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melanotan 2
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  1. Tanning / Melanotan
    Sun tanning can cause skin cancer due to harmful UV Rays of sun. You can get perfect tanned and glowing body by using tan me tanning pills.
  2. Tanning / Melanotan
    Would anyone care to point me in the right direction of any legit UK distributors of melanotan 2, the websites I've came across all have threads about them telling me to avoid, took money no delivery etc... Thanks.
  3. Muscle Research Peptides
    My Partner ordered some Nasal melanotan 2 weeks ago, i did tell her not to as its supposedly 40-50% less effective as the Sub-Q needle type, anyway she has tanned right up and only used the sun beds 3 times im sure shes lying as i can't believe how dark she's gone and it isn't even the orange...
  4. Muscle Research Peptides
    Has anyone been on melanotan 2 and could you pm me a reliable supplier? I bought some from an online supplier but I'm also certain it's fake
1-4 of 4 Results