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  1. Female Bodybuilding
    Hey everyone I'm doing a small research about health and fitness I would really appreciate it if you can help me out with this small survey. Thank you.
  2. Personal Care & Health
    To many people's surprise muscle growth is actually not a linear process. When first starting out it's not uncommon to pack on 2-3 pounds of muscle per month as a true beginner. Then as an intermediate lifter that number goes down to only 1-2 pounds of muscle per month. And finally, as an...
  3. Losing Weight
    My plan during quarantine is to cut by doing HIT training at home, but I don't want to lose the muscle mass I already gained in muscle arms. How do I cut but still gain muscle? Height: 6'0" Weight : 170lbs Body fat: 14.9% BMR: 1791 kcal
  4. General Conversation
    So Like alot of people, we're all searching for dumbells during this time of crisis, here are some of the best ads ive seen online. PS these are all legit. Post yours below.
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi. About 2 years ago I purchased some tablets that were non steroid but acted as a steroid with steady muscle gain and fat cutting qualities. They really did help. Amazing results. Obviously I still had to work hard in the gym. I stopped taking them because of the only negative side effect...
  6. Welcome Lounge
    Hi Guys, Just joined the site, i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on a starting fitness plan? I have a barbell (40KG Total), Multi pullup bar, Ankle/ wrist weights (0.5kg) and a punch bag. I'm looking to get into a routine but don't know where to start off. Just looking to build on...
  7. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hey All, I am Ankur. and hv been working out for last 9/10 months regularly...6 times a week.. my ht. is 5'7" a nd when I started I weigh almost 76kg in intial months I loose alomost 7/8kg... reaches to 66/67kg... n thn I started gaining... n now I am alomost 70kg...which my trainer says is...
  8. Supplementation
    Muscle building is a sport that has been taken up by people from all around the world. Some simply dabble with the idea of it, occasionally attempting to keep in shape; some are quite committed to it, devoting many hours each week to building muscle mass, while a smaller number dedicate their...
  9. Supplementation
    hi, im 19 15 stone and im looking to get fit for a holiday with the boys in september. its the first time ive ever thought about building up my muscle and im just looking for some advce on what products will help my gain muscle in such a short time. any advice at all would be great thank you..
  10. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hey people, im wondering if anyone can help me. I work thoughout the week in a department store and i'm unsure of what to put in my lunchbox for lunch! I mainly work from 9.30 through till 6 and mainly go to the gym in the evening. I only get one hour for lunch this is usually between 12-2, so i...
  11. General Conversation
    1)Ectomporph - Skinny 2)Endomorph - Fat 3)Mesomorph - Can easily be both
  12. Welcome Lounge
    Hi all The Bugmeister here...ok just call me Shaun :) I talk about fitness and workout tips from actual experiences over text book facts, as that's where the real value is. I'm new here @ UK muscle, so i look forward to commenting with you all. Bugs out!
  13. Welcome Lounge
    Hi I'm new here. I eat all the right kinds of food but never put much weight on so I've joined this site to hopefully get advice on putting on weight and building bigger muscles. I bought a weight gaining supplement today so I'm going to see how that goes! I hope I can meet some friendly people...
1-13 of 14 Results