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  1. Strongman
    Hi Some of you may have seen my post the other day asking for help with a current photography project. If not, Hi, my names Sam and I'm a photographer. I want to start a project looking at Strongman and need too meet some strongmen for that to happen! The project will be a series of...
  2. General Conversation
    I went to see Tony Freeman in seminar last night with Doug Black from Extreme. Brilliant evening, Tony is a real gent and very interesting. If you get the chance go see this man, he looks in great shape and BIG, then go ! I have been in this game for thirty years and he gave me a lot of food...
  3. General Conversation
    Died in a Car crash in florida. Reports say Heart attack at the wheel. What a shame :sad:
  4. Welcome Lounge
    hi everyone am new obv hope to enjoy conversations with you guys:clap2:
  5. General Conversation
    I live in the isle of man and this weekend Irelands strongest man was held here. Those boys are unreal absolutly huge but all different shapes and sizes from 5'6 to 6'5. The 5'6 guy was dead lifting 55 stone more than 3 times his body weight !. Although it pissed it down it was a crackin day...
  6. General Conversation
    Check this out. I wouldn't fancy washing his undercrackers!
  7. Member Journals
    Thought it was probably about time I started a log, I remember when I first started training I used to record everything I did and it was good to look back and see the progress made. There are some awesome logs on here, some more "crazy" than others... I hope you find mine of some interest -...
  8. General Conversation
    Now someone posted about this guy's videos I think late last year and everyone had a good laugh at how stupid he look and danced. But I never knew he had an actual youtube profile! XD Seriously I urge people to check it out, the crazy think is he actually thinks he looks good with his ballon...
  9. General Conversation
    Hi all When is this on TV. I looked on the site and apparently the finals were in October?
  10. Bodybuilding Shows
    The Southeast Strongest Man comp will be held on the 22nd of Aug at ..... Newbeach Holiday Park Hythe Road Dymchurch Kent TN29 OJX The events are as follows Novice Farmers walk 90kg Tyre Flip 300kg Dead Lift 200kg Over head Medley ....log lift 80kg (one rep) ....Railway sleeper (one...
  11. General Conversation
    Has anyone had any success stories? Please elaborate. My war started out with having to use Andratrim DHT gel, which had good temporary results. But i only really had serious permanent success with smart lipo, and the results have just been gettin better. Tightness has increased. all i see is...
  12. Bodybuilding Shows
    Southeast Strongest Man ...Sat 22nd Aug...Novice and Open New Beach Holiday Park, Dymchurch, Kent. Will post events very soon , but if anyone wants more information please feel free to mail me [email protected] .. Cheers
  13. Welcome Lounge
    Hey all, My name is Mark and i am glad to be a part of this forum. I am an ex Scotland Rugby League rep, i have a foundation degree and honours degree in Sports Development. I wrote a motivational book titled, The Winners Monologue' that has been very well received by a number of athletes and...
  14. Welcome Lounge
    Hi, New 42 yr old member, trying for a new body after abusing this one for too long. Used to do a lot of Sport and martial arts, but have been a desk monkey for too many years. Tried running the other day and got nearly a mile before hving to walk the rest. Legs are killing me. So sad. Cheers,
  15. Losing Weight
    Been training for a while now and have noticed my tits getting a little flabby,i must admit i dont generally train that area of my body that much ie sit ups etc.. but what are the best excercises to tone this area? Cheers
  16. Cardio & Fitness
    I have been growing man boobs for the past 2 years and its reached a point where it's got to stop. I am gradually loosing all my confidence as a result of this infliction. I do not excercise at the moment as I am working at my desk all day, but I am not overweight, I'm 5'10 and weigh about 70Kg...
1-16 of 16 Results