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Found 12 results

  1. Just had my hormone results in. I'm not on steroids, did Dianabol when I was 17/18 but nothing since. I'm a 30 year old Male. Looking for anything that could be causing my fatigue, low libido, low mood anxiety etc. During to an immune disorder I have been on and off Prednisolone which is known to mess with the Adrenals, but haven't used it in a while now. Any advice welcome, will be taking results to docs and have an appt with specialist coming up RE immune disorder so to go in armed with as much knowledge as possible will be good. For reference my testosterone was 17.3 nmol 3 years ago.
  2. Hey guys, A bit of background. I did a Hormone panel 6 weeks ago and noticed my Prolactin and SHBG were really high. So for 14 days after my test I took 14 Days 50MG Proviron to drop the SHBG and I took Cabergoline to hit the Prolactin for 4 doses at 0.25MG (Twice a week). After them 14 days I've have had nothing in my system. I got my results back today and my SHBG has dropped into a decent range and prolactin has crashed. But more worryingly my Free Test has slightly decreased and my total Test has been hit very hard a drop of 40%! Any ideas here? I had my bloods done back in January and my total test then was 25.7 nmol/L. Totally lost here as to why on earth my Free Test and Total Test has dropped! I took the test at the same time of day. All I can think of is my body just likes being at a Free Test level of 0.3ish? So if my SHBG was high I would produce more Testostorone in order to stay at the 0.3ish range and if my SHBG were to crash my Testosterone would decrease to a point where my Free T would stay at the 0.3ish range? Good theory? Or bullshit? Any help please guys! Please see attached photo.
  3. 28 male never done any type of AAS before, what are your thoughts on my results Any advice would be really appreciated
  4. Are medichecks still delivering and receiving blood samples?
  5. I know i'm not keeping my story to one thread, but this is really just to alert people to the possibility of their blood test results from various providers being, well, wrong. By a lot. Long story short - i've been tracking my testosterone through Medichecks since early 2018, so coming up for 2 years. Nine tests. Ignoring the first two (on clomid), the rest giving results around the 6 - 8 nmol//l. Last Medichecks test was Nov '19, just over 6nmol. Fairly consistant. In dec '19, bit the bullet, saw nhs doc who took bloods on 18th Dec. Went for my results last night - 11.9nmol/l. My LH was 2.9, roughly the same as my last Medichecks test. So, for 18 months i've had regular private bloods, taken by a nurse, paid for extra fast delivery, always coming back around 6 to 7nmol. Get blood test not long after a 6 result but on nhs - result is double. Props to the doc because after i said "looks like i need to get onto Medichecks about this, i've spent a lot of money with them" he replied he still wanted me to see an endo based on the Medichecks results. Something 'aint right though.... Anyone else had this?
  6. Here are my mid cycle blood tests on 480mg of test e a week. I’m using nexus labs and this is my first cycle, over 8 weeks in. Using accord pharma aromasin 12.5mg 24 hours after pinning. Very good results from what I know. ?? For Nexus I ran Neuro Pharma anavar earlier in my cycle. Plan to do another oral later on too. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Hi Guys, After a year of cruising on 200mg test e per week i have embarked on a new course currently on 2.5 ml of Pharmacom mix 6 TRENBOLONE ENANTHATE 100 mg/mlTESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE 200 mg/mlMASTERONE ENANTHATE 200 mg/ml 6 weeks in i decided to gets some bloods done just to see where i am at as libido although not dead was not as i was used to, i took the ultimate test that tests pretty much everything, anyhow yesterday Medichecks actually called me with concerns about my hi red blood cells (which i thought would be elevated due to the steroids) but also cholesterol is out of range Prolactin is high so ill try and source some caber from experience should i be worried in regard to red blood cells and cholesterol I have attached the report so if any can shed some light that would be great Ultimate Performance Blood Test 30 Oct 2019.pdf
  8. ALBUMIN 35 - 50 R 40.4 g/L SHBG 18.3 - 54.1 R 8.63 nmol/L FSH 1.5 - 12.4 R <0.3 IU/L LH 1.7 - 8.6 R <0.3 IU/L OESTRADIOL 41 - 159 R 104 pmol/L TESTOSTERONE 8.64 - 29 R 188 nmol/L FREE TESTOSTERONE - CALC. 0.2 - 0.62 R 8.18 nmol/L FREE ANDROGEN INDEX 24 - 104 R 2,178.45 Ratio PROLACTIN 86 - 324 R 461 mU/L DHEA SULPHATE 4.34 - 12.2 R 10.8 umol/L Currently Running: 700mg test enanthate PW 350mg mast enanthate PW 25mg Proviron ED 12.5mg Exemestane ED Have been on 5 months.... not much sex drive considering ^^ Planned to drop the test to 500mg, and add anadrol and Winston at low doses...
  9. Anyone had issues using the medichecks needle in the vein where it won’t draw up ? Mine failed twice and I’ve had to ask for a new testing kit ? The procedure was done by a nurse.
  10. I'm looking for the cheapest options for TRT whilst having an expert (someone other than the NHS who know what they are looking at!) read bloodwork, monitor and administer TRT (A good endo.) I'd ideally like my bloodwork done by medichecks as I like their online dashboard plus the prices are good but I understand private companies use their own systems. I'll bookmark this thread with these options and happy to add to it to help people These are the private companies found so far: Any discussions on what the best companies are and what prices we're looking at? themenshealthclinic.co.uk balancemyhormones.co.uk/testosterone-for-men/ pharmacy2u.co.uk optimale.co.uk/trt-uk/ (approx £90 a month) -What are the prices per month you guys are paying? (is that including HCG / AI ) -Any recommendations on which endo's who are good at reading bloodwork? I.e. endos to read SHGB, oestrogen, free test, etc from these providers? -Any recommendations got places not listed that I should check? -No gels, pellets, other fads. My preference is for good injectables such as Test E Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone what test Yous going for when having your bloods done with medichecks ? Trt check plus looks the best to me. cheers
  12. Hi, I was hoping for some advice. I recently bought Ostarine from https://receptorchem.co.uk/ I took a testosterone test after 3 days of being on the stuff and my results are 205ng/dL or 7.11nmol/L. These levels are extermely low and would like some opinions, and would like to know if I should be worried. Here is a diary of the events prior and during the first few days. Friday: Went to the gym, had a stressful day at work (office job). That night I only got an hours sleep, was anxious about the fact that Sunday I was going to start my first cycle of Ostarine Saturday: Was very tired. Didn’t do much with the day, had an alright night sleep Sunday: 8am I took my first dose of Ostarine. Took 12.5mg, a half serving just to see how my body reacted. I felt fine and had an alright night sleep Monday: 8am I took a full 25mg dose, went to work, hit the gym. At this point I realised I should probably have taken a testosterone test to get a baseline reading... it was too late but ordered a test anyway, I thought that I wouldn’t be that supressed after a few days so it should be fine to test now for a sort of baseline. So I ordered a basic testosterone test kit from https://www.medichecks.com/testosterone-blood-tests/testosterone . That night I had about 6 hours sleep, was a little anxious for some reason, but I get anxiety anyway. Tuesday: 8am 25mg dose. Went to work, no gym, slept alright Wednesday: 8am 25mg dose. Went to work, hit the gym, felt insanely strong, hit PR on squat and bench. Had a chineese in the evening (fast food messes me up). Test kit arrived. Planned to do it in the morning. That night I had mad anxiety, i thought I couldn’t breathe... had shorness of breath... that sometimes happens to me when I have anxiety anyway... put it down to the chinese takeaway. I slept for about 4 hours (maybe less) Thursday: Felt okay considerimg the lack of sleep, the osta seems to mask tiredness. Decided to do the blood test. I struggled to get enough blood out, even after using all 4 fringer pricks. Managed to fill the tube halfway and posted it before first collection. The day was okay, a little unproductive at work but that was due to tiredness i guess. No gym. (dosed 25mg at 8am after blood test) Friday: 25 mg dose at 8am. Work and gym, felt weak in the gym. In the afternoon I got an email about my testosterone results. Not good. The doctors note suggested I get Test Replacement Theropy. The Total testosterone number was 7.11nmol/L which translates to 205ng/dL. This is very low. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced low levels like this after 3 doses of osta, or if i should be worried about an already existing low test issue. Should I stop taking the Ostarine immediately? Could the low level bbe due to lack of sleep both friday night and the night before the test? I realise it was pretty stupid to start a SARM without getting a baseline test result first, but excitement got the better of me. PS this is my first cycle of anything unnatural Thanks for taking te time to read this