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Found 4 results

  1. Big Al's Fight Prep

    Alright guys so before covid I was starting to fight again in the ring (although cage to be specific with my last fight) and now that things are starting to get back to normal I'm beginning to prep to go back in again. At the moment training is a little restrictive,but I'm hoping by the end of the year to have a regular sparring partner or two (but we will have to see) in the meantime I'm doing mostly bagwork. I've got three vids to share with you with recent prep the first was in late February just before all the covid madness. Then two more that I've done during the lockdown I've started adding commentary now on the last video to explain my thoughts, techniques etc. But the first two just have music over the top. Cheers guys feel free to share your thoughts, ideas questions etc..
  2. Cage fight preparation

    Alright guys so I'm not sure if I should post this in the training journals or whether that's just for the bodybuilding section. But I have started doing cage fighting recently. Got one fight under my belt already, but have quite a lot of experience as I've done martial arts since I was a child. But mma is deffo another game and a hard one! Anyways my sparring partner broke his hand so he's out for a few weeks but I thought I'd share how my bag work is going that I did this week. Next fight should be November but may try get one sooner. Any thoughts or questions feel free
  3. Course advice

    Hi all first post here so please be kind! currently looking for some cycle advice, history below. I am currently 6 foot 3, 15st 8 with 16% body fat tested on a machine in the gym so i will take that as between 14-18% cycle history; dbol only 18yrs old (dumb i know - small gyno lump gained) Anavar only .... 24 yrs old went from 14stone to 14 ,7 and kept most gains (nolva pct) Earlier this year i ran a test-e cycle 12 weeks 500mg/ 2 x 250 iu hcg p/w alongside aromasin 12.5mg eod. Still had gyno flare up so used letro reversal protocol and worked great, finished. waited 2 weeks then began standard nolva/clomid pct. cycle worked great and put on decent mass although still a bit chubby haha. i have just taken up Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA which covers 6 days including conditioning and circuits now i really want to cut up next year and was wondering if you think after my ‘time off’ is served - april - the below would be a good idea week 1 500mg test e (frontload) week 2 500mg test e (frontload) week 3-10 250mg test and Anavar This is to help with my new sport and asthetics for summer. What does of Anavar would you advise? should i run hcg? is Nolva alone enough for PCT? I have not posted diet due to i envisage weight lose due to heavy cardio based training and willl look at this nearer the time. Thanks in advance
  4. Gym membership

    Hey guys. I have been enjoying the invaluable benefits of one of the leading UK fitness franchises at David Lloyd club for 10 months now and as it happens I am now moving "far far away" however it would be a sin for me to throw the 2 remaining months away so I'd like to share it with some of you guys. It's valid for any of 92 David Lloyd's locations across UK. If you're interested feel free to contact or email me on [email protected] Cheers and keep an eye of the tiger!