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  1. General Conversation
    @Lorian Just wondering, why is no there no way to access UK-M via Https [edited] I would have thought that given the nature of this board that Https would be a standard feature? PS. Won't let me directly tag Lorian.....
  2. General Conversation
    Not related to UK-M however i have browser pop ups from DNSunlocker and can i f**k get rid of it , theres no extension or strange looking programs installed or anything that appears out of place . heres some of the pop ups DO NOT CLICK ... [REMOVED] Anyone have any idea how to remove ? ive...
  3. About UK-Muscle
    @Lorian ......question I have always wondered do you own this place? Or is there someone higher? I have gone back to threads right back at the beginning and you used to post quite a lot, tell us a story please! Also when was this site actually created as their are threads from 1980 however I...
1-3 of 3 Results