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  1. PCT
    So first of all, i admit i ****'d up. Just to explain my journey very breifly.. I originally started training when i was 15-16 and trained consistently for over a year. I then stopped due to exams and did not manage to get back into it until a further year where i trained for a few months and...
  2. Breakfast Recipes
    I've been eating this every morning and b4 bed. I fu**ing love it 100g oats 3 whole eggs 100ml almond milk (sweetened) 25-30g peanut butter 25g honey Step 1) crack 3 eggs into bowl and whisk until think and no lumpy snotty bits Step 2) Add 100ml of almond milk to the eggs and mix...
  3. Supplementation
    Just curious to know if his sounds effective or not... Taking regular amounts of Casein protein (cheap from the chemist) because it apparently releases protein slowely i was considering taking amino acid pills after each work out, for a faster release of the protein Does anyone do this...
  4. Supplementation
    is it ok to mix my creatine with my whey shake after a workout? 2scoops of whey 1 teaspoon of creatine?
  5. Protein
    In the humble opinions of the people in this forum which brand protein do you find the best tasting or best mixing protein. Any responses would be a great help to me as I have found none... and instead of sampling everyone thought I would just ask you guys n' dolls:bounce: :bounce: :bounce...
  6. Getting Started
    hey there just wondering if its good to do the androil for 3 weeks then hit the stanizol and androil after that all togeather just a thought newbi here :? lol cheers Toa
  7. Supplementation
    2 random questions here lads, 1, i use extreme way but when i mix it in my blender, it appears to double in volume, however this is froth, i then spend the next half hour burping.!!!! i know it sounds like a virginial question, but i am a body building virgine, how do i stop the froth? 2, a...
1-7 of 7 Results