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Found 6 results

  1. How do you guys do it?

    Hello everyone, I'm an 18 year old male that was in good shape; but since lockdown I have declined in physical fitness. I'm joining the royal navy in November, so I NEED to be in good shape for then, but for the life of me, i can't stay committed to improving my physique and stamina. I usually have about two weeks of committing to my fitness plan of press ups, and weightlifting etc, and on the rare occasion i'll go for a run, but after about day 13/14. i find myself really struggling to keep committed and motivated; So my question is how are you able to keep committed and motivated throughout your time exercising? It's something i just constantly struggle with. I was going to the gym everyday before COVID19 but since they have closed i find myself not even doing my daily press ups, because the whole time im losing muscle due to not having big weights to use etc. and i don't even want to look myself in the mirror anymore after how much smaller i've become. At this point i feel as if i'm spiralling out of my whole fitness mindset right now, and i'm in desperate need of advice on how i should proceed towards grabbing my old-self back. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hey I’m Justin, I’m 14 years old and I’m 5’9. I’m here because I want motivation to start working out and get my body in better shame. People all my life have been calling me skinny I’m 51kg but I do have a little bit of muscle but people look at my wrists and arms and call me skinny. In my eyes my head doesn’t suit my body, my body is so small for my head. It makes me think that my body is meant to be bigger so please help me seek motivation and make me feel fit. At this current my country is in quarantine and it seems like it will be like that for the next couple months so I want to workout at home if anyone can help me my instagram is justinp.6. My phone won’t get notifications so I am not sure if I will see your replies but I will come back 2x everyday to see this thread. Please I want motivation I don’t want to send pictures of how I look right now because I’m ashsamed of how skinny I am. Please motivate and reccomend me semi-decent workouts that will help me build muscle. I thought this is the perfect opportunity to get fit and get the body I want due to the coronavirus
  3. What are your favourite?
  4. Hi all, I am 29 and returning to training properly again after 3 years. I am struggling a lot. I feel very weak, struggle with dizziness, lighth headedness, poor strange and no pump etc. I remember how i used to feel like and and how i could go on and on and enjoy my training and how it felt. But now is nothing like then. To give an idea: When i stopped i was 78 kg and deadlifted 150kg 2 -3 reps. I am not 84 kg and cant deadlift more than 85kg.... One other thing to note is age i feel like i am older than i was so perhaps hormones has to do with it?? The biggest change in me that i know of is the mental issues. I have gone through quite a lot and and want to include this in the question because this might have to do with it. Thanks for your thoughts. Any analysis, thoughts would be helpful.
  5. Needing Advice and Help

    Hi all, A bit of background info first. So I started losing weight and going to the gym in 2013. I was 25 stone. After a year and a half I had got down to 17 and I was feeling good, motivated and loving it. The in December 2015 I had an accident where I slipped in the bathroom and hit my head which caused me to fit. My leg had slipped behind the toilet and when I fitted I broke my ankle and dislocated my knee, tearing tendons and damaging ligaments. I spent the next year on crutches and suffered very bad depression and anxiety, including panic attacks and social anxiety. I lost all motivation for weight loss and training. It might be worth noting I've always had problems with depression and anxiety but training before had got me out of it. Its now 2 years later and I'm 22 and a half stone feeling horrible. Trying to get my motivation back to get down the gym and trying to beat the social anxiety to do it. I do well with my diet for a bit and then I mess up. I work permanent lates at work and I always used to love going to the 24hr gym after my lates but again I cant gain motivation. Has anyone got any advice, any plans?
  6. Anxiety & Anavar?

    Hey guys.. I am in a bit of a dilemma.. So a year ago I was on a Var. cycle, 80mg EA. Did it for 4 weeks, massive gains. Anyways, near the end of my first month, I got very bad food poisoning, and had other life issues going on. So within another month, I lost 30 pounds.. Mind you, I kept off of the cycle. It was near summer, so I went on vacation for a month, came back and wanted to try the cycle again because its been about 4 months since the incident at the time. I did 80mg EA for 5 days... By the fifth day I was having massive stomach aches, unable to eat, shakey, sweaty etc... I noticed back then in time, every time I would pop a pill, RIGHT away I would feel anxious and my anxiety would pick up and make my heart race. So I stopped. Now.. Just over a YEAR later, I want to pick it back up again.. Actually, this morning I started. So I'm deciding I start slow, and do 60mg E.A, and space it out 3 times a day. 20-20-20. Right after taking my first pill, I already felt my heart racing just a bit, and my stomach eventually kicked in as well, but just a tad. When I do things to get my mind off it im fine, but as im even typing this, I feel my stomach a bit... These pains are the same pains I got when I was sick, but on a lower level... So honestly, I'm stumbled. I made a post about a year ago as well on this site with my symptoms and my background and everything, I wish I could find it... Its been tough this last year, I managed to catch up with myself at 30 pounds lighter, naturally but I don't have that extra drive I had. Before: Age:19 Weight: 205 Height: 5'10 Bench: 335 Shoulder Press: 250 Squat: 455 (Yes, full squats.) Now: Age:20 Weight: 180 Height:5'10 Bench: 315 Shoulder: 215 Squat: 375 Anyways, I'd like some tips... (P.S. Its the same VAR. bottle, I have 2... I was thinking of opening the other jar up to see if the other isn't any good, but my source is Excellent.) I may have missed some crucial points, so please ask and I shall answer any missing answers. Thank you.