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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all hoping for some good advice. I have been doing as much research as I can on MT2. I'm looking to make my first purchase soon (have decided on the nasal sprays as I can't manage injections) I have extremely pale skin, never tan just burn (quickly!) sunbeds do nothing for me and I too struggle with the confidence issues during summer time. Can't wear shorts and little tops in fear of burning and have to spend most of my time in the shade! So praying MT2 will work for me the way it has for many others. Ideally I would like some advice on the loading phase and when to start before a holiday (Although not much hope of getting there in September this year ?) however would still really appreciate the advice. After constant researching on blogs and reviews I thought perhaps loading for two weeks prior to departure - 1 spray a day for first 4 days, then begin with 3-4 mins on sunbed from day 5? And then two sprays a day onwards. Some may say that's a low dose but I really would prefer to take my time with it as I don't want to turn freakishly dark very quickly?! Also understand that the nasal sprays are "less effective"? All advice is appreciated Thanks guys
  2. Hey, first cycle using melanotan 2 will be this year, I have two vials ready to use. my question is, is there any point to start using melanotan 2 at the moment with low uv index. And won’t be using sunbeds. Although I’m outside all day every day Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm a journalist looking to speak to people who have used Melanotan nasal tanning sprays. I understand that they are popular in the bodybuilding community and I want to hear about people's experiences with them, whether positive or negative, and especially from users in the North of England. Any replies will be really appreciated! Shannon
  4. Hey I got my first batch of MT2 delivered on Wednesday last week and I had my fourth injection last night. The 10mg of MT2 was mixed with 1ml of sterile water and I’m taking 10 units per day on a insulin needle. So, I think that equates to 1000mcg a day. I’ve had no noticeable side effects to report. I’ve hired a sunbed as I’m going away in just over 2 week and I’d been going on it everyday prior to getting MT2, so I already had a base tan. I’d say I’m in between skin type 2 and 3 on the Fitzpatrick chart so I can burn but I usually get a light caramel/golden tan. How long does it take to work? I’ve not noticed any difference in colour since only using the sunbed and I’ve still been going on everyday within the 36 hour timeframe. I’m just warning other people’s opinions and advice. Thanks in advance
  5. Hiya I need some advise on MT2 injections as I’m a first time user and I keep seeing different things... I have already received my vial of MT2 which the lady premixed for me (she’s known locally for selling it and I’ve seen results) so I know they’re not rubbish. Anyway, she recommended to take 10 units a day for 10 days and never really advised how often I should be going on a sunbed. I’ve hired a sunbed as I’m going on holiday (had it a week and got it for another four week) so I was kind of tanned for me already as I’d been going on it for 10 mins everyday. However, I’m like Casper the ghost usually and do tan but it’s never deep like I’d want, hence buying MT2 I’ve had my first 2 doses of 10mg in an evening and I felt sick for maybe a minute around 2 mins after taking it but no other side effects at all really. In fact, the sickness could be because I’m scared of needles so someone else has to do it for me and it happens when I have any injection because I’m thinking it about. No appetite loss, no no increased sex drive (I’m a lady though so it may be hard to tell anyway) and nothing else to report. Anyway, I’m struggling to know how much to take (as some people say 2.5 units, others say 5 units and then the woman I got them off says 10) and how often to go on the sunbed. I can now go on for 15 mins without burning because of the tan I’d already built up but I don’t want to go on too much and change race either. can you guys advise please? I’d reeeeally appreciate it
  6. Right so basically, I’ve used Melanotan for the past 6 months on and off and had great results off it. I then decided a couple couple of weeks back that I should come off it for a bit to be on the safe side. But then after coming off it i discovered white patches on my face that are really starting to bother me. For experimental purposes after discovering these spots I decided to see if Melanotan was hiding them as it made my skin darker. I jabbed melanotan one night, went on the sun bed the following day and the patches had near enough disappeared which makes me unsure as to how long I’ve had this condition. Ive been to the doctors twice and been told different things; 1) it’s eczema as I have naturally dry skin and 2) it’s Pityriasis Versicolor. However I am abit skeptical that it’s either of them as I’ve used the medication pescribed and nothing seems to be working. I have previously had atheletes foot and wondering that whilst treating it; I’ve touched my face and caused the fungal infection to spread to my face as I recall a pink// lighter patch near my mouth being present for a while . Ive read places that it could possibly be vitiligo but obviously just want a second opinion/ more information as to what it could be, I’ve made further appointments with the doctor but just want to get to the bottom of what it is. I’ve attahced images, any advice// replies are greatly appreciated as it’s driving me mad atm
  7. Melanotan

    Hi can a source Melanotan on here
  8. MT 2 - loading for holiday.

    Hey, I am just about to start MT2 for the first time as I head off to Mexico in 6 weeks for my 2 week holiday. I have type 1 skin and have never had a natural tan in my life. I have seen great results from MT2 and purchased my starter kit using a website recommended to me by a friend. My question is, starting from now, how often and how much MT2 should I be using and should I expect to go darker while in Mexico? I'm 5ft 2" and 125lb if that makes any difference. Thanks
  9. Travelling with MT2

    Hi All! I've brought MT2 with me to USA and to Spain before without a problem just put it into my carry on and no questions asked. To be honest I didn't even think twice about it. This stuff is magical! I've a pale pale type 1 red head with freckles and I've used this on and off over the years before a holiday and I turn quite dark. In a few months I'm going to do some travelling - I will be going to Cambodian, Vietnam and Bali. I am wondering has anyone had any experience bringing MT2 into these countries in their luggage? I will be back packing for a month I wont be able to ship it to a hotel etc. Another Q- how long does MT2 stay in your system for the colour to fake if you are not injecting but are in the sun? As I said I will be gone for a month so I don't want my tan to fade mid holiday. IF they did stop you and check your bag would you be in trouble or would they just take it off you? It is legal to carry slim pins in your luggage without a prescription? Also I know MT2 is a peptide- Stupid Q is a peptide a drug? is it illegal to have this in your possession for personal use? Any advice would be great! Thanks a mill in advance! Tanmad!
  10. Hi guys! I have been injecting 250 mcg of Melanotan 2 every day, from Medical Inc. since 5/4 and using sun bed 4 times. This is the following doses i have been using 5/4 250 mcg 6/4 250 mcg + sun bed 14 minutes 7/4 250 mcg 8/4 250 mcg + sun bed 21 minutes 9/4 250 mcg 10/4 250 mcg + sun bed 21 minutes 11/4 250 mcg 12/4 250 mcg + sun bed 24 minutes When will it start working ? As you can see on the image, my girlfriend is probably as dark, if not darker, than me, and she has not been injecting. We spent the same amount of time in the sun bed and our skin color from the start, was the same. Should i maybe try Melanotan 2 from Scenic instead ?