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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey guy's, I'm moving to the UK in a few weeks time and am just looking for some information on steroid laws and if i have 20ml of sust in my check in luggage, will I be pulled up on it coming through customs..... I've never traveled with AAS before so if someone with experience could set me...
  2. Losing Weight
    Hello Last year I managed to lose 4 stone from using a keto diet and a short period on Steak and Eggs. Since last September, university and tendon damage in both feet has helped me put it all back on. I am now standing at 5'7" and 19 stone and 43 years old. Tendons are pretty much ok now and...
  3. General Conversation
    :becky: well memory has gone lol anyway either 3 or 4 weeks back at training leg press 7 plates a side so 140k a side nice strict movements started doing squats last week before now 6 months ago 90 k was my best today 105k squats for 3 sets then onto leg press built up to 140k a side did 3...
  4. General Conversation
    hey im not gonna be online much for a bit im in the middle of moving to aberdeen! anyone from there that could recomend a good gym? xx:thumb:
  5. General Conversation
    Hey bro's I'm moving at the end of the month from Canterbury to Chiswick (W4) - London. Can anybody recommend any good gyms anywhere near there. MAny thanks Buffalo
1-5 of 5 Results