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  1. Getting Started
    Hey guys, Background I've been around about the 16 stone margin for most of my adult life. Since I moved to a new city and started working there (and not spending all my time glued in front of my TV/Xbox). Recently, inexplicably (or perhaps because of the change in lifestyle) I've lost a...
  2. Welcome Lounge
    Hi Guys or should I say GIRLS.... Well I need some help so if there is anyone in the Norfolk uk area would love to hear from ya, I want some-one to train with .... thanks
  3. Losing Weight
    Hey guys I need a good motivated talk or something! I have always been a heavy lifter and really done well for my self! I recently tore my peck and was out for awhile! I took the time off completely and did nothing but rest my body. Mistake I think now. I cant hardly do push ups without my...
  4. General Conversation
    hey recently i became sick an didnt eat hardly anything for a few days.... i lost 7 pounds in those days.....going from 10 stone 9 to 10stone 2. since then im having a hard time eating what i used to eat and have lost motivation to get my work out done :( im hoping to join the gym in a month...
  5. Gaining Weight
    basically lost alot of weight and muscle on a calorie deficet and intense cardio and have become to gaunt lol for my liking. i have stopped cardio and have been lifting weights 3 times per week every other day in the gym for the last 5 weeks i susspect that i dont get enougth cals due to low...
  6. Welcome Lounge
    Basically lost a lot of weight and muscle on a calorie deficit and intense cardio and become to skinny for my liking. I have cut out cardio and have just lifted weights in the gym for the last 5 weeks 3 days per week every other day my theory is that i dont consume enougth cals per day but i...
1-6 of 6 Results