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  1. PCT
    Hi I am looking to start a cycle of M1t although am unsure of what PCT I need to take post cycle or what I need to take during the cycle please could someone list what I should be taking (dosage wise etc) I have been doing my research but nothing gives a clear description just opinions...
  2. Classifieds & Exchanges
    I still have an unopened and sealed tub of Underground Labs M1t. These will obviously be out of date but an American military study proved as long as most medication is sealed and not exposed to heat they can last fine for up to 15 years after the expiry date (the expiry on these are unknown) if...
  3. Pro Hormones
    Hi guys anyone tried M1t from bodyconscious before? Also any advice on best way to split two 7.5mg doses of it? AM and PM or it does fly really matter? thanks
  4. Supplementation
    hi all i was just wandering if anyone on here has any experience of stealth labz m1t i have bought a tub to kick start a test cyp cycle but have since read on other furums that there either fake or underdosed if this is the case will tbullets be a better option or dbol cheers
  5. Supplementation
    guys i have just started a m1t cycle, dont worry about my pct (its sorted)... just never ran this before, so i have 2 questions? 1. 2wks on 2wks off or 3wks if i can make it? 2. dosage?
  6. Supplementation
    hi im goin to be doin a course of m1t soon just wondering the best dosage to start on and also the best pct to take with it also how long would u advise taken them for
  7. Supplementation
    Im just going to run it as it states on the bottle as its my first experience with ph, directions are 10mg/day for 2wks. any advice would be very much appreciated..........
  8. Supplementation
    just started corse of m1t doin 30mg a day will keep posting progress each week 4 all u fans of using ph. this will be 4th one iv tried super drol mass plex/ deca vol and now m1t.............had good results off first 3 i tried but here m1t is the strongest out there. oh 1 question how much...
  9. Supplementation
    simple question really witch one would u say is better 4 puuting on some mass? i know lot of it depends on person but there anyone on here who has tried both or had god results either plz let me know THANKS.
  10. Supplementation
    hi to everyone, i was thinking of using (methyl 1 test) or (m drol ) but have no clue how to use or how long to use it for or dosage, i have been looking around a few internet sites but can not make much sense?. i have heard you should use nolvadex after taking for your nuts, i have seen in...
  11. M1t

    Hi, I've just started taking 10mg of M1T per day 4 days ago, but each time i train i get bad headaches which mean I have to stop training prematurely. It seems to be less severe each time, should i continue with my planned cycle(4 weeks), and hope that it stops soon, or should i give up now...
  12. M1t

    guys i have been reading about the M1T product, on a few sites it seems to have good results can any one sare ther views for me ? thanks in advance lee v
  13. M1t

    i have a couple of bottles of M1T left and they have gone past their sell-by-date. one bottle smells off so ive chucked them but the other one seems ok. would it be ok to take them? i have used them before but pct was bad so lost all gains and more! so going to use nolva this time!! also would...
  14. Supplementation
    Simple question. Whats the best pct to use while on M1t and after a cycle of m1t?
1-14 of 14 Results