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  1. General Conversation
    Hi,is muscle memory a fact or myth. I've just started training after 15 or so years off(i'm 43) and wondered if my gains will be better this time. Is it because i am more focused,wiser and know the pitfalls that gains may appear easier! Regards James
  2. General Conversation
    I broke my arm in the summer, quite badly just above the elbow. It still plays up now but it's a lot better. Doctors have said not to get back on the weights until December just in case but I've started doing really, really light bicep curls on that one arm. Thing is, I was 15 stone when I...
  3. Getting Started
    Hey guys been away from the gym for a while due to an injury , been told that i will build back what i lost in half the time due to 'muscle memory' it to be believed or just another myth????? cheers fellas
1-3 of 3 Results