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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey everyone I have a huge problem with estradiol. I am constantly tormented by symptoms of low estradiol. I have not taken any IA since December. I am currently taking 100 mg test prop e2d. My mood came back for a while, but continued poping joints and being flat. I decided to hit 2500iu hcg...
  2. PCT
    Recently been suffering with low(ish) libido again, and not many morning wood's and finding it a struggle to get going. Last course finished September 2016, did a s**t pct and didn't fully recover so did a power pct in December 2016 which finished beginning of January 2017. Have now had bloods...
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Getting straight to the point. cant work out if my estrogen is high or low, as symptons very similar. had bloods done and it was high, very high but was only on 250 cyp per week and 600 tren, the fact is tren will give you false reading when it comes to estrogen. originally I hammered my e...
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    In two minds what to run in the summer... Option 1 200 cyp ( or 250 test e) 600 tren ace option 2 800 test ( blend) 300 para option 3 200cyp/250e 400 para 400 mast and 60 var will go along side with any option I choose. cant make up my mind. Constant fight between ace vs...
  5. Recipes
    Hi guys since quitting smoking Ive found myself eating anything and everything during work..What do you guys snack on... as an alternative to crisps and chocos and biccys? thanks
  6. Getting Started
    Hi All, I've been reading and doing a lot of research on here for a few months now but I think it's time to ask for some advice as I'm not sure what to do. I'm 34, female, 5'5'' I lost 6 stones in the last 18 months. I went from UK size 20/22 down to 12. I'm still very heavy at almost 13...
  7. Losing Weight
    Can somebody recommend a reasonably priced low carb high protein shake to be used whilst on my cutting regime? Meal replacement etc Many Thanks
  8. Gaining Weight
    Hi all , High GI or Low GI ? What's better when bulikng ?
  9. Gaining Weight
    sup new to forums i been lifting for a year and lost 40kg and now ready to bulk up.. i hired a personal trainer and the guy told me to cut my protein.. and add carbs the guys an old school retired bodybuilder and has been personal trainer for 18 years... so i assume he knows whats up but what...
  10. Cardio & Fitness
    Greater Fat LossBetter from High Interval Training125.00%Better from a constant low intensity but for a prolonged time375.00%
  11. Getting Started
    Im on a cut so im just wondering should i carry on lifting heavy for low reps(5 reps) or swap and lift lighter for more reps( 12-15 reps) I just cant get myself to actually lift light weights as its always been heavy.
  12. Cardio & Fitness
    Hi all Been stuck at the same weight for almost six months now went for an mot at the gym and fitness instructor say's i have a low resting heart rate around 48 my goal is to lose body fat and still retain muscle normaly i spend 45 minutes three times a week in the gym he recons i will need to...
  13. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    BBC NEWS | Health | Low-carb diets 'damage arteries'
  14. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    This one has been puzzeling me for some time. Hope some one can shed some light. So we know that excess fat in out diet, gets stored as fat, we know that excess calories also get stored as fat. But what if you have a diet, thats low in fat (ie no excess that the body doesnt need) but the total...
  15. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    I really want to do a low-carb diet for weightloss purposes (I'm female and in my 20's). My reasons for choosing this diet style being that I adore meat, fish and cheese; but am not particularly bothered about pasta, bread, sweet things etc - so I feel the diet would suit me and be easier to...
  16. Getting Started
    ive been training about 5 years or so but made very little progress, i really struggle in the gym as i feel very tired and have zero energy. i only train twice a week at moment using the mark rippetoe powerlifting routine as my goal is sheer size an strength. my diet is as follows, (i work...
1-16 of 16 Results