Biceps barbell curl 20 kg x 12 25 kg x 10 30 kg x 8 Biceps dumbbell curl 16 kg x 12 16 kg x 12 16 kg x 12 Incline barbell curl 15 kg x 12 20 kg x 10 20 kg x 10 Push ups 15 15 10 Friday Anaerobic training – as described *genetically have strong legs and hips so do not work too much as also legs work a lot on anaerobic part Leg Press 90 kg x 8 90 kg x 8 90 kg x 8 Leg curl (extension) front 55 kg x 10 55 kg x 10 55 kg x 10 Leg curl Back 45 kg x 10 45 kg x 10 45 kg x 10 Stair Climber 500 stairs Flat Bench press - chest 85 kg x 10 90 kg x 6 90 kg x 6 Saturday Anaerobic training – as described Sit up bench High cable crunch Low cable crunch
  10. I am a 16 year old male, I exercise mainly my upper body (arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs etc. and legs) I am roughly 5”10 and weigh 131 pounds and I go to the gym for roughly 2 hours about 3-5 times a week. I have just bought Whey protein powder and I’m not sure how much protein i should consume a day and when too. any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, I’m happy to give any more info.
  11. Weak upper body

    Im 25 82.4kg. 6 foot 2. 2yrs ago I was 98kg. I am around 18%bf now. I need to cut but when I do, I'll end up looking more skinny. All my lower body lifts are going up but not upper body. Im following fierce 5 program, 3 day full body. Below lifts are 3 sets 5 reps Squat 90kg Bench 57.5kg Ohp 35kg Romanian deadlift 72.5kg x8 reps Elbows are tucked in on the way down when benching and flared when ascending. Ohp - pausing briefly at the bottom. Chest up, deep breath, squeezing glutes. I've gained 2kg and a few lb in about 2 months but i think its mainly lower body. Eating more will result in gaining more fat? Tracking calories with mfp. 2900 cals a week atm. 160 grams+ protein a day. Sleeping 7-8 hrs a day. I always seem to 'bulk' then cut but havent seen any real results. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Knee pain after lifting

    Hi,On sundayI did some dumbell lunges with 10kg dumbells and when i took the dog out for a walk around 3 hours later my left knee had a dull sharpish pain right at the front of the knee cap. It's strange because I've been running and walking on it for months with no pain what so ever and as soon as I start this exercise my knee starts hurting?? I am thinking it could be my form? So i kept my toes pointing straight forward and knees straight forward also but i am aware your knees should be kinda facing outwards when you squat so is it my form?I am new to weight lifting so form Is pretty awful at the moment so If anyone could give me any advice or help on this I would muchly appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. Diastasis recti

    HELLO. So long story cut short. 6 years post partum. Started trainning in 2016 (weights cardio calthentics ect) Last year i discovered i have a diastasis recti, mainly 1 finger gap, 2 fingers near my belly button. I leak often ??, my stomach does doam during certain movements. I know better now.... know better exercisers. I train a LOT smarter. I eat really clean (vegan) . I say discovered.....learnt. never had a clue that there was a such a thing. Its seriously more common than you may think ? The problem is , that i have a recuring muscle knot in my left upper adomen. An otseopath said it was my diapham that was knoted. He said nothing else. Its been knoting up in the area and causing me pain for over a year now! My dr is seriously uninterested when i start sayin about my muscle/joint issues and pain. In fact he said my 'lump' was broken cartalige. The osteopath said knot and diaphram. Need help/advice. Im getting some more appointments set up with the correct people, to try and get to the route cause. Honestly i think its from my weak core, the lack of function. Other muscles are over compansating, causing my painful knot ??
  14. Hi guys, first time writing here, ive been training for years, and been on many steroid cycles before, mainly moderate but had some great gains, however I’m looking to step it up a notch, meaning doing a more advanced cycle, i want your take on it please, please tell if I’m over doing it or if some of the products in my cycle are pointless, my goal is to size up hugely, insane gains im looking to do the following 1000mg test e, per week Decca 600mg per week Tren Acetate 100mg Every other day Dbol 80mg every day for 10 weeks Anavar 80mg every other day for 10 weeks Arimidex 1mg every other day these are SiS LAB products i got my usn carb shake and Gold standard whey, olimp bcaa plus 6-7 meals a day What you think? i weight 62kg and 5’4 age 31
  15. Protein v Diet Protein?

    ] So i've been going to the gym for a month or two now and really starting to like it, im looking at proteins but i came to a hault when i saw that there are "Diet Proteins" Here are the links to the proteins i have narrowed down to https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/impact-whey-protein/10530943.html?rctxt=default. https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/impact-diet-whey/10530657.html?autocomplete=productsuggestion https://www.phd-supplements.com/diet-whey-powder.html Few questions, do you simply drink "diet proteins" instead of my meals completely? Do these "diet proteins" work for after my workouts, theres much more protein per scoop in these diet ones so im confused on why people would simply buy the normal stuff. Appreciate any forms of help/tips! Cheers!
  16. Hi, I am just under 6'3 and 15. I don't know my exact weight, but I am definitely a little on the skinny side. I'm eating well under the amount of calories I need and it keeps getting commented on people and I'm quite self concious I have lots of shoulder muscle and do weight lift, any thing I can do to gain weight? Any foods I need to be eating? I think I eat a lot but obviously not Thanks
  17. Premium Raws Is proudly associated with the Uk Muscle Forum and is offering all of its users 30% off the Website when you us UKM30 at checkout. If you have any questions with regards to supplementation then please feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to give you all the information you need. Website Link: https://www.premiumraws.co.uk/
  18. Premium Raws is proudly associated with the UK Muscle Forum and is offering 30% off to all of the UK muscle users when you use UKM30 at checkout. If you guys have any questions about the brand then please drop a line here and we will get back to you. Website: https://www.premiumraws.co.uk/
  19. Gaining muscle during ''PCT'' ?

    Hey. So exactly 24 days ago I have ended my cycle ( 4 weeks of dbol solo, 40mg ED) with a 20 mg dose. I am not using any PCT drugs, only vitamins, natural things. I am fine now, doing bloodwork in 4 days. I wanted to ask, how come I am gaining muscle during this ''pct'' after cycle ? I am doing many exercises with ressistance training, focusing on contraction etc, and seeing good gains. After losing some water weight I look more lean than bulky, shredded shoulders etc. Even though I am feeling more tired in the gym, weights havent gone down signifiicantly, I just have less energy, more muscle pain when doing exercises. Pump is great. Any advice would be highly appreciated, thank you in advance.
  20. So, I'll start this of by telling you that I started going to the gym the winter of 2016. I was 189 cm tall and about 85kg heavy, I was skinny fat (Was obese when i was younger, 175cm/87 kg). When I got comments about being fat ,obiously these were not serious comments but jokes, but I was so insecure in my body that I thought people really saw me as an 200kg fat guy. These comments led to me going to the gym. At first I saw result and "noob gainz". I followed a typical bro split. I lost weight at the time and this is when things got bad. I started counting every fu**ing single calorie that I ate. For a period of time i played soccer 4 days a week and worked out 4 times a week while eating like a maximum of 1500 calories. As you may expect this resulted in a unhealthy weightloss. I dropped down to 70 kg being 190 cm tall at this moment. this was before the summer of 2017. During this weightloss period i started binge eating until i got so full that i puked and things like that. I developed eating and body image disorders. I also lost all of my energy, sex drive, and got other hormonal problems. The summer of 2017 i went on vacation to the country where the rest of my family lives. Here they kind of forced me to eat. After the summer i was ready to "bulk". After the vacation i was weighing around 74kg. So this was in August of 2017. Since then ive been trying to bulk with no result. During this "bulk" Ive really ate a clean diet, almost only chicken and rice, egg whites, oats and so on. Im weighing arounf 78 kg now ( 28 of March 2018) and the only thing I have gained is fat on my stomach (i think.. no visible muscle gains, ALMOST no strength gains). My upper body around my stomach are looks "kind of" skinny fat, but my arms, legs and calves got a lot of veins, like A LOT (especially calves). So im not sure what my body fat percentage is at but maybe 15%? So my questions to you guys are what should I do? Routine- Wich routine? Ive tried upper/lower splits but i do not like them....I did not enjoy working out. And I really want to workout 5 days a week hitting each muscle 2x a week. Diet- I dont want to count calories because they stress me out so much right now because of my past that I really feel bad and suicidal when thinking about them. How should I eat and think about my diet when working out? Guys I really want your help. Some of you guys will recommend things like startingstrength but i really wanna workout 5 days a week. And im dead serious about the help, I would love serious comments. And i do not plays soccer anymore. My lifts (No back squats squats cuz they really f**k my lower back up) Front squat 70kg x 5 Bench 72,5x5 Sumo deadlift 145kg x1 Week af i know... So Im turning 18 this summer just so u know guys(2018) And guys, Ive tried so fkkn hard getting results but because of my f**ked up mind and body image i always fail and im afriad that soon ill give up... This is a PPL routine that Ive been thinking about trying, 5 days a week. Wich results in: PPL/R/PP/R/ LPP/R/LP/R/ Legs1: Front Squat 4 x6 Sumo DL 4x6 Spit squat4x8 Leg curl 4x10 Seated Calf Raise 8x8 Push1: Bench 4x6 Seated Military press4x6 Incline DB Bench 3x8 Decline DB press 3x 8 Lateral raises3x10 Skulcrushers 3x 8 Pushdowns 3 x10 Pull 1: weighted Pull Ups 3 x6 DB One Arm row 3x6 Narrow LAt Pulldown 3x 8 Seated Wide Grip Cable row 3x8 Superset: Shrugs/Reverse flys 3x10 Ez bar curl 3x8 Preacher curl 3x10 Legs 2: Front Box Squat 4x12 Sumo deadlift 4x10 Leg extensions 4x 12 Leg curls 4 x15 Standing Calf raises 6 x15 Push 2: Bench 3x 12 DB Shoulder press 3x 12 incline BB Bench 3x 12 Chest cross overs 3 x 12 Lateral raises 3x 15 Overhead Tricep ext 3x 12 Tricep Pushdown 3x 15 Pull2: DB one arm row 3x 12 Lat pulldown 3x 12 seated Wide grip cable row 3x 12 Superset: Shrugs/Reverse flys 3x15 Ez bar curl 3x 12 DB invline curl 3x 15
  21. How do I get rid of this!

    I would be very happy to not have that kind of a body you see on the picture! pls help me! thank you all