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Found 7 results

  1. I have just started a new cycle (Yay) 750mg sus EW 100NPP EOD 30mg dbol ED (unsure about these, will post pics on different thread when I am home) Now I am considering running 100mg mast EOD, what would be the benefits of this? I understand usually you run with tren, but I'm curious as to whether or not it would be worth throwing in for the feel good factor / horniness / tighter skin? This is a recomp cycle
  2. Hi guys. English is not my first language... Im 38, 170 cm, 210 lbs. I guess 18 % body fat. I started training 20 years ago. The last 11 years I was natural, until last year I had a test 500 mg than a test 600, npp 300mg per week cycle for 12 week. 5 years ago I had a problem with my heart because I started feel palpitations and skip heartbeats. From that time a cardiologist prescribed for me a beta blocker and I had no simptoms. 6 weeks ago, I started a new cycle, 600 mg magnus test e, 420 mg hygene deca and 300mg magnus masteron weekly., with 0.5 mg arimidex 2x per week. I used the magnus test before, and I always have zero pip, and my test levels pretty good on it. After 4 weeks in my new cycle my test level was 162 nmol/L and my oestradiol 83.2 pmol/L. I never used deca or masteron before, but I think the npp should give me the same side effects. I had no problem before on npp. After 5 weeks in the cycle I started 40 mg stanozolol daily, and the heartbeat skips and the palpitations came back and now its really scary. I stopped the stanozolol 2 days ago. Anybody had this kind of side effects from deca, winstrol or masteron? What is your advise guys? The dr from GP said to me via phone, that I need to increase the daily dose of beta blocker and lets see whats happening. But she dont know about steroids... Thanks for your answer.
  3. Morning all, Been off cycle for around 8 months now having a good old detox. I havnt hit any hard cycles since my early 20s (I'm 30 now) and since have always ran single compounds and made my own stacks. Usually Test E @ 500mg-750mg EW Weeks 1-12 and Dbol at 50-60mg ED weeks 1-6. I've just bought some Elysium TTM 425 (20ml Bottle) and some Dbol. 225mg/ml Test E 100mg/ml Tren E 100mg/ml Masteron E I've used the Elixir Range before and had good results. I have links to the direct source so know that it's legit as aware it was faked a few years ago. Elysium is the same source just rebranded for 20ml Bottles. I was planning on taking 2ml EW Mon/Thurs. That would equate to: 450mg Test E 200mg Tren E 200mg Mast E I can't really go above 300/350mg tren from previous experience as sides become an issue. It's probably around 5 years since I've touched tren so just wanting some input as its been a while and wanted to know thoughts on dosages. It makes my test to tren dosage over 2:1 and my body is happier with higher test than lower test to tren. Wondering If I should add some more Test E to bring it up to 600mg EW as it's a compound my body has become quite accustomed to and have some left over from a previous cycle or would you say just pin 2ml a week and see how I get on? Dbol is for weeks 1-6 at 50mg a day as all the esters are long. Appreciate it, Will
  4. Hi I'm aware this is quite a specific subject, but dry eye syndrome is something that has caused me great difficutlty in my life, often having to leave or avoid specific working environments because of it. One thing I have however managed is to stay very consistent with my training. I've been training 8 years naturally and felt I reached a point where gains were very very gradual. I started taking test 500 a week and running anavar. This caused no problems at all with my eye condition infact I think the test actually improved dryness somewhat. However I recently added masteron prop and seem to have had constantly dry eyes while running this....currently 10 days in. I wondered if anyone else had experience with compounds causing dry eyes or skin I presume would be similar, if so what to avoid and what to try. I'm aware this is very specific topic and probably reaching for an answer but I can't find any threads online about this. I want to compete and persue a career in bodybuilding but I'm aware it's going to be very difficult if I can't get my cycles right. Thanks in advance
  5. Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.
  6. So, im 6weeks out, i supposed to run 8weeker of winny, but after 2weeks i cant handle it, aches.and pains all over, worse than ever, and im on 30mg and was.on 40 for 8weeks last time.. same brand, same batch even, i bought lots of it so have it on hand when i do shows.. So im switching to 280masteron.. will finish with 20days of 10-15mg halo, if it is enough? Never tried halo and i was wondering how much and for how long to get that "hard" look.. Also im on 210mg tren ace, my show supposed to be 2 weeks earlyer, but i have decided to do an NPC show so.. first idea was 6weeks of both tren and winny, but i see i CANT handle it, also id never run so much gear to use both.. My Q is, does this look ok Tren 210mg, mast 280mg for 6remaining weeks and 21day HALO run?
  7. Hello everybody Has anyone got review about DURE PHARMA MASTERON-E? Any good? I never used this lab. Thank you!