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  1. Getting Started
    Hey guys, Background I've been around about the 16 stone margin for most of my adult life. Since I moved to a new city and started working there (and not spending all my time glued in front of my TV/Xbox). Recently, inexplicably (or perhaps because of the change in lifestyle) I've lost a...
  2. Gaining Weight
    Hi guys, I know im asking a lot and that not everyone has the time, but id greatly appreciate it if somebody could help me out with a diet as i struggle to eat right and find anything i can work into my schedule, things will become clearer below i hope. Right so heres a bit about me. Im 22...
  3. Welcome Lounge
    Hello all, just a quick intro, i was bodybuilding for 10 years or so then gave up due to family commitments!!! anyway finally got back into it about 5 months ago, i'm now starting to get my shape back(just wish the belly would go as quick!!!) anyway its good to be here! :cool: cheers!
  4. Member Journals
    Hey! I've been watching these forums for a while and finally brought myself to putting pictures up. I'm small (about 5"8), and not been training properly at all. Ever. I work out pretty regularly, without diet (I don't want to bulk), and haven't got a particular routine. I'm focusing on upper...
  5. Supplementation
    i thought this was good - it deals with supplements further down SCIENTIFIC SUPPLEMENT STRATEGIES FOR THE DISCRIMINATING ATHLETE If theres ever been an article needed in the Performance Enhancement industry, its one objectively discussing intelligent supplement strategies, both on- and off-...
1-5 of 5 Results